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From the wild seas of Nova Scotia to the French markets of Quebec and the mountains of Alberta, find out what to wear on a summer road trip in Canada!


Canada Road Trip Essentials

Written By: Rachel Campbell


Welcome to the beautiful country of Canada! Both wide and far, this country offers visitors the chance to witness some amazing views from coast to coast. It’s also a fantastic country for road trips, as each province offers something new and exciting.

If you’re visiting during the spring or summer months, you’ll find that fashion, comfort, and accessibility all look great in that car of yours.

Though each province is different from the next, you’ll find that you can easily wear the same outfits in each one, making packing super easy.

Because of this, you’ll also find that you can easily pack all your clothes in a carry-on in the trunk of your car, leaving you ample room to dance in your seat to your favorite songs!



Here are seven essentials to bring for a Canada road trip in the summer:




Wave Break Halter Bikini


A swimsuit


Though the idea of wearing a swimsuit in Canada may sound bizarre, summers in Canada can get pretty hot, making a bikini a must-have, especially if you plan on being anywhere near the coast.

Both British Columbia and Nova Scotia offer up some fantastic beaches that you’ll want to check out. Just make sure to pick a bikini that isn’t afraid of a little surf as both the east and west coast can be windy, making the water far different that what you’d find in the Caribbean.


If you’re an active traveler, you’re going to love these athletic bikini styles and cute sporty swimsuits!




Teva Verra Sandal




Great for the beach and in the car, sandals are always a comfortable option when you want to wiggle your toes around. This is especially true if you’ve been in the car for more than a few hours.

The best options are flip-flops and those with thin velcro straps so when you do hit the beach, you can easily remove your sandals without having to find a flat rock to sit on as you struggle to free each foot.


Find out the best outdoor sandals according to our readers!






A large purse


When road tripping, you’ll find great shops in each of the towns or cities that you stop in, particularly in Quebec. There’s great shopping opportunities where you’ll be tempted to buy handmade pottery, coin purses, and other great souvenirs. You’ll also find lots of outdoor markets selling homemade pastries.

This is where your large purse comes into play! Store all your goodies in the tote so you can shop hands-free. Then when you’re all done, simply put your purse back into the trunk of your car (after removing the candies and pastries!)


Here are the best bags and totes for a pool or seaside trip! These can hold your daily essentials and are great for shopping and bringing back extra souvenirs!




Fleece Jacket


Warmer clothes


Even though you could walk around in a swimsuit and be completely comfortable during the day, nights in Canada can get a bit on the chilly side. You’ll want to pack a long sleeve shirt, a light sweater, and a pair of jeans or thick leggings to keep you warm. Another great option? A fleece jacket.


Take a look at our round-up of the best fleece jackets for travel!



V-Neck Tee | Midi Short


Lighter clothes


During the day, however, you’ll want to focus on dressing in lighter clothing. Think short sleeve flowy shirts paired with jean shorts. These are comfy both inside and outside the car!


Linen clothing is perfect for summer and warm weather travel! We love this fabric because it’s super comfortable in the heat. Take a look!




Bikini Panties


Fitness underwear


Though cotton underwear may be your go-to at home, on the road it’s better to go with fitness underwear. They dry quickly, meaning that you can easily wash them during the evening in your hotel room shower and have them dry and ready to wear the next morning.

This way you won’t have to pack loads of underwear and can free up space for other clothing items!


These are the best travel underwear brands!






A beanie


Every now and then, you may find that winds pick up a bit, especially in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Arm yourself against the wind with a cute beanie or two.  And if you find yourself chilly at night, you can wear your beanie as you eat out and explore.

These hats are not only comfortable, but super easy to pack as they condense into a small space!


Use these accessories and hats for a fun and stylish way to update your vacation do!



What’s on your Canadian road trip packing list? Comment below!


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Author Bio: Rachel Campbell is a professional travel writer who has been slowly exploring the globe since 2013. Though her heart belongs to Florida and the Caribbean, she can be found making snow angels in the cold white north from time to time. For more, follow The Florida Living Magazine and her adventures on Instagram.