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Alaska is full of adventure, so bringing the right shoes is a must if you want to explore the gorgeous scenery in comfort and have fun on excursions too. Read on for the top recommendations from TFG readers for the best shoes to wear on Alaska cruise trips!


Best Shoes for Alaskan Cruise



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Alaska is a super popular destination with our readers, but many often wonder what shoes to pack for Alaska cruise vacations. While your packing list may differ depending on the month, one thing that you can count on all year long is that Alaska is very wet and has some of the rainiest cities in the world. For that reason, readers are sharing what waterproof shoes are absolutely essential. 

The Alaska cruise season runs from May to September, when it’s not too cold or snowy.  During this time of the year, travelers can wear lighter clothing, swim in the pool, and maybe even bask in the sun! But while winter is the snowy season, summer is considered the “rainy season” in Alaska, so keep in mind that your summer cruise may involve a bit of rain. 

One reader who felt perfectly prepared with her shoe options shares, “I brought a pair of slip-on sneakers, a pair of waterproof hiking shoes for the rural adventures, and a pair of black flats for dressy nights.”



The Sorel Joan of Arctic Boot is excellent for Alaska’s chilly winters!


Another reader adds: “If you want to limit yourself to three shoes then I’d say: flip flops, an ankle boot (that’s dressy enough to wear if you decide to dress up for dinner), and whatever is comfortable for walking or hiking.” 

But whether you’re interested in taking rugged nature hikes, trekking over glaciers, relaxing by the hot tub, or enjoying dinner on board, it’s important to know what shoes to wear.  To help, readers are happily sharing the best shoes to pack so you’ll be fully prepared and ready to experience what an Alaskan cruise has to offer!


For more help on what to pack for an Alaskan Cruise, read these top tips!



Best Hiking Shoes for Alaska Cruise



The #1 shoe recommendation for an Alaska cruise is, by far, a waterproof hiking shoe. They’re perfect for all kinds of excursions and will keep your feet dry if (or should we say when) it rains. One TFGer who lives in Alaska even reports, “Hiking boots or shoes are the fashion shoe of choice for Alaska.”

The following picks are all waterproof, durable, and super comfortable!




Merrell Moab 2


Best Shoes for Alaska Excursions: Merrell Moab 2 (Wide Sizes Available)


TFG readers love Merrell for their outdoor adventures, and the Moab 2 hiking shoes are one of the most popular pairs. With a contoured footbed, arch support, and heel support, the Moabs are amazingly comfortable, while the Vibram sole can handle the roughest terrain. As a bonus, they’re available in wide sizes too! 

One reader who wore these shoes on her trip shares, “These were fantastic for me as we did tons of hiking. These shoes lived up to the waterproof claim, as I crossed several shallow streams and my feet stayed dry. They were comfortable right out of the box and I’m so happy they come in wide! They did not rub or pinch AND they hugged the steep terrain too.”




KEEN Targhee 3


Best Shoes for Alaska in Summer: KEEN Targhee 3


The KEEN Targhee is another TFG favorite for the outdoors, with readers raving about the roomy toe box, snug fit around the ankle, breathable mesh lining, and great arch support. They also feature eco anti-odor technology, and a rubber outsole with multi-direction lugs, which give it incredible traction. Impressive!

One reader reports, “I have these and LOVE them. I hiked in Alaska with these and they were perfect. Highly recommend! I also wore them on the plane, they are that comfortable!”



Columbia Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe


Best Lightweight Hiking Shoe for Alaska: Scarpa Moraine


Lightweight, supportive, and cute, the Columbia Redmond hiking shoes can be worn all day comfortably. They offer a wide and structured toe box, arch support and cushioning and, with great waterproof protection, they’ll keep your feet comfy in any weather. 

One reader shares, “I’ve had mine for several years now and they’ve really held up.” 


Here are the best hiking shoes for round the world trip!



Best Boots for Alaska Cruise


While some readers shared that they practically lived in their waterproof hiking shoes on their Alaska cruises, others readers prefer a pair of boots to dress up for dinner or to wear for snowy activities in colder months. 

Readers report that rubber boots for Alaska aren’t usually needed. If you’re going to be sloshing through lots of ice or water on an excursion, these types of boots will usually be provided for you. 

But if you’re traveling to Alaska in the offseason, readers emphasize that Alaska winters are no joke! With snow and freezing temps, finding the warmest winter boots for Alaska is a must.

Below are some of the top reader-recommended boots for your cruise.




