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Playa del Carmen is a popular destination not just with vacationing tourists but with a vibrant community of locals, local expats, foreign expats, and nomads, too. Keep reading to find out what to wear in Playa del Carmen!


What to Wear in Playa del Carmen


After visiting Playa Del Carmen on several occasions, we finally decided to spend an extended period living there as digital nomads. It was fantastic!



Playacar Beach


Because of the exchange rate, Mexico is particularly affordable for travelers right now. Many bloggers or people with remote businesses settle in this area due to its convenience, proximity to the US (and US time zones), and the incredible lifestyle available to its residents.

Canadian retirees move here between January and March to escape the blistery winter cold while Italians and other Europeans flock to this metropolitan beachside town and start their own businesses or enjoy running businesses remotely.

In addition, Mexican nationals from other parts of the country such as Mexico City and Guadalajara also make the move to Playa permanently or own vacation homes where they can spend their holidays.

Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas is also popular for destination weddings and honeymoons. This was actually my first choice before I decided to get married in LA.

If I had met this Playa del Carmen wedding planner before I would’ve for sure had my own destination wedding here, too! She’s my friend and has the best off-the-radar (affordable) beach venues!


Here are a few destination wedding and honeymoon tips:


No matter what draws you to this destination, be prepared for a fabulous experience with friendly locals, warm weather year-round, and plentiful experiences.




Read these tips for nearby attractions:


Playa del Carmen is the perfect base to explore nearby attractions including Tulum, cenotes, local islands, and ancient Mayan ruins. Keep reading to learn more about what to wear in Playa del Carmen.





DressHat I Sunglasses I  Bikini Top and Bottom I Towel I Tote I Sandal


The Caribbean Sea on the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the biggest draws for sun-seeking travelers. It’s a gorgeous tint of aquamarine greens and turquoise blues.

This may come as a surprise, but despite how “touristy” the area might be, Cancun (45 minutes north of Playa del Carmen) actually has one of THE most beautiful beaches in the entire world. The bright white sand offers a strikingly beautiful contrast against the Caribbean water.

Tulum (40 minutes south of Playa del Carmen) also has incredible beaches that are less populated than its neighbors to the north and has become a major hotspot in recent years.


Find out what to wear in Tulum!



White Bikini I Green Bikini


Playa del Carmen offers beaches almost as beautiful as Cancun with a more metropolitan vibe in comparison to bohemian, trendy Tulum. It’s the perfect base for exploring other beaches and the rest of the Yucatan as well.

When it comes to the beaches, skin is IN. It’s not unusual to see Brazilian-inspired thong bikinis or European-inspired topless bathing. Since this destination draws a variety of people, you’ll see a little bit of everything. These are the swim suits I’m wearing here in Playa and other beach destinations!

When you’re deciding what to wear in Playa del Carmen, bring your prettiest (and sexiest) bikini, cute cover-up, sun hat, cute thong sandals, beach towel, and strong sunblock.


These beach sandals styles are a must have!



Mamitas Beach Club


A cost effective way to enjoy beachfront space without spending $300/night at a hotel is to take advantage of beach clubs such as Be Kool, Mamitas, or Coraline at the new Grand Hyatt. For about 500-800 pesos per person, you can get a sunbed or day bed that includes food and drinks all day.

Many people come to Playa del Carmen for a good time and the high season attracts music-loving people dancing to the DJs spinning in the beach clubs. Don’t be surprised to find a huge crowd and club music.

For something quieter, choose accommodation south of 1st Street or north of 38th Street. All-inclusive resorts tend to be away from all the action so these are good for a relaxed, quiet time.

You’ll find many swimwear shops on Fifth Avenue, the main strip, so you can pick up some vacation pieces while you’re there.


Take a look at these beach vacation clothes for more ideas!





Bracelets I Top I Clutch I Earrings I Shorts I Sandal


Whether you’re visiting for a bachelorette party or you just want to check out the local nightlife, you’re in luck: there’s a party going on every night of week. 12th Street is the main nightlife hub with clubs, bars, and live music.

The local socialites dress to impress but some places are more casual than others. When what to wear in Playa del Carmen, if you’re headed to trendy hangouts, bring a chic dress with wedges and glitzy jewelry. For casual club hopping you can wear a dress or playsuit plus pretty sandals or wedges.





Winter nights can be cool in the evenings so a light jacket is a must, especially if you plan to dance the night away at rooftop hotel bars such as the Thompson or Be Playa.

You can also shop for cute clothes at H&M, Zara, Bershka, and Forever 21.


For added versatility, these are popular convertible travel dress styles!







