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Summer is the most popular season for traveling Europe, and for good reason: it’s beautiful! The weather is warmest this time of year and the cities are alive with excitement. Before you head out on your trip, check out our ultimate guide to packing for Europe in summer!


Packing for Europe in Summer



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The most important packing tip for Europe in the summer is to check the weather forecast before traveling!


Summer in Europe runs from June through August and is usually the most popular and crowded time of year to visit. Depending on the country, the weather can be anything from perfectly sunny and mild to hot and sticky.

Europe can be an unpredictable place to travel to in terms of weather, and no matter what time of year you go, you could get sun or rain. It’s a huge continent with stunningly diverse regions. It’s absolutely essential to check the weather forecast for each city as it may be boiling in the southern end of a country while raining in the northern part.

Once you’ve researched the weather, you can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe, which should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


No matter where you visit, you should always check the weather in advance. Some destinations are consistently hot throughout the summer such as Rome while others experience a brief heat wave followed by cold wind and rain such as the UK.


Using tips from our readers, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to packing for Europe in summer:




Quince Linen Button Front Dress | Sizes XS-XL




Summers in France are generally very hot and humid, with average temps in the 70s-80s F and up! Stick to fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon to stay comfortable in the heat.

Definitely pack a few basic t-shirts to lay the foundation for easy summer outfits. Tank tops and linen dresses are also cool and comfortable options that’ll easily work with anything from cropped pants to maxi skirts.




Anthropologie Linen Wide Leg Pants: Sizes 23-34 | 16W-26W


Readers highly recommend linen pants for summer in France because they’re cooling and practical in the heat while effortlessly elevated. Jeans are a forever staple for French women, too, so they’re another great piece to pack.

Summer in France is the perfect time to bring out your dresses! Whether a midi dress, maxi dress, or festive summer dress, everything works and will look super cute as you explore your destination.


Check out these top womens wide width sandals that make your feet feel heavenly but are also darn cute-looking!




Sorel Ella II Sandals


Many cities in France, especially Paris, are very walkable, so pack comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be trekking up and down stairs and over pretty cobblestone streets, so sturdy soles and cushioning are important things to consider.

Fashion sneakers, slip-on sneakers, and neutral tennis shoes are some of the best shoes for Paris, as they’re comfortable yet polished and easy to style. Readers report that all the Parisian women are wearing sneakers with all different types of outfits!

Comfy sandals are perfect for Parisian summers, too. Opt for some stylish gladiator sandals, fun snakeskin sandals, or chic black sandals for instant summery style.


Read our Paris packing list for more tips!




Tommy Bahama Long-Sleeve Linen Shirt | Sizes XXS-XL




Summer is a wonderful time for a trip to Italy, but be prepared for scorching heat and strong sun! Protect your face with a hat and sunglasses.

For city sightseeing, dress comfortably with breathable, lightweight tops, like linen are recommended. You could opt for moisture wicking shirts as an alternate to linen instead.  Rompers and moisture-wicking dresses also make comfy and cute outfits, too.




J.Crew Gwyneth Linen Slip Skirt | Sizes XXS-3X


Linen pants, wide-leg pants, and dressy shorts are essential, especially for active days that involve lots of walking and climbing stairs. And don’t forget cute dresses!

If you’re visiting religious sites like the Vatican, be sure your outfit isn’t too revealing. Opt for skirts or dresses that fall below the knee, and either wear a shirt or dress that covers your shoulders or bring a light shawl.




Shop Dr. Scholl’s Ellie Wedge Sandal: Amazon | Nordstrom


Comfortable walking sandals are great for summer sightseeing in Italy. Bring a strappy pair that’ll keep your feet sturdy and protected on those tough city streets! Chunkier heels are in now, so you could also don some cute and supportive wedge sandals in Italy too!

Also, pack a pair of sleek slip-ons or trendy sneakers to switch it up.


Check out our Italy Packing List for more tips!




