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Latest Posts on North America

What to Pack for a Florida Keys Vacation

  The Florida Keys is a popular destination getaway that boasts of crystal clear, blue waters and secluded beaches. It is a favorite location for Spring Break, romantic vacations, destination weddings, and other special events. Wondering what to wear on your...

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What to Wear to Coachella Music Festival

  The Coachella Music Festival is a yearly two weekend, 3-day celebration which features almost all genres of music and is just a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. Planning what to wear to Coachella is all part of the fun in one of the best music festivals in the...

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What to Pack for Chicago Getaways

  If you're planning a getaway to the Windy City and are wondering what to pack for Chicago, don’t just rely on its nickname to prepare your packing list. Chicago is very distinct in its four seasons so depending on the season you arrive, you might face a frost,...

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What to Wear in San Diego throughout the Year

San Diego has the most glorious climate. The Southern California sun burns hot and bright all year round, but there’s almost always a cool breeze blowing. Most people will find it comfortable no matter when they visit. Keep reading to find out what to wear in San Diego!

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How to Pack for Toronto – A Seasonal Packing Guide

When travelers decide to book flights to Canada, one word usually comes to mind: cold. In most cases, this is very true. Toronto however, is as far south as the French Riviera and has four seasons that vary in weather. Find out what to wear in Toronto.

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What to Pack for Toronto in Fall

Wondering what to pack for Toronto in fall? Find out what to bring plus five essentials not to leave behind!   What to Pack for Toronto in Fall Written by: Kelly Ella Maz   Like any big city, Toronto can be tricky to pack for because it’s hard to know...

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What to Pack for Ontario in Fall

Canada is a vast country with an incredible amount of natural beauty in addition to it's fascinating metropolitan cities. It's a particularly great getaway option for Americans that don't have enough vacation time to take a transatlantic trip. If Canada's on your...

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What to Pack for an Arizona Road Trip

Arizona is a state full of beautiful and unexpected sites. I recently experienced an amazing road trip and wanted to share my tips. Keep reading to find out what to pack for an Arizona road trip.

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What to Pack for Barbados

Barbados is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean where visitors can soak up the sun, relax on sandy beaches, and swim in beautiful blue waters. Before heading off to paradise, make sure you know what to pack for Barbados with these tips.

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What to Wear in Belize in Winter and Spring

Belize has been become a hot destination in Central America due to its luscious green landscape, amazing activities, and perfect warm weather. Keep reading to find out what to wear in Belize when traveling in winter or spring.

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