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Snow articles

How to Pack a Bulky Winter Jacket in a Suitcase

How do you pack fashionable, bulky jackets in a single suitcase? Read this guide to find out how then use our winter packing list to pack light, too!

What to Wear in the Snow: Packing List and Packing Tips

Snow trips require expert packing, as it’s not easy fitting thick coats into a small bag. We’re sharing our expert tips on what to wear in the snow along with a snow packing list!

How to Dress for Cold Weather and Not Over-Heat

Ever traveled in winter when it’s freezing cold outdoors but you roast the minute that you walk indoors? Read these tips to avoid this issue!

How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather and Not Look Like a Snowman

  It was unusually cold in LA one winter and even hit 35F during the day, which is unheard of. I noticed all my friends on Facebook wrapped up in inches upon inches of bulky sweaters to stay warm, which inspired me to write this post on how to stay warm in cold...