Pact Softspun V-Neck Tee | Sizes XS-3X


United Kingdom


While known for its gloomy weather, the UK does heat up in the summer, with perfect temps in the low 70s F! But as is to be expected in the UK, the weather can be unpredictable, which means you have to be prepared for rain and cooler weather. Always check the weather forecast before traveling!

For tops, bring basic tees that are polished and easy to mix and match. Short sleeve t-shirts will be great during the day, but pack a few long-sleeve t-shirts for cooler days, too.

The temps drop at night, so bring a warm sweater or a light layer. Denim jackets, leather jackets, blazers, and cardigans are all great options!


Find out what the comfiest airplane pants for travel are, as rated by our readers!




Shop Mother Wide Leg Ankle Jeans: Nordstrom | Mother Denim (Sizes 24-34)


Whether you’re exploring London or strolling through the countryside, jeans are always a staple in England. Wide-leg jeans not only look stylish but will feel extra breathable and comfortable for all the walking you’ll be doing.




Shop Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker: Amazon | Nordstrom


The best shoes for London in the summer are sturdy sneakers that are super comfortable but still have a bit of a style factor! You’ll be walking around for hours on end, so make sure they have ample support and cushioning.

If you want to keep it extra cool in the city or if you’ll be strolling around the countryside, bring a pair of comfortable walking sandals, too!


For more tips, read this London packing list!




Quince Cashmere Crewneck Sweater | Sizes XS-XL




Summer in Ireland is often colder than what you might expect, with average daytime temperatures in the mid-60s F. You’ll also need to account for the strong wind and frequent rain!

Irish style is casual yet polished, so start off by packing some simple long-sleeve t-shirts. The weather fluctuates during the day and definitely drops a bit at night, so add a cashmere or merino wool sweater to your packing list. Sweatshirts are also a great option if you want to keep it sporty during the day.

Of course, you’ll need a rain jacket. The best rain jackets for Ireland will be warm but breathable and have a secure, protective hood so that you don’t have to carry around an umbrella.




Athleta Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Pant
Sizes: 0-26 Regular | 0-16 Tall | 0-14 Petite


Quick-drying and moisture-wicking pants are great for Ireland. They’ll keep you dry and comfortable if it rains or if you’re embarking on some active adventures. Definitely pack a pair of jeans, too. They’re comfortable and durable and will keep you warm on cooler summer days.

Ireland is an incredible place to get immersed in nature, so if you want to hit the trails, pack your hiking gear!




Shop Sorel Out N About III Low Sneaker: Amazon | Sorel


Ankle boots are actually some of the most ideal shoes for the summertime, and you’ll definitely see locals wearing them! Because the streets in Ireland can be hilly, uneven, paved with cobblestones, and slippery when wet, it’s essential to bring shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and grippy.

Waterproof leather boots are sensible for the weather and stylish enough to be dressed up at night! On warmer days, you may also want to bring out a pair of waterproof sneakers.


Read this Ireland packing list for more tips!




Madewell Smocked Sleeveless Dress | Sizes 1X-3X




Typical summer weather in Germany is hot and humid, with temps in the high 70s F, so pack your coolest clothing. If you want to dress like the stylish locals, choose neutral colors over super bright ones, and make sure your pieces are well-tailored and classic!

A maxi dress is great for a relaxing summer day strolling through town. It’s a super versatile piece that can easily be dressed up for nice dinners, too.

You can never go wrong with basic tees paired with lightweight pants, flowy skirts, or jeans for busy sightseeing days.


We have rounded up our favorite travel dresses that will help you pack light and stylishly!




J.Crew Classic Denim Jacket | Sizes XXS-3X


Evenings are mild, so all you’ll need is a light summer jacket. Readers say denim jackets, linen blazers, and lightweight sweaters will do the trick.




Shop Taos Trulie Sandals: Amazon | Zappos


If you’re traveling around the coastal cities, chic summer sandals are a must! Pack a pair that you can comfortably wear for hours on end as you take in the gorgeous scenery.

If you’re in Germany’s more metropolitan cities, sneakers are the best choice for heavy duty sightseeing. But still, bring some sandals (or comfy ballet flats) for leisurely days and enjoying a night on the town!