Tank I Hat I Shorts I Handbag I Sunglasses I Sweater I Camera I Sandal


Depending on the time of year, visiting the ruins can be mild and comfortable or an unbearable experience. The winter months between November to April are coolest with January and February even requiring a sweater on some days and evenings.

Try to schedule your trip to the ruins on a day where the forecast calls for gray skies or even a light rain. Ask you hotel and check to know what to expect.




White Snake Aerosoles Sandal I Ecco Blue Sandal


To make the most of your experience, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes! The property is vast and in the heat your feet may swell–mine do.

Many travelers feel most comfortable in a pair of sneakers but for me, my toes need to breathe!


These cute and comfortable sandals are exactly what you need.



Chichen Itza – one of the 7 Wonders of the World


As for clothing, you can be comfortable without looking like you’re going to the gym. When you plan what to wear in Playa del Carmen opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics. An airy sundress or breezy summer top with a skirt/shorts/light capris is perfect. Just remember the comfortable shoes and a sun hat!


Here are some fun and versatile beach dresses you can wear on and off the sand!


Some day trips to the ruins also include a visit to cenotes, so bring your swimsuit and a spare pair of dry underwear and a bra. A travel towel may also be handy to help you dry off for the rest of your journey.

The water in cenotes is always freezing cold but well worth getting into, even for a few minutes. With this in mind, bring along a warm layer such as a hoodie or sweater that you can wear after the cenotes or inside the air-conditioned coach buses or shuttles.


Here are a few essentials for long bus rides.


Water Activities



Rashguard I Bikini Top and Bottom I Sunglasses I Snorkel Mask I Sandal


Playa del Carmen is a fantastic year-round scuba diving destination. The dive sites are close by, which means you can do two dives in the morning or afternoon without eating up your entire vacation time. This is great if you’re traveling with a non-diver!

I recommend the Tank-ha dive shop for scuba diving. Not only are they my friends, but they’re a dive shop for divers created for the love of diving. Many other dive operators think only about business (money) first, so Tank-ha stands out as an authentic dive operator.



Playa del Carmen scuba diving with Tank-ha


When planning what to wear in Playa del Carmen for water activities include your swimsuit, dive mask, polarized sunglasses, and strong sun block. Add a rash guard if you get cold easily (the water temp is around 75°F / 24°C) and your waterproof camera.

Whether you’re snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or going on ANY boat trip, take a motion sickness tablet! For some reason, the water is choppy enough to make people seasick easily, even on short, ten-minute boat rides.

Between the months of June and August, there’s an amazing natural occurrence of whale sharks migrating to the area. You can go on a day trip or spend a couple of nights in the beautiful Isla Mujeres to visit these gentle giants.


Learn more about Isla Mujeres here and bring these snorkeling essentials!


Day Trips



Jacket I Bag I Shirtdress I Hat I Sunglasses I Camera I Sandal


I love Playa del Carmen and it will always be like a second home. There’s something for everyone: it’s the perfect place for an activity-filled vacation that will keep you coming back for more.

You can easily take organized tours or make your own plans with the convenient and efficient local transport. Places not to miss are: Coba Ruins, Chichen Itza, cenotes, Merida, and the beaches in Tulum.


Wear some comfortable and cute summer dresses for day trips like this!


Where to Eat in Playa del Carmen



fresh tuna seafood tostada from Aguachilles Restaurant


One thing to note is that the Mexican food here is not the best; however, the local seafood is incredible and extremely well-priced! Aguachilles and Los Hijos del Mar (located on 30th avenue) are just two of my favorite places to eat ceviche, seafood tostadas, or shrimp tacos.

The best place for Mexican food are El Fogon and La Ceiba, near the centrally located supermarket Mega. Delicious! The fajita platter plates at El Fogon are a must.

Due to the large number of foreign expats, there are a number of incredible restaurants with international cuisine, including Mucho Gusto (Argentinian steaks and the best gourmet burgers in town), Don Chendo (Chicago style deep pan pizzas), and Papa Charly (beautiful Italian food and the best breakfasts ever).


Where to Stay in Playa del Carmen



Be Playa hotel room (features a hot tub and balcony)


There are various accommodation options here including condos, all-inclusive resorts, affordable local guesthouses, and hostels. One of the most cost effective options are vacation rentals, especially if you’re traveling with a group or family or plan an extended stay in the area.

My favorite hotel in Playa del Carmen is Be Playa – chic, contemporary, well-priced, and awesome location!



For two other options, the Morgana Hotel is a chic and quiet boutique hotel just around the corner from the fun-filled 5th Avenue and The Carmen Hotel is a beach front boutique resort made for adults that enjoy a good party.


You can book well-priced vacation rentals using Airbnb and compare hotel prices on



What are your tips on what to wear in Playa del Carmen? Share in the comments!


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