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Trying to pack light? Avoid “ultralight” carryon suitcases that weigh too much! To help you avoid overweight baggage fees, we’ve rounded up the best lightweight luggage (and we actually own most of them, too). And the best part? They’re all under 5lb!


Packing cubes are the secret to traveling carry-on only. Watch this video to learn why!


Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage



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Today’s suitcases come with a wide variety of cool features that affect transportation, packing, and protection. You can get wheel locking systems, built-in charging units, and heavy-duty hardware.

However, the thing to keep in mind is that the more bells and whistles there are, the heavier the bag will be! What you need is a balance.


Below you’ll find a full list of the best lightweight luggage for international travel (and domestic) with wheels including information about each style, reviews, videos, and pictures, too.



Lightest Carryon Luggage


What manufacturers claim to be lightweight and what truly is the lightest carryon luggage are two incredibly different things.



What does lightweight luggage weigh?


  • Best lightweight luggage for checked bags: 6 – 9 pounds
  • Best lightweight luggage for carryon bags: 4 – 6 pounds



Let’s start by setting the record straight: a carryon suitcase that weighs over 7-10 pounds IS NOT lightweight.

If cabin (carryon) restrictions require that your TOTAL weight be under 21 pounds, then how is that feasible when your suitcase itself weighs 9 pounds?

It’s not.


Read this post to learn how to pack for a 7kg baggage allowance!



The same goes for checked bags. Just because you have a 50 pound weight allowance doesn’t mean you need all of it.

However, if for whatever reason you need to bring an extensive amount of things on a trip (perhaps you’re moving to another country or studying abroad), then you want to make the most of what you can actually bring.

Don’t waste your weight allowance on a heavy suitcase!


Read the ultimate guide on how to choose a suitcase!



What is the most lightweight luggage for carryon?


Here are the best lightweight carry-on luggage under 5 lbs. They all have wheels and are reader favorites too:


  • Travelpro Maxlite Carry On Luggage
  • Osprey Ozone Wheeled Luggage
  • Osprey Farpoint Wheeled Luggage
  • Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner
  • Delsey Clavel Hand Luggage
  • Lipault Original Plume Spinner
  • Aerolite Ultra Light Luggage
  • Eagle Creek Gear Warrior
  • July Luggage Carry-on
  • Antler Carry On Suitcase






The Best Carry On Luggage Lightweight Reviews


Packing light is our specialty, and we’ve tried and tested almost every one of the suitcases on this list. In fact, we’ve even included our own review videos that provide further information to help you choose the best one for your trip. Plus, these have also been tried out by the readers!



Here are our tried-and-tested best light weight luggage reviews:




Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Carry On Luggage


Travelpro Lightweight Luggage


This bag is simple and classic, and that makes it a keeper in our books. Travelpro is one of my favorite luggage brands because their suitcases are durable and easy to maneuver while also being affordable.

The Maxlite 5 is also one of the best lightweight luggage options for anyone who wants a soft-side case. You can travel anywhere with this and it won’t slow you down, thanks to its smooth 4-wheel spinners, stain-resistant and water-repellant duraguard coating and ergonomic, and high-tensile-strength zipper. Also available in 19″ carryon. Buy it here!




Travelpro Maxlite Hardside Carry On Luggage


This Travelpro hardside carry-on bag is ultra-durable and ultra-light! The Maxlite expandable carry-on hardside spinner is designed to meet carry-on size restrictions for most domestic airlines while maximizing how much you can pack inside with its convenient 2” expansion option. Also available in carry on 20″ and weighs around 6.1lbs.  Buy it here!




Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21.5″ | Also available on Osprey


Osprey Lightweight Carry On Luggage With Wheels


This is the bag that has been accompanying me on my long-term travels for the past year. You know I’m a big fan of Osprey and ever since I had to stop traveling with the Farpoint, which was backpacking perfection, the Ozone has become my new favorite and their new design weighs only 4.48lbs. Also available on Osprey website!