Blondo Villa Waterproof Bootie


Best Stylish Waterproof Boots for Alaska: Blondo Villa (Wide Sizes Available)


A waterproof ankle boot is super versatile for an Alaskan cruise and works well for casual adventures (even in rain or snow), but can be dressed up for dinner too. Readers say the Blondo Villa ankle boot is one of the best women’s boots for Alaska and has all the style, comfort, and practicality you could want. Even with a slight 2” heel, they still have killer traction, are comfortable to walk in, and come in wide sizes too! 

A reader raves, “I LOVE these!!! I wore them in slush, snow, and rain and my feet stayed dry. They still look great! There’s no need to wear extra socks with them either because the lining is so soft and warm. I have three pairs of these in different colors! Best booties ever!”




Sorel Joan of Arctic Snow Boot


Best Winter Boots for Alaska: Sorel Joan of Arctic Waterproof Snow Boot


If you’re going on an off-season cruise in the winter months to experience the beautiful, snowy tundra (and some seriously freezing temps!), you’ll need to find the best boots for Alaska winter. Readers and Alaska locals rave about the Sorel Joan of Arctic snow boots, which boast incredible warmth and insulation, extra-grip traction, and tons of cozy comfort for all-day explorations. They’re also adorable! 

A reader shares, “We live in an area where winter is harsh. Sorel snow boots are a closet staple for most people here because they are reliably warm, waterproof, and have decent traction. They are durable and seem to last forever. Classic and timeless for a reason, they’re the best boots in tough weather.”


Find out why our readers vote Sorel’s as one of the best travel footwear brands, and take a look at their top picks for sneakers, sandal and boots!




Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


Best Hiking Boots for Alaska: Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Mid Length (Wide Sizes Available)


If typical boots or sneakers aren’t your style, waterproof hiking boots are another great choice for Alaskan cruises and are a hit with readers as well. 

The Merrell Moab 2 hiking boot is a higher version than Moab 2 shoe and is  one of the top recommended shoes in the TFG community. It has fantastic foot and ankle support, heel cushioning, shock absorption, and great protection from the elements. Available in both regular and wide, they’re perfect hiking boots for Alaska summer, but wearers say they are some of the best snow boots for Alaska winters too.  

One traveler shares, “I needed hiking boots for our trip to Alaska and we had a great deal of hiking planned. These boots held up well after hiking 20+ miles. They’re sturdy and comfortable and have great grip on rocky and sandy climbs. It almost felt like I was wearing slippers. Highly recommend!”



Best Sneakers for Alaska Cruise


In the summer months, a cute and comfy sneaker is perfect for venturing into town or just hanging out onboard. Many readers report doing a lot of walking on their Alaskan excursions, so ample support is key. And, of course, it’s always a bonus if your shoes are waterproof and have good traction, which all of these fab styles do!




Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles


Best Year-Round Sneaker for Alaska: Allbirds Merino Wool Waterproof Mizzles


The cute and versatile Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles are made of super cozy merino wool and are absolutely perfect for Alaska weather. They’re moisture-wicking and have a breathable interior, so no matter the weather or the activity, your feet stay dry from sweating, feel comfy, or warm if the temperature drops. The biggest feature is that these are waterproof, so your feet will be dry outside too!

A reader says, “I can dress them up or down. But the best part is how incredibly comfortable they are and water-resistant too. I will never wear anything else to travel!”


Don’t get caught in the rain without a pair of our readers top picks for the best waterproof sneakers!




SOREL Out ‘N About III


Best Multi-Use Sneaker for Alaska: SOREL Out ‘N About III


The Sorel Out ‘N About sneakers are reader favorites because they offer support, a sturdy construction, and SO much style. They have the traction and waterproofing needed to walk around in the rain or even go glacier trekking. And, with the molded EVA footbed, you’ll be able to comfortably walk miles in these cute sneakers.

One reader comments, “I wore my Sorel Out ‘N About sneakers every day with Smartwool socks. They kept my feet warm and dry, no sore spots, and we hiked or walked A LOT! Seriously, they were the only shoes I wore.”




Blondo Women’s Karen Sneaker


Best Slip On Sneaker for Alaska: Blondo Karen Waterproof Slip On


The Blondo Karen waterproof sneakers are a stylish and versatile option that works for walks through wet terrain, but can be worn to dinner too! They’re made from a recycled polyester knit, so they’re super breathable and won’t get too hot or stuffy. The slip-on style is convenient for travel, and readers have reported being able to walk for miles in this pair, too! 

One wearer says, “I LOVE these shoes. Super comfortable and I can wear them all day long! They look great.”


These casual sneakers are perfect for travel!


Best Sandals for Alaska Cruise


Sandals may not seem like an obvious choice for an Alaska cruise, but a lot of readers suggest bringing a pair, especially if you travel in the summer. While flip flops are recommended year-round for hitting the hot tub or pool, sporty sandals are perfect for excursions, and elevated sandals are great for short sightseeing jaunts or an evening of fun on board!




