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There’s nothing better than exploring the many US National Parks to trek, wander, and enjoy. And Zion National Park is one of them. If you’re headed there, let TFG help you figure out what to pack!


Zion Packing List

Written By: Laura Pulling



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Zion National Park in Utah is known for its picturesque red and tan sandstone canyons and towering cliffs.  The park has its own unique geography, with deserts, rivers, and forests giving it a diversity compared to other national parks in the US. 

Taking a trip to Zion is great year-round, the spring offers cooler temperatures, whereas the summer gets hot, with temperatures reaching over 100°F, so it’s important to dress (and have on your packing list) the right clothes for the season. The fall is beautiful, as this is when it cools down again and you can enjoy the vistas of Zion Canyon amidst the jeweled fall colors.

There is a ton to do at Zion, for adventure seekers you can go climbing, horseback riding, canyoneering, and explore the Virgin River by boat. For those who prefer a more tranquil experience in nature, you can hike the many trails, go bird watching, or stargazing (the dark desert skies can even offer a view of the Milky Way!)


If you’re planning a trip, find out what items you need to put on your packing list for Zion National Park!



What to Wear in Zion National Park




Merrell Moab Hiking Shoe




No matter what your activity itinerary for your Zion trip looks like, you need to have footwear that’s up to the job. A national park isn’t the place for fancy white sneakers (unless you want to completely ruin them with the dust of the desert!). 

Your shoes are the most important item on your packing list, and a versatile pair of hiking shoes will probably be teamed with every outfit for your camping trip. These Merrell Ventilated Shoes are loved by our TFG outdoor girls. They are lighter than hiking boots (which you don’t really need, as Zion is hotter and drier than most other national parks in the US). They do have a good tread, are supportive of your ankle, and are super comfortable.

Due to the fabulous formations and canyons, a lot of climbers head to Zion, and although these shoes aren’t the best for climbing (they need to be more flexible and form-fitting) these will get you to your preferred location on the trail. 


Check out more hiking shoe and boot options!




Teva Verra Sandal


Hiking sandals are another alternate option for the warm summer heat at Zion, most of them also double as water shoes and dry quickly. But they still have sturdy sole and grip your feet well to let you walk for hours in blissful comfort. 

We love the hint of color on these Tera Verra sandals, that offer good traction on uneven and sandy terrain while keeping your feet from overheating.


For more ideas, shop our favorite hiking sandals!




Columbia Sandy River Trail Shorts




Zion has a hot climate throughout the year, so your clothing choices want to be as lightweight and cool as possible. Although this might shout “shorts!”, think carefully about the type of activity you’ll be doing before finalizing your outfit for the day. 

Columbia Sandy River trail shorts have UPF 30, zippered pockets, and are made of durable, but flexible fabrics to keep you active and comfortable.

Hiking along lesser-used trails might still have prickly branches on some of the overgrown paths, so long pants can protect you from scrapes and scratches. Choose pants that are moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

These pants by Eddie Bauer have handy roll-up ankles so if you do get a bit warm, you can change them to the shorter length to allow your ankles to breathe.


Check out the best hiking pants and shorts for more outdoor wardrobe ideas!








A button-down shirt is cool and breathable, you don’t want anything that’s going to hug your figure tightly in the heat of the Zion desert! A  t-shirt can keep you protected from the harsh sun rays, the BALEAF Tee combines UPF 50 with moisture-wicking technology and comes in a ton of cute colors.

If it’s really warm out, a lightweight tank might be a good choice, but be sure to slap on some super high SPF sunscreen if you’re hiking with bare shoulders.


Find out the best hiking shirts to keep you cool or warm on the trail!




Columbia Arcadia II




The temperature at Zion can vary as much as 40 degrees over the course of a day, with evenings and dawn being much cooler (and, as the animals do, much better times of day for hiking). You’ll need a jacket for the cooler moments, but one that is packable and lightweight enough to pop into your daypack during the warmer afternoons. 

A light rain jacket will keep you warm, and shield you from the occasional rain that hits Zion. You don’t really need a thick warm coat if you explore during the summer. For spring to fall, this Columbia Womens Arcadia II Jacket has a hood, and a comfy fit, and will keep you dry when it counts.

If the weather report does mention a chillier spell during your trip, you might layer a fleece under a raincoat for another versatile layer (plus fleeces are packable and won’t weigh down your backpack!).


These lightweight packable rain jackets are great for keeping out a chill, and dry if the heavens open.




EnerWear Merino Wool Socks




We’ve already mentioned how important your choice of footwear is, but have you considered the socks too? You may have the best boots for hiking the Hidden Canyon, or across to Angels Landing, that are available, but if you don’t cushion your feet with good quality socks, so may as well walk barefoot! (Can anyone say blisters!)

If you’re camping, you can bring a pair of Enerwear Merino Wool socks to keep your feet warm at night. If you choose dark colors or prints they won’t show up dust as easily. But our top tip is to always carry a spare pair! You never know how handy they may be.


These are our readers picks for the best hiking socks for a trek in the great outdoors!



Things to Bring to Zion National Park




Osprey Aura 50 Backpack




If you’re planning a camping trip at Zion, you’ll need a bigger bag like this one from Osprey, to ensure all of your gear can fit in easily. Choosing a backpack designed for hiking is important, as you need it to be comfortable enough to wear until you make it to your campsite, and you may need to trek for some (or even all) of the way.

The most important features are that it needs to be lightweight, water-resistant, and fully adjusted to your size, so you can wear it ergonomically.




Shop Compass Rose Packing Cubes


To be a star packer, you can also use Compass Rose packing cubes to help you pack your backpack for your trip. They’re great for keeping your different layers in, and the numbered and color-coded pouches will keep you extra organized.




Osprey Porter 46L Travel Backpack




On a day trip to Zion, you need a bag that’s big enough to carry all that you need. A lightweight backpack like the Osprey Porter will be perfect for the essentials. (Don’t risk overpacking, as in the summer heat, lugging extra weight around isn’t fun!)

This bag is easy to carry, with lightweight mesh straps that are great for the summer heat, plus a waist strap, to help balance the load on your frame. It has a front-loading easy access pocket for essentials.


Take a look at the top daypacks for hiking that are lightweight and easy to carry




Tilley Endurables Unisex Hat


Sun Hat


The heat of the desert sun in Zion National Park provides one of the biggest challenges for hikers. To help with this, choose a wide brimmed hat, one that covers your entire face to keep you cool as you hike. This Tilley hat looks great on anyone. Its unisex style is moisture wicking, packable and UPF 50, so it blocks the sun’s rays. It’s available in many “desert friendly” shades.


These hiking hats have you covered for all seasons so you can stay protected from the elements!




YETI Stainless Steel Bottle


Water Bottle


A water bottle is as essential as it gets. You need to stay hydrated on the trail, and water sources for drinking water are not available in the park. This means taking with you enough water to meet your daily needs. Zion park rangers recommend one to two gallons of water per person for a day at the park, for drinking, more if you’re planning on camping, and cooking/washing. 

A vacuum style bottle can keep your water icy cold for hours into your hike. Some even have a hook to allow for hanging off your bottle. Or even a hydration bladder could be another option, depending on how long you plan to explore.



Additional Gear Checklist for Zion National Park




What is your Zion National Park packing list? Share in the comments below!


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