Osprey Farpoint 36L Wheeled Luggage | Also available on Osprey


There may be certain trips where you don’t need as much capacity, which is when the Osprey Farpoint 36L wheeled bag can still offer the same amazing features that include a large panel opening, comfortable straps, and sturdy wheels to tackle uneven terrain.

And though this is marketed as a men’s bag, it’s worked well for a variety of users who say “it’s  the perfect lightweight durable luggage that’s sturdy, well designed, and constructed—the wheels are heavily protected and unlikely to damage easily.” Also available on Osprey website!


Watch this video or read my Osprey Ozone 46 review for more details:



So far it’s worked as a carryon on most airlines, even Air Asia, but it may be two inches too big for budget companies like RyanAir or EasyJet. However, they also have a duffle or backpack version that’s smaller and would work for most budget airlines.



My only gripe with this bag is that I bought the previous model in black but now they have it in blue. As soon as I have a travel stop in the US, I’m going to get this new color! Buy it here or on Osprey website!




Delsey Clavel 19″ Hand Luggage


Delsey Lightweight Luggage


I’ve been a fan of Delsey for the past few years, and one of my favorite things about the French brand is its attention to detail, clean aesthetics, and affordable price tag. Delsey definitely offers the most value, and this new suitcase proves it.

Delsey discontinued the soft-side Delsey Traversee Lite which I have and love, but the new Clavel hardside spinner is the lightest Delsey suitcase. This new lightweight hard shell luggage has a strong, sturdy zipper, which means it will stand up to wear and tear. Buy it here!


If you’re looking for the best lightweight luggage sets, Delsey also has some awesome options!




Lipault Original Plume Spinner 55/20 Luggage


Lipault Lightweight Carry-On Luggage


Sometimes you want simple lightweight travel luggagewithout any fancy bells or whistles, and that’s when I recommend Lipault. This spinner suitcase is basic, but in a good way. Despite being 20”, it offers amazing capacity, so you can easily fit a week’s worth of outfits.

It’s also easy to carry and move, while the soft side allows for more flexibility. The top carry handle allows you to lift the suitcase with ease and comfort, making it easy to travel even in the most crowded of airports and train stations. Buy it here!




Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 22″ Inch Carry-On Luggage


Eagle Creek Gear Lightweight Spinner Luggage


One of our readers raved about this great bag from Eagle Creek, so I thought I’d include it on  this list. It’s simple, easy to use and extremely light, which makes it a worthwhile addition to our list of the lightest carryon luggage pieces we could find.

It fits perfectly in overhead bins, however, you’ll have to use this one with packing cubes–there’s no dedicated spots for your items. Still, it’s got what it you need to make through a 3-day weekend in Manhattan or a road trip through the Adirondacks. The price is right for a piece of light luggage like this! Buy it here!



Samsonite Cosmolite Suitcase


Samsonite Lightweight Luggage


During a recent trip to Los Angeles, I set off on a mission to find the most lightweight hardsided luggage. I stumbled upon a Samsonite store and was astounded at the excellent selections for their Cosmolite and Lite Shock Collections.


I was in between buying either the Cosmolite or the Lite Shock and asked the TFG readers to help me decide as you can see in this video:



Although both suitcases were incredibly light, I chose the Lite Shock instead of the Cosmolite because it’s a newer model and weighed 2 ounces less. In fact, they each weigh UNDER 4 lb – talk about lightest carryon luggage!


A post shared by tpsytv (@tpsytv) on

Using it on set for my TPSY TV packing videos!


Because it’s brand new and part of Samsonite’s premium collection, it was a steeper price tag than the other suitcases on this list. But so far, it seems absolutely worth it. Buy it here!




Aerolite Ultra Light 4 Wheel Carry On Luggage


Aerolite Airline Approved Lightweight Soft-Sided Luggage


One of the best lightweight cabin luggage options out there comes from Aerolite. It’s roomy enough to store all your belongings and small enough for those carry on only trips. An attractive, sturdy and lightweight bag, it’s easy to maneuver on uneven terrain.

It comes in a wide range of fun colors, particularly this pretty purple. You can’t help but feel happy when traveling with this colorful, easy to carry suitcase! Highly recommended! Buy it here!




