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Unexpected Things You’ll Experience On a Cruise

  For even the most experienced cruise traveler there are still things to expect that you may not be expecting when saying bon voyage. Find out what!   Unexpected Things You’ll Need for a Cruise     Table Of Contents   You’re headed out on a...

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How to Survive Long Flights Over 20+ Hours

We love traveling, but one thing we could do without is the long plane ride. If you’re facing an upcoming trip with an extremely long travel time, our readers share their best tips on how to survive long flights. Find out what they are!

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7 Simple Space Saving Packing Hacks

  Did you know you don’t need to pack a straightener AND a curling iron? Or you don’t need to pack pajama pants AND leggings? There are multiple ways to use one item, which saves space in your carry-on. Here are simple space saving packing hacks!   How to Save...

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Power Outlet Guide: Which Plug to Use in What Country

    The plug shape dilemma can be a nightmare for travelers, especially if you’re planning to visit various countries - why oh why can’t there just be one plug shape that fits all? Worry no more; Travel Fashion Girl has put together the ultimate power outlet...

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Traveling With Jewelry: 10 DIY Packing Tips & Tricks

  Jewelry is an essential part of fashion -- even when you travel. Here are some of my favorite packing tips for traveling with jewelry, which include some that I found on Pinterest!   Traveling With Jewelry   Table Of Contents   There are many...

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