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What to Wear in Colombia: Vacation Packing List

  For this edition of Locals Approved Packing Lists two Colombia residents have assisted in providing a reliable account of a locals view to help us determine what to wear in Colombia.   What to Wear in Colombia Edited by Chantelle Mallin   Jasmine,...

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What to Wear in Mexico Year-Round: A Packing List

Mexico’s a popular destination year-round, and for good reason: the weather is beautiful and there are so many unique cities and regions to visit. Before hitting the road, you’ll want to know what to wear in Mexico so you can look stylish and feel comfortable. Read on to find out!

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What to Wear in Arizona

Taking a vacation to one of the great states in the American Southwest? Take a look at our packing tips on what to wear in Arizona!

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What to Pack for Miami Winter Music Conference

  One of my favorite reasons to travel is for the love of music and festivals and when you combine sexy beaches and the best parties; it's a match made in heaven! The Miami Winter Music Conference is one of the best times to be in Miami and one of the hottest!...

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Budapest Travel Packing List

  For this edition of Locals Approved Packing Lists Sara Hajgato, a designer for the brand BOTANIKA, has provided  a locals opinion to help us create this Budapest Travel Packing List. Sara is a Budapest based eco-conscious designer for BOTANIKA, a brand that...

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