Carry On Light 21″ Lightweight Carry-on


July Ultra Lightweight Carry-On Luggage


July is quite possibly the best brand for lightweight hardside luggage! They have a vast selection of colors, too. 

Not only does this carryon weigh under 5 lbs, but it’s also made of vegan-friendly materials, has a strong German polycarbonate shell, and 32L volume that allows you to maximize space so you don’t waste it on the suitcase. With the July Carry On Light 21″, you can use all the space for your belongings.

The luggage features ultra-light shell with only 3.9 lbs, a twin bar 3-stop telescopic handle, and SilentMove™ Series 2 360° double spinner wheels, YKK Japanese zippers, and zip closure with integrated TSA lock. Buy it here!


The key to traveling light is to create an interchangeable capsule wardrobe!





Antler Brixham 22″ Light Carryon


Antler Carry On Luggage


Perfect for travelers who like to pack as much as possible, Antler’s softside Brixham collection is designed to be spacious yet ultra-lightweight, with the carry-on weighing a mere 4.2 lbs! This sleek, modern option has a minimalist design that features protective corner guards, zippered pockets, interior compression, smooth spinner wheels, TSA locks, and highly durable fabric. Fans of the brand highlight the amazing lifetime warranty, too! 

The measurements of this lightweight piece are 21.65″ x 13.78” x 9.25”.



A sneak peak inside my Samsonite Firelite carryon



Packing Tips for the Best Lightweight Luggage


Packing light is all about research, planning, and preparation. These articles will help you travel carryon only to any destination, no matter the trip length:




Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


We recommend bringing along a lightweight luggage scale to weigh your cases before going to the airport. This will ensure you are below the weight limit and avoid extra charges.

Also, use packing organizers such as packing cubes to help you simplify your packing process.



Learn our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!


Check out this post to find out how packing cubes help you pack everything in a carryon!



The Best Lightweight Luggage Summary

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside Carry On Luggage 21 in / 5.4 lbs

ultra-lightweight carry-on spinner, adjustable PowerScope Lite handle, high-tensile-strength expandable zipper
Check Price
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Hardside Carry On Luggage 21 in / 6.3 lbs

ultra-durable and ultra-light, designed to meet carry-on size restrictions for most domestic airlines while maximizing how much you can pack inside with its convenient 2” expansion option.
Check Price
Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry-on 42L/21.5" 21.5 in / 4.5 lbs

This travel-ready carry-on luggage from Osprey features wheels for rolling convenience and deployable backpack straps to give you multiple carry options. Durable enough for regular use!
Osprey Farpoint 36L Wheeled Luggage 22 in / 5.29 lbs

“it’s sturdy, well designed, and constructed—the wheels are heavily protected and unlikely to damage easily.”
Check Price
Samsonite Cosmolite Hardside Spinner 21.7 in / 3.7 lbs

Made with CURV® material, Mono-tube retractable main handle, Integrated ID tag, TSA combination lock
Delsey Clavel 19" Hand Luggage 21.75 in / 5.3 lbs

TSA combination lock, hard-wearing zip, inner closed compartments
Lipault Original Plume Spinner 21.6 in / 4.9 lbs

Easy to carry and move, zipped lateral pocket and full-length interior cover pocket, comfortable carrying handles
Check Price
Aerolite Ultra Light 4 Wheel Carry On Luggage 22 in / 4.62 lbs

ultra-lightweight yet durable suitcase, smooth-rolling and nicely elevated wheels, etractable handles for easy and simple transporting.
Check Price
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior 22 Inch Carry-On Luggage 21 in / 4.59 lbs

Built with a seamless Exo-Skeleton, reinforced with hypalon material, water repellent exterior
July Luggage Lightweight Carry-on 21 in / 3.9 lbs

2 tie-down straps, large zippered mesh pocket, and two elastic slip pockets
Check Price
Antler Carry On Luggage 21.65 in / 4.2 lbs

minimalist design, protective corner guards, zippered pockets, interior compression, smooth spinner wheels, TSA locks, and highly durable fabric
Check Price



Which suitcases would you add to our list of the best lightweight luggage for travel? Comment below!


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