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Latest Travel Gear Articles


The Best Ultralight Backpacks

Packing is a necessary evil: it’s essential to any trip but can be challenging. If you’re ready to travel lighter and easier, keep reading to discover the best ultralight backpacks and add one to your shopping list!

3 Solid Reasons Why a Headlamp is the Best Travel Flashlight

  While not all travel requires the use of flashlights, there are many destinations that do require them. You may not immediately think to pack a flashlight when you go on a trip but I assure you there are countless times when this is a valuable tool to have....

Fast Drying Towels: 7 Reasons Why You Need One for Travel

  Long term travelers aren't the only ones that should pack fast drying towels. A travel towel like this one is an absolute must have in my packing list. Find out why they're great and why you need a travel towel for your next trip!   Fast Drying Towel for...

Sleeping Bag Liner: The Top 5 Benefits of Traveling with One

  A few readers have made a comment that they’ve never heard of traveling with a sleeping bag liner (or travel sheet) but are happy they found them on these posts on budget travel essentials and must have backpacker gear. If you've never heard of sleeping bag...

How to Choose the Best Fabrics for Travel

When I determine if a clothing item is TFG Approved, I carefully assess the fabric to determine if it will withstand the test of travel. Read to find out what’s the best fabric for travel!