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Are you taking a cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico? Find out exactly what you need to bring and leave behind with this 3 day cruise packing list! (It also works for a trip from San Diego to Mexico, too!)


What to Bring on a Cruise to Mexico from LA

Written By: Sebrin Elms


As an Angeleno, we’re pretty lucky to have such an exotic getaway like Mexico right in our backyard, filled with margaritas, dancing, great food, and rich culture!

If you’ve decided to take a weekend getaway cruise to Ensenada or a week-long cruise to Manzanillo or La Paz, get ready for an epic vacation along the Mexican Riviera! Here’s what to bring on a cruise to Mexico:


Start by reading these general tips for packing for a cruise:


If you’re traveling to the other side of Mexico in the Caribbean, read this Playa del Carmen Packing List!





Tank | Blouse | Tee | Long-sleeve | Linen Short | Shorts | Dress | Cardigan | Cover-Up | Swimsuit | Sandals | Shoes | Wedge | Bag | Hat | Sunglasses


3 Day Cruise Packing List

  • 4 Tops
  • 2 Shorts
  • 1-2 Dresses
  • 1 Sweater
  • 1-2 Cover-Ups
  • 1-2 Bathing Suits
  • 3 Shoes
  • 1 Crossbody Bag
  • 1-2 Hats
  • 1 Pair of Sunglasses




Stripe TankSkimming Tee




Depending on the length of your cruise, you’ll need about 4 tops. This includes one tank top, a tee, a blouse, and a long-sleeve to keep you warm at night (one of these can double as a pajama top).



Thermal Top | Sleeve Top


If your cruise is closer to 3 days, perhaps bring 2 tops and a casual dress so as not to overpack.


Read this to learn what to wear for casual and formal cruise dinner attire, as well as resort wear on board!



Cotton-Blend | Linen-Blend




There’s no need for long pants on this trip! Whether you’re traveling during the winter or the summer, you’ll find that shorts keep you comfortable year-round in Mexico. A light and dark pair should be perfect for pairing with your various tops.


These stylish summer shorts for women will take you from day to night, city to sea, and so much more!



Maxi Dress | Swing Dress




Keep it casual and breezy with a beautiful dress as you explore the streets of Ensenada or La Paz. If you’re on a nice cruiseliner, you might want to pack an extra dress for date night on the boat.

There’s no need for refinement or elegance with these dresses. If you wish to pack two dresses, pack 1 maxi dress for dinner and 1 short dress for walking around and exploring Mexico.


Read this post for some stylish beach dresses that you can wear on and off the sand!



Sweater | Cardigan




Of course, you really won’t need a jacket for any day explorations. However, you might find that the decks tend to be a little windy at night should you decide to take an evening stroll. Bright a light cardigan or sweater to keep away that sea-side chill.


Find out why we love these lightweight jackets for travel!



Tunic Dress | Button-up




Again, the quantity depends on the length of your cruise. I personally think 1 cover-up for your cruise should be enough. But if you love variety (and taking lots of Instagram pictures), you might want a second kimono, shirt, or dress to cover up around the pool onboard.


Here’s a list of cover-ups sure to amp up your swimwear style this spring and summer!



Halter Bikini | One-Piece


1-2 Bathing Suits


Unless you’re taking a 7-day cruise to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta, you’re really only going to need a single bathing suit. Short cruises to Ensenada or Cabo won’t give you a lot of time to hang “at sea” and you’ll probably be spending your time on tours rather than relaxing in the sun.

But it doesn’t hurt to bring only 1 suit and buy a new one while traveling through Mexico!


Here are the 23 best one-piece swimsuits of the season!



Sandal | Slip-On




As I always say, you should bring no more and no less than 3 pairs of shoes on a journey. Depending on your favorite activities (both on and off the boat), it’s best to be prepared for the variety of occasions that might pop up.



Gladiator | Lace Sandal


Bring a pair of sandals for walks around the cities and boats, a pair of athletic shoes for working out or hiking, and heels for dinner. If heels aren’t your thing, a pair of dressy, gladiator sandals are equally feminine and easy to pack!


Here are the most comfortable walking sandals for travel that are stylish, too.



Bag | Sunglasses Hat




Unless you love to cover yourself in accessories, I find that less is more on a cruise. You’ll really only need a crossbody bag for day trips around Mexico, sunglasses, 1 or 2 hats, and a bit of jewelry in case you want to dress up in the evenings.

Cruise ports can be notorious for pickpockets, so don’t draw attention to yourself with too much bling. If anything, take this as an opportunity to shop for local gems and accessories!


Use these accessories and hats for a fun and stylish way to update your vacation do!


What are your tips on what to bring on a cruise to Mexico? Share your own 3 day cruise packing list below!


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