Find out what to wear in Germany!




Athleta Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Sizes: 0-16 Regular & Tall | 0-14 Petite




No matter what city you’re traveling to, Spain in the summer is hot, hot, hot! With temps typically in the 80s F, prioritize breathable and comfortable clothing to beat the heat. Spain is such a vibrant country, so it’s the perfect place to have some fun with your wardrobe by adding bold colors and prints!

Shorts and tank tops are perfectly acceptable ways to dress throughout Spain. If you plan on going into any museums or churches, just be sure your stomach and shoulders are covered so as not to offend.

Stylish jumpsuits and flirty sundresses are easy outfits that’ll keep you cool in the heat and looking polished. You’ll definitely want to pack one or two for going out at night!




Tommy Bahama Two Palms Linen Jacket: Sizes XXS-XXL


The temperatures drop at night, though it never gets too cold in the summer in Spain. A light jacket will keep you comfortable. It’s common for locals to get dressed up at night, so if you plan on enjoying the nightlife, bring something a bit more stylish and elevated!




Shop Dr. Scholl’s  A Ok Flat Sandal: Amazon | Macy’s


Comfortable sandals are a must pack for Spain, whether spending the day in the city or at the beach. Pair your colorful outfits with white sneakers for walking-heavy days, and add a cute pair of gladiator sandals or espadrilles or ballet flats for going out to dinner!

Keep your face protected from the sun with some stylish sunglasses and a straw hat!


Find out what to pack for your trip to Spain!




Pact Fit & Flare Tie-Back Dress: Sizes XS-3X




The summer months tend to be sunny and warm. Between June and August, you’re pretty much guaranteed good weather. June is fairly mild and one of the best months to visit, with temps in the high 70s F, while July and August can get up to the 80s!

To stay as cool as possible, choose light and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, especially for shirts. Readers opt for cute summer dresses or white dresses and sing the praises of dresses with pockets for ease of storing small items while out and about.




Athleta Avenue Wide Leg Crop Pants
Sizes: 0-26 Regular | 0-16 Tall | 0-14 Petite


Every Portuguese destination has something special, whether a beach, city, or the wine valley, so you are best off packing lightweight pants, like ones that have an elastic band to be extra comfy.  Some other cozy summer options are flare leggings or white jeans (to stand out even more!).




Shop Adidas Gazelle Platform Sneaker: Adidas | Nordstrom


One reader says that many sidewalks in Portugal (like Lisbon) are made of small and uneven cobblestones, so it’s important to protect your feet. Unless you’ll be by the sea, stick with good sneakers, like high tops or the chunky athletic sneakers that everyone is wearing!

If you really want to wear something sandal like Mary Jane shoes, which come in sandal styles but can still keep your feet happy on the cobblestones.




H&M Linen Jersey Dress | Sizes XS-XXL




Greece, and Athens in particular, is HOT during summer. While most days are in the high 80s F and up, many days will reach a sweltering 100 degrees and up!

When planning what to wear in Greece in summer, pack lots of pretty dresses! Airy t-shirt dresses with sandals or stylish sneakers are such easy outfits that’ll keep you cool in the heat. A chic, wide-leg jumpsuit is also perfect for summer in Athens.

When it comes to color, bold colors like red look amazing contrasted with the whitewashed cities. Or, lean into Greece’s cool color palette with lots of white and shades of blue.




GAP 365 High Rise Linen-Blend Shorts
Sizes: XXS-XXL Regular | S-XL Tall | XS-L Petite


Hot and beachy, this is definitely the destination to focus on linen! From linen t-shirts and linen dresses to linen shorts and linen pants, you’ll appreciate the breathability and coolness, as well as the effortlessly chic look!

Beautiful, bright summer swimwear will be your best friend; team it with a floppy sun hat for extra protection from the sun! Stylish coverups are a must, too.




Shop Sam Edelman Bay Slides: Nordstrom | Amazon


Bring out the summery sandals for Greece! Slides are great for a light stroll or to grab dinner, and they’ll look just great with dressier looks as with your beach day outfit.

