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Do you crave adventure? Then Costa Rica should be your next destination! You’ll be traveling to jungles and beaches – all within a few hours drive of each other. Find out what to pack for Costa Rica and prepare for the pura vida!

 What to Pack for Costa Rica



Costa Rica is a breathtaking destination, filled with rain forests, beaches, and volcanoes.

When planning what to pack for Costa Rica, don’t forget these items to make sure you’re prepared for the adventure that awaits!


Prepare for Rain


Black Umbrella


Whether its an umbrella, , or a disposable poncho, bring something to keep you dry. Whether its an umbrella, a rain jacket, or a disposable poncho, bring something to keep you dry. Costa Rica has tons of rainforests and waterfalls – you’ll want to be prepared if it starts pouring.


Keep Water Handy


Hydration Pack


I packed a hydration pack or reservoir – it was an easy way to bring water around the jungles, beaches, and other nature sites we visited. Because its such a humid climate, its important to hydrate constantly.


Quick-Dry Fabric


Quick-Dry Clothing


In the depths of the rainforest, you’re dealing with an ultra-humid climate. Pack quick-drying clothes so you don’t waste precious exploring time waiting for clothes to dry.


Water Shoes


Water Sandals


If you plan for outdoor adventures, we bought Keen water sandals for Costa Rica – it was the best investment we made because they served multiple purpose. The sandals kept our feet covered during our whitewater rafting adventures but were comfortable enough use to hike in the rainforest.


Take a Towel



Costa Rica has an abundance of waterfalls and hot springs to swim in and enjoy. While many hotels and tours provide towels, some discount tours require you to bring your own. A travel towel is handy because it takes up a little space and can dry you quicker than an ordinary towel!


Don’t Forget a Bathing Suit (or Two)


Blue Bikini


When planning what to pack for Costa Rica keep in mind that it might take a few days for your bathing suit to dry so its a good idea to rotate between two suits. You’ll want to make sure you’re not wearing the same bathing suit in every photo.

Reversible bathing suits are a great option for minimizing items while maximizing style!


Cover-up for the Churches


Wrap Cardigan


Costa Rica has its share of historic churches and towns. You’ll want to wear something more modest so make sure you have pants or a long skirt and a cover-up for anything too revealing.


Save Room for Souvenirs


Costa Rica is famous for its coffee and you can’t return home without bringing a few bags home. Some villages have special handcrafted items that you’ll want to bring back!


Pack a Hat


Coolibar Sun Hat


Don’t forget a hat when planning what to pack for Costa Rica. It’s is the best way to protect your eyes and face from the sun and other natural elements. Costa Rica has sporadic rainfall – a hat does double duty by keeping your head dry!


Be Prepared for Motion Sickness




The best mode of transportation in Costa Rica is to rent an SUV and explore at your own pace. The southern region has paved highways, but the northern routes are full of winding dirt roads.

When planning what to pack for Costa Rica, bring motion sickness medication if you have trouble driving on uneven ground or if you plan to take local transportation. It’ll save you from being sick throughout the vacation of a lifetime!


What are your tips for what to pack for Costa Rica?  Share your comments below!


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