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I had an incredible time visiting the national parks in Utah last month and thought I’d share my car camping checklist for my trip.


One Week Car Camping Checklist



Table Of Contents




Jucy Camper Rental


Because we were driving a Jucy Campervan for the week, we didn’t have to pack things like cooking gear and tents. Their RVs come fully equipped and include pretty much everything you need for a camping trip…even a kitchen sink! Read my full Jucy Camper Rental review.




Jucy Camper Rental


Car Camping Checklist: One Week with Jucy


Here is a list our Extra Camping Essentials that we deemed necessary for the trip, all of which proved to be extremely useful.

  • Map (We used a combination of a GPS and an actual paper Map. Yes they are still available and invaluable)
  • Gas for stovetop (4 cans of Butane gas lasted us well over the 9 day trip)
  • Basic toiletries (Only 1 of our campgrounds had shower facilities so baby wipes the rest of the time)
  • Baby wipes (A life saver for any Camping/ Road trip)
  • Antibacterial wipes (There are some unsavory road side bathrooms)
  • Sunblock (Although it was cold and very windy at most of the National Parks, the sun was still very strong and burnt our faces)
  • Memory stick with movies for DVD player (The DVD player was included in the Jucy campervan)
  • Kitchen towels (Easy to wipe down dishes and pots before washing and general cleaning)
  • Dishwashing liquid and scrub
  • Box of tissues (Actually really handy to have while driving)
  • Bedding (Jucy provided us with warm bedding and pillows but I brought along my down blanket anyway to ensure my warmth. The campervan was surprisingly warm to sleep in so we would have probably been fine without it)
  • Multitool (For when the cork gets stuck in the wine bottle and you need a pair of pliers to get it out ASAP)
  • Headlamps


I also brought along an extra pillow for the long drive from LA to Utah. It’s always nice to sit on or for my back support on road trips!




Jucy Camper Rental


Car Camping Checklist: Road Trip Essentials


As this was also about being a Road Trip, not just car camping/ parking at an RV site, here are our Road Trip Essentials that made the journey a really fun and enjoyable part of the overall trip. Not just getting from point A to point B.

  • Car phone charger (For the GPS mainly)
  • Car iPod charger (No Road Trip is complete without singing along to your favorite tunes along the open roads)
  • Aux cable for iPod (To make the above happen)
  • Car outlet charger (This is the one item we forgot to buy and it would have been very helpful to charge the camera battery as two of our campsites didn’t have power)


Please read this post for more Road Trip Essentials!





The Jucy Campervan came fully loaded with tons of handy items so we didn’t have to worry about spending money on many of the larger camping essentials. They also provided two provisional kits (included towels and bedding) along with two camping chairs, which eliminated the need to bring or buy more things.




Jucy Campervan‘s refrigerator and interior stovetop


Car Camping Checklist: Additional


If the RV had not come fully equipped, here is a list of other essentials to add to your car camping checklist:


All in all, we had everything we could possibly need for our car camping trip in the National Parks in Utah. It was comfortable, fun, and quite possibly some of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited.



Do you have any tips to add to our car camping checklist? Please share in the comments below!


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