The best and most fun way to explore Greek cities is on foot, meaning comfortable walking shoes are essential! Readers say that you’ll be facing uneven pavement and cobblestones, slick marble at the Acropolis, busy streets, and lots of stairs, so sturdy, close-toed shoes are a must.


Take a look at our summer Greece packing list!




Quince Silk Tiered Maxi Dress | Sizes XS-XL




Austria is beautiful in the summer, with hot temperatures reaching the high 70s to high 80s. Note that locals tend to keep their style polished and slightly conservative, so rather than showing a ton of skin, keep cool with breathable linen t-shirts, linen pants, and long skirts.

Consider packing some midi dresses or maxi dresses for your summer getaway, as they’re stylish and comfortable while light and easy to pack.




Zella In Flight Flowy Crop Wide Leg Pants | Sizes XS-XXL


For bottoms, basics like jeans and cropped pants are versatile pieces that you’ll wear a lot during your trip. If you want to bring along shorts, go for a modest, stylish pair as opposed to jean cut-offs. Bermuda shorts and linen shorts are chic options!

Austria has some stunning lakes, so remember to bring a swimsuit for taking a dip, too!




Shop Taos Star Sneakers: Amazon | Zappos


If you’re hanging out in town or sightseeing in Vienna, a stylish pair of sneakers are ideal.

Add a light jacket or cardigan, as summer evenings in Austria (especially if you’re by the water) can be a bit chilly.

And don’t miss out on the stunning trails! Bring along some hiking shoes or hiking sandals, leggings or hiking pants, a water bottle, and a hiking pack.


For more tips, find out what to wear in Austria year-round!




Spanx Poplin Oversized Button-Down | Sizes XS-3X




Summer in Sweden is lovely and mild, with high temperatures typically in the high 60s F.  You’ll experience wonderful, long days of daylight and sunsets as late as 11 pm! Not only does the season have the best weather, but there are so many lovely things to do outdoors, so if outdoor adventures are your thing, pack your activewear and hiking boots!

Swedish style is minimalist yet chic, so to fit in with the locals, pack simple tees and shirts in neutral colors. Button down shirts are comfy and great for the weather, plus they’ll make any outfit look effortlessly put together.




Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft Wide-Leg Pants
Sizes: XS-4X Regular | S-XXL Tall | XS-XL Petite


For pants, stay comfortable yet stylish with a wide-leg silhouette. You’ll see tons of locals wearing jeans in the summer, as well. It’s also a great idea to pack one or two summer dresses for laid-back days, going out to dinner, or celebrating Midsummer! An LBD (black dress) is always a strong go to and classic.




Shop Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoes: Nordstrom | Zappos


No Scandinavian outfit is complete without some stylish tennis shoes! They’ll add an effortlessly cool element to your look while, more importantly, keeping your feet comfy as you stroll around town. If you want to look ultra-chic in Stockholm, bring some comfortable loafers.

There are so many lakes and beaches in Sweden, so bring swimwear and sandals, too! Additionally, late summer to early fall is the rainy season in Sweden, so if you’re visiting in July, be sure to pack a lightweight rain jacket and some waterproof shoes.


Learn more about what to wear in Stockholm!




Unbound Merino V-Neck T-Shirt | Sizes XS-XL




While Switzerland overall is quite hot in the summer, the temperatures differ depending on the altitude. Lower-lying regions can see temperatures in the high 80s to 90s F, while cities in higher altitudes are typically in the mid to high 70s F.

From hiking to cycling to water sports, Switzerland is bursting with outdoor activities, making casual and sportier clothing the norm. Hiking shirts are perfect for outdoor adventures. Readers also like merino wool t-shirts for active trips, as they’re sweat-wicking, odor-resistant, and will stay looking nice throughout your trip.

Bring long sleeve t-shirts, wrinkle free shirts, or a light sweater for the evenings, too.




