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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about packing for a trip is here! Pack like a pro with Travel Fashion Girl.

From comfortable walking shoes to cute ballet flats and hiking boots to travel sandals, we have it all!

Check out our favorite women’s travel clothing finds with practical fashion tips for destinations all over the world.


What to Wear in Mexico Year-Round: A Packing List

Mexico’s a popular destination year-round, and for good reason: the weather is beautiful and there are so many unique cities and regions to visit. Before hitting the road, you’ll want to know what to wear in Mexico so you can look stylish and feel comfortable. Read on to find out!

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How Far in Advance Should I Pack for a Trip?

How soon is too soon to pack for your trip? Do you pack months in advance or the day before your trip? Read these tips to find out why you should start preparing for your travels as soon as you book your trip!   When to Pack for A Trip   It’s never too soon...

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Shoes for Women

  What are the best hiking shoes for women? It all depends on your destination. Take a look at various options and find the one that's right for you!   Best Hiking Shoes for Women Written by: Nina Thomas     Table Of Contents    ...

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Fall Fashion Trends: How to Wear Them on Your Next Trip

Autumn fashion trends can be fun to check out! The transition from summer to cold weather clothing is shocking but always exciting. Here are a few of my favorite fall fashion trends and how to work them into your travel wardrobe!   Fall Fashion Trends  ...

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How to Wear Ankle Boots: 3 Styles to Master This Season

  Ankle boots—the perfect choice for the fall and spring seasons when the weather is transitioning between hot and cold. They can be worn with summer dresses as easily as they can be layered with sweaters and scarves. Here are a few travel outfit ideas for how to...

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7 Simple Space Saving Packing Hacks

  Did you know you don’t need to pack a straightener AND a curling iron? Or you don’t need to pack pajama pants AND leggings? There are multiple ways to use one item, which saves space in your carry-on. Here are simple space saving packing hacks!   How to Save...

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