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Mexico City is quickly becoming a hit with all types of travelers: backpackers, art and culture lovers, foodies, and history buffs.  As a metropolitan capital city, it’s also very fashion forward, especially in some of the trendy neighborhoods where you’ll find yourself grabbing an amazing meal or enjoying cocktails on a rooftop. Read on to discover our tips on what to wear in Mexico City in the summer!


What to Wear in Mexico City: Summer

Written By: Katie Melloh


Because of the altitude, Mexico City does not get as hot or humid as other parts of Mexico, even during the summer months. The temperature also drops quite a bit at night, so layering is key for when you’re looking to transition from daytime exploring to dinner and drinks at night.

It’s also important to note that you won’t find many women wearing short shorts in the city, so I recommend steering toward jeans and comfy dresses if you’re looking to blend in with the locals.


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Print Midi Dress | Swing Dress


Pack your favorite pair of jeans and a few blouses that work for both day and night, along with a lightweight and neutral cardigan. A comfortable midi-length dress or skirt is also a great choice; not only is it a trendy style, but also somewhat more conservative for exploring the city and its various churches and convents.


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Skinny JeansZip-Front Shirt


A two-piece skirt and top combo will give you even more options, as you can wear each piece separately or together. I also brought a comfy dress in a pop of color for a dressier option. Having pieces that you can mix and match with one another is crucial to packing light and fashionable in this bustling, artistic city!


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Anti Theft Bag | Sandals | Sneakers | Mule


As far as accessories, I recommend a zipped tote over a backpack. Though I never felt unsafe or threatened in Mexico City, it’s a large city and petty theft is a risk, just like in all big cities. This cross body purse has enough room for a camera, a sweater, and other essentials and can be zipped closed.


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Rain Jacket | Mini Umbrella


It’s fairly common for the city to experience some heavy rain in the summer, especially at night, so consider bringing a small umbrella or a rain jacket.

Picking breezy fabrics and pieces that can be worn and layered together will give you the most options while being fashionable and culturally appropriate.


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Mexico City surprised me in more ways than one, with its cosmopolitan flair, rich culture and history, and amazing food scene. Have fun!



Follow these tips to fit right into the fashion scene and be sure to leave a bit of room in your suitcase for anything you may discover in the trendy boutiques!

What are your tips on what to wear in Mexico City in summer? Share below!


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Author Bio: Katie Melloh is a travel addict (30+ countries and counting!) who is currently pursuing her master’s degree in international development. Other interests include: fair trade coffee, exercising her taste buds as a cheese-obsessed vegetarian, and reading historical fiction. She writes for her blog Her World Over and for Unearth the World, a social enterprise for ethical volunteer trips.