Shop Sanctuary Wide Leg Cargo Pants: Nordstrom | Sanctuary (Sizes XXS-XXL)


For Switzerland, you’ll want to bring your most comfortable travel pants! Wide leg pants and cargo pants are great options for nature walks and days when you’ll be doing lots of walking.

If you plan on doing some hardcode hiking, then pack your hiking pants or leggings. Leggings are an easy option that can be dressed up a bit with sneakers and cute tops for casual sightseeing days.

Dresses are good to pack for strolling through charming towns and villages, visiting museums and galleries, or going out for drinks.




Waterproof Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles


Because your trip will no doubt involve lots of walking, make sure your shoes are cushioned, supportive, and sturdy!

If you’ll be going on laid-back hikes and leisurely nature walks, you might want to opt for a sporty pair of shoes that work on and off the trails. Otherwise, pack some walking sandals or cute sneakers alongside your hiking shoes!

Weather in Switzerland can shift unexpectedly, so be sure to bring a fleece jacket or a light rain jacket in your day bag in case it gets chilly. A rain jacket is handy because sudden rain showers here and there aren’t uncommon.

Pack a black one piece swimsuit and flip flops for lake days, too!


Learn more about what to bring to Switzerland!




L.L.Bean Pima Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee
Sizes: XS-XL Regular, Petite, & Tall | 1X-3X Plus




The summer weather in Norway is ideal for adventuring in nature! Typical temperatures range from the mid to high 60s F.

Norweigan style is casual yet polished. The cities are compact and walkable, and there are SO many nature spots to explore, so you’ll be super active during your trip. This means sportier clothing is totally fine.

Pack simple short sleeve white tees for warmer days and long-sleeve tees for cooler days. The temps definitely drop at night, so you’ll likely want to layer your tops with a cozy, lightweight sweater or sweatshirt.


This is our essential list of the best travel clothing brands for women!




Athleta Trekkie North High Rise Jogger
Sizes: 0-26 Regular | 0-16 Tall | 0-14 Petite


Adventure-ready pants like joggers and leggings are perfect for everything from hikes to city sightseeing. Jeans are another great staple that you can dress up for dinner, too.

Bring along some linen pants or linen shorts to elevate your look as you lay out on the grass in one of the many parks dotting the city. Locals flood the parks on sunny days and are all dressed to take advantage of the weather!

One of the draws of Norway is the breathtaking fjords, so make sure you also pack a swimsuit so you can jump in!




Shop Teva Tirra Sandal: Amazon | Zappos


Readers highly recommend hiking sandals for summer in Norway, both for walking around town and for getting out in nature. They’re great in the heat and in the rain and will keep your feet supported as you explore.

Casual sneakers are also great for day-to-day adventures. You could also bring some stylish sandals or ballet flats if you want to get a bit more dressed up in the evenings.

Though Norway has beautiful summer days, it also experiences rainfall throughout the season. Light raincoats and trench coats are commonly worn around the cities on rainy summer days.


Read our packing list for Norway in summer for more tips!




Everlane Organic Cotton Tank | Sizes XXS-XXL


The Netherlands


Summer in the Netherlands has long daylight hours and perfect temperatures in the high 60s to the low 70s F. Like other stylish European countries, Dutch fashion is understated, chic, and a bit edgy, favoring neutral colors and well-tailored silhouettes.

Linen shirts, from slouchy button-downs to tank tops, will keep you looking and feeling cool. You can always rely on a simple white tank top or t-shirt to complete any outfit, too.




Kut from the Kloth Margo Wide Leg Jeans | Sizes 6-16


Skirts and dresses are perfect for relaxing days and going out to dinner.

One of the best ways to explore the Netherlands is on a bike, so you’ll also need a few pairs of pants. Definitely add a pair of jeans to your packing list; they’re a Dutch staple year-round. Lightweight, flowy pants or shorts are great, too, especially if you’re visiting the beach!


We’ve checked out the best womens orthopedic shoes that not only look stylish but will have your feet thanking you!




