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Gone are the days where comfort equals hideous fashion.These ten shoes are reinventing how comfort looks! Here are the best sandals for travel this summer.


The Best Sandals for Travel


Reader Asks:


I would like your feedback on these travel sandals. I am currently trying them out in black and they are really comfy. I am 30 years old and having a hard time finding sandals that work for me for while traveling all over Italy. I hope I can get your feedback. Thanks. Amazing website, BTW. Just spend 2 hours reading post after post!




What are the best sandals for travel?


Thanks for your message! I’ve been searching for the best sandals for travel this summer and I’ve come up with ten stylishly comfortable options. Here’s what they are:

  • Naot
  • Born
  • Aerosoles
  • Sanuk
  • Ecco
  • Vionic
  • Fly London
  • Teva
  • Avarca Pons
  • Keen
  • Taos


The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to comfortable footwear brands is this: finding the best option depends on your foot shape and your personal style.

Whenever I wear a style that goes across my foot, like the one you’ve asked about, it makes me look clunky and ages me. I’m in my early 30s.

No matter how trendy Arizona Birkenstocks and traditional Tevas have become recently, I can’t wear these types of shoes because I don’t have the foot shape to go with them.

I’ve found that thong-style sandals most flatter my narrow foot and I’ve previously worn the Gizeh Birkenstocks, as in the photo above. I’ve worn them on my long term travels the past two years so now I’m ready to try something new.

I’ve also tried the super cute Teva SW Slide, but they hurt the top of my feet because I accidentally ordered a size that was way too small. Since I couldn’t return them, I