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Worried about Pickpockets in Europe? 6 Tools to Protect You

Safety is a concern for most travelers, but don't let the fear of pickpockets in Europe stop you from visiting your dream destination! Some smart preparation and vigilance can keep you safe. Here are six tools to help prevent pickpockets in Europe from stealing your...

How Do You Keep your Stuff Safe While Traveling Abroad?

Join our community of 500,000 stylish female travelers! Sign up for Travel Fashion Girl's newsletter and never miss a thing!   I recently wrote a post about how I pack my laptop and other valuables. Now I want to further explain my anti-theft strategy and how I...

How to Wear a Money Belt with a Dress

A money belt can be a helpful accessory for keeping your belongings safe. But how do you wear it under summer clothing? Find our our readers’ tried and true tips as they show you how to wear a money belt with a dress!

5 Common Sense Safe Travel Tips for Women

There is both uncertainty and excitement in traveling to unfamiliar places. For the most part, traveling is stimulating and fun, with little need for worry or danger. However, if you travel enough, small mishaps may happen while on the road. It’s almost unavoidable....

Safe Travel Essentials: Will these 5 Products Help You?

We're half way through Backpacker's Month on TFG and today's topic is safety! Safe travel is always a concern for female travelers. Whether traveling alone or with others, we take a look at 5 products that may help keep your belongings safe.   5 Safe Travel Essentials...

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