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If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon it is truly spectacular! The Fall is the perfect time to visit as the temperatures are mild while the crowds are minimal. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or visiting for the day, read these Grand Canyon clothing tips so you’re prepared for your fall visit!


The following Grand Canyon clothing tips are general items to bring for day visitors not planning to camp or do multi-day treks.


Grand Canyon Clothing Tips

Written By: Angela Sterley


The Grand Canyon is a destination fitting for both adventurous spirits and those who want an incredible view with little effort! The mesmerizing American landscape can be enjoyed just steps from a parking lot on quick day trip or more thoroughly explored with a multi-day stay. (The tips in this article are for appropriate for day visitors.)



Fall can be a tricky time to visit since the weather throughout the season can vary greatly. September is often still warm from the heat of the summer while November noticeably reflects the chill of the upcoming winter.

Always research the weather forecast before your trip. Once you’ve checked the weather, you can focus on creating your travel capsule wardrobe.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for fall travel:


If you’re planning to travel in fall, follow these Grand Canyon clothing tips:



Tank | Shirt | Backpack | Boots | Jacket | Jeans | Sunscreen | Sunglasses | Hat | Bottle


Shorts and Tank Tops


What most people expect to wear in Arizona is shorts and tank tops in lightweight fabrics. Even during the early fall, this is still common attire, but it’s important to check the weather before you venture in.

September is notoriously warmer as is expected in the desert of Arizona, and October experiences multiple days above 70°F. If visiting in November, you’ll likely find yourself leaving your summer wardrobe packed away.


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Temperatures in the Grand Canyon can vary. In late fall, days can be cooler, which makes layering essential – especially when hiking into the canyon.

Many people forget that deserts often get cold as the sun sets. Even on warmer days, bring a jacket if you plan to be out during the night.


If you’re visiting in late fall, pack a set of thermals to add a warm layer in the evening.


Long Durable Pants


On scorching hot days, long pants aren’t necessary, but still make sure you bring them on your trip. The Grand Canyon can be unexpectedly chilly and long pants will be a lifesaver. Ensure they are durable if you plan to venture off the main path as sharp rocks can rip finer fabrics. Jeans are fine for a day visitor but if you’re camping, bring something more appropriate.


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Hiking Boots or Walking Shoes


Your shoe choice should depend on the intensity of your itinerary. If you plant to hike down to the canyon, then bring hiking boots or hiking shoes.

For just visiting the main viewpoints, regular walking shoes are suitable as the terrain is mostly paved and not too challenging right off the main path. Picking shoes with good grip is essential as less explored areas can have loose gravel.


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Water Bottle


The Grand Canyon is in a dry climate, so a water bottle is a must, specifically in the beginning of fall when temperatures are still high and there’s little humidity.

The visitor centers have locations to fill up your bottles but if you plan to venture further into the canyon, bring enough water for your whole adventure as some hikes don’t have drinking water available along the trails.


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Sunscreen, Hat, and Sunglasses


Even on cloudy days, it’s still important to wear sunscreen. Brimmed hats can help keep the sun off of your face. The Arizona sun is stronger than in many areas of the world and can leave you with an uncomfortable burn if you’re not cautious. Use a packing cube in your backpack to keep your belongings organized until you need them.

Be aware of wind when you’re visiting as it has been known to blow hats off into the canyon – be sure yours is secure!


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What are your Grand Canyon clothing tips? Comment below!


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