Ecco Flowt Sandal


Best Shoes for Alaska Summer Cruises: Ecco Flowt


For dinners and enjoying a fun night on the ship, readers suggest a slightly elevated sandal, like the Ecco Flowt. They look stylish with any outfit, and can double as a comfy walking sandal – some readers have even hiked in them! With a microfiber footbed, light and flexible sole, and plenty of support, these sandals are a dream to wear. 

One reader says, “I love these! I’ve worn them on some rigorous hikes and walking paths. They are the comfiest I’ve found.”


Here are even more of our readers favorite Ecco styles including their recommendations for sandals, sneakers, and flats.




FitFlops iQushion Flip-Flop


Best Flip Flop for Alaska: FitFlops iQushion


For an evening hot tub sesh or just hanging out on board, TFGers who’ve traveled to Alaska say that a pair of flip flops are a must-have. The FitFlops iQushion sandals are a lightweight, easy-to-pack pair that have an ergonomic sole, arch support, and micro-bubble foam cushioning for ultimate comfort. 

A wearer reports, “They’re great for travel! These are lightweight and don’t take up much room in my suitcase. And they provide support for my mild plantar fasciitis.”




Chaco Zx3 Classic Sandal


Best Sandals for Alaska Excursions: Chaco Zx3 Classic (Wide Sizes Available)


It’s no wonder readers adore Chaco for their travels; they’re practical, comfy and super stylish too. The Chaco Zx3 is a versatile pair that’s perfect for everything, from dinner to hikes to kayaking! Available in both regular and wide sizes, they feature an adjustable ankle strap, incredible traction, and arch support to keep your feet cozy and secure while exploring!

A reader raves, “I’ve had my Chaco sandals for around 15 years. and they are still going strong! Super comfortable, and quick drying for water excursions!”


If you’re spending time outdoors walking or hiking check out our list of top hiking sandals!



Best Flats for Alaska Cruise


While Alaska cruises aren’t as fancy as other cruises, some readers do like to get a little dressed up for dinners and special events. One reader explains, “It’s not fancy, so heels aren’t necessary, but a perfect option is a packable pair of ballet flats. They take up very little room in your suitcase and are easy to throw on with any outfit!”

Overall, flats are not an excursion shoe, but for an effortless yet elevated look, check out these cute and classic ballet flats that readers love. 




Blondo Halo Waterproof Loafer


Best Water-Friendly Flat for Alaska: Blondo Halo


The Blondo Halo loafers are one of the top selling shoes on the blog and is versatile to dress up or down. in. They’re also ideal for travel because users say these are comfortable and waterproof, so your feet stay dry, along with the stellar traction on wet surfaces. 

A user says, “These are the perfect loafers! These gems are a great alternative for any outfit. I can wear them with dressy or casual outfits. And, of course, the waterproof suede will stay looking new longer.” 




Birdies The Starling Suede Flats


Best Cushioned Flat for Alaska: Birdies The Starling (Wide Sizes Available)


Birdies The Starling Suede Flats are the most popular flats among TFG readers. They’re classic and stylish, and are also super comfy. With a cushioned footbed and a supportive fit (available in regular and wide), you’ll be set to venture into town for dinner and stroll around enjoying the sights! 

One wearer reports, “These shoes are very versatile and offer truly exceptional comfort. Perfect for travel!”




Rothy’s The Flat


Best Packable Flat for Alaska: Rothy’s


The Flat from Rothy’s is a much-loved style that readers say is super comfortable for strolling around in. They’re also ideal for travel, as they’re lightweight, durable, and super cute. 

A traveler says, “I took them on a two week land and cruise trip to Alaska. They were great for walking around the quaint little towns, and perfect for dressy dinners on the cruise. They’re just so comfortable and took up almost no room in my suitcase!” 


Check out our Rothys review and find out why Travel Fashion Girl readers love their Rothys flats!



Best Shoes for Alaska Trip Cruise Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”228″ class=”center-table-align”]



Will I Need Fancy Shoes for an Alaska Cruise?


The overall consensus among readers is that Alaska cruises are much less formal than other cruises and that Alaska, in general, is quite casual. One reader who lives in Alaska shares, “Anything athletic goes. Not really a ton of ‘fancy’ up here. Think sporty chic.” 

Readers say that fancy dresses and shoes aren’t necessary, though if you like getting a little dressed up for dinner, go for it! One reader suggests that, aside from your waterproof active shoes, “You also might want to add a nice pair of flats or dressy sandals for dinners on the ship.”



What do you think are the best shoes for an Alaskan cruise? Share and comment below!


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