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Going on an outdoor adventure on the Pacific Northwest Trail? Keep reading for a clothing list and tips on what to pack to stay comfortable for this amazing trek!


What to Wear for the Pacific Northwest Trail

Written By: Angela Sterley


The Pacific Northwest has endless adventures to offer but one of the most incredible destinations is the great outdoors. The 1,200-mile Pacific Northwest hiking trail spans from Montana to Washington, traversing mountain ranges, national parks, and national forests.


Start by reading these general tips when going for a hike:





Tank Top | Jacket | Hat | Shoes | Pants | Backpack


Here are the essentials for your Pacific Northwest trail trip, written by a PNW native:


Comfortable hiking boots


The single most important piece of clothing to have on the trail is a comfortable pair of hiking boots. The type of boot you need depends on the difficulty and terrain of your trail. It’s key to test them out beforehand to ensure they’re comfortable and won’t leave you with blisters after just a few minutes on the trail. 


Find out how to choose hiking boots!


Hiking Socks


Along with your hiking boots you’re going to want a durable pair of hiking socks. There are socks designed specifically for hiking in breathable fabrics that will last longer than if you wore your everyday socks on the trail.




Leather Sandal | Rubber Sandal


Walking Sandals


If you’re hiking in the summer, bring along a pair of walking sandals. Though you’ll still likely rely on your boots for the majority of the trail, you may come across a river where you don’t want to get your hiking boots wet or may just want an alternative option.


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Rain jacket


The Pacific Northwest is known for rain, so come prepared. Bring a rain jacket made of Gore-Tex or another waterproof material to keep yourself dry if it starts pouring during your hike. 

The weight of the jacket should depend on the weather and time of year you’re on the trail. In the summer months, a light rain jacket will be fitting to layer on top of other clothing if it starts to pour.


Take a look at the most popular rain jackets for women who travel!





Waterproof pants


Unless you’re completely sure that you’ll not be running into rain during your hike, bring along waterproof pants. This can be a pair that slips over your regular pants, or wear a waterproof pair on the trail to avoid having to carry more stuff!


These are popular convertible travel pants for women!



Crew Shirt | Woolies Bottom




No matter the season, wear layers up on the trail! Higher altitudes are colder even in the middle of summer so bring a couple warm layers to keep you from getting too cold.

At the same time, being active can cause you to overheat. On a sunny day the warmth will increase, so be able to peel down to breathable light fabrics.


Discover our top brands for the best thermal underwear for women!




Whether you are looking to keep the sun off your head and face or you want to keep warm (or both!), bring along a hat during your adventure. If you’re hiking in high altitude or in colder weather, a wool cap is ideal.

Ensure you have a waterproof hood that fits over the cap in the case of rain, which is all too common in the Pacific Northwest. On a warm summer day, you may just want a cap to throw on to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes. 




Having the right backpack can be the deciding factor between a smooth hike and a difficult one. There are many backpacks available that are made specifically for women’s bodies.

Also think about factors such as waist straps to balance the weight of the pack as well as water bottle placement for easy access. Ensure your pack has enough pockets to fit everything you need and can be easily organized.


For more tips, read our step-by-step guide to choosing the best travel backpack.




Water Bottle | Sunscreen | First Aid | Swiss Army Knife | Sunglasses | Compass


Hiking Essentials


Fill up your backpack with all of the essentials you’ll need for your trip. This includes food, a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, a Swiss army knife, water and a purifier, compass, and a map.




Sleeping Bag | Fire Starter | Headlamp | Tent


If you plan to stay overnight on the trail, don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, matches, fire starters, and a flashlight as well.


For more hiking essentials, check out these tips on what to take on a hike!



What are your tips on what to wear on the Pacific Northwest trail? Share in the comments!


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