Shop New Balance 574 Sneaker: Amazon | Nordstrom | New Balance


Make sure your footwear is comfortable for lots of walking and cycling. Dutch women are often seen sporting trendy sneakers in white or black. Sandals are great, too, but opt for supportive, strappy pairs over flip flops.


Find out what to wear in the Netherlands!




Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside Expandable 20″ Carry on Luggage


Best Luggage for Europe


You’ve finally perfected your packing list for your destination and created a solid capsule collection – now it’s time to get packing! Which luggage will work best for your trip?

There are various things to consider when choosing the best luggage for Europe, including a difference in carry on size, strict weight restrictions, mobility on the cobblestone streets, and long flights of stairs.

If you want a softside option, the ultimate reader favorite brand is Travelpro. Their Platinum Elite soft luggage 20” has spinner wheels, organizational pockets on the front, a USB port, can even hold a laptop, and is expandable.

Read these tips on how to pick a suitcase and consider one of these top brands.




July 21″ Carry On Luggage


If you’re looking for a hardside pick, users rave about the July 21”carry on. It’s so easy to maneuver, it has a telescoping handle, amazingly easy wheels to navigate airports and airplane aisles, and is highly popular for Europe, being able to deal with the cobblestone streets! 

One user said she took it on a 10-day European adventure, and it held up.




WANDF 18″ Foldable Travel Duffle Bag


For an alternate European carry on size bag, a backpack is always a good option too for anyone who prefers to travel hands-free. Learn how to choose the best travel backpack.

A travel tip for souvenir shopping in Europe is to bring a packable duffle bag to store all your goodies. Readers swear by the Wandf packable duffle and say it’s so easy to transport and is useful for other things like hauling laundry, not just gifts or souvenirs.




Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


Depending on how many days or weeks you’re traveling, you may want to use luggage organizers such as packing cubes. These organizers allow optimum use of the space in your luggage while keeping everything organized and in place during your travels. They also make the task of unpacking and repacking simple and stress-free. Check out this video on how to organize using packing cubes; it’s incredibly easy!

Keep in mind that most of Europe’s budget airlines have a carry-on bag allowance of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Always check your airlines’ individual baggage rules and regulations in advance.


If you want more resources on what type of suitcase to choose, start here:




Travelon Classic Anti-Theft Backpack


Best Purse or Day Bag Europe


If you’ll be out and about all day and want to make sure you have all the essentials on you, opt for a backpack! It should be compact and comfy to carry yet nice and roomy for all of your things.

There’s still a risk of pickpocketing in crowded or touristy areas, so you may want to choose an anti-theft backpack that no one can get into, especially because the zippers are out of sight.




Lo&Sons Pearl Shoulder Bag


If you want to travel light, a crossbody purse is great for sightseeing. Crossbodies are secure and comfortable, and your belongings will always be within reach.

Remember to hold it in front of you (not off to the side), and it’s always wise to choose a crossbody with anti-theft features. Another popular type of bag that readers recommend is a convertible backpack, which can often be worn on your back but also as a crossbody or tote.




Bandolier Emma Pebble Leather Crossbody


Alternatively, you could also opt for a sling bag or fanny pack. If you want to have your phone ready to take pictures, readers recommend crossbody phone purses, as they can keep your phone secure while you snap photos.




Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet


Safety in Europe


Each destination will be different, but pickpocketing can still happen in crowded areas, so it’s wise to be prepared and vigilant.

Be cautious about where you stash your cash; one smart way to hide cash or cards is by wearing clothing that has hidden pockets and secure zippers. Jeans are handy for this reason: you can put important items, like your wallet and phone, in your front pockets, where it’s very difficult for a wandering hand to snatch it.

Add items like the Secret Bra Wallet and underwear with pockets to your packing list. You could also buy clothing with hidden pockets to hide valuables even deeper!

Be mindful of purse snatchers! They either slash the bottom of your bag so the contents fall out or slash the strap. Wear your purse strap across your body and the zipper towards the front. For extra security, check out this post about anti theft purses.



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What are your tips on packing for Europe in summer? Share in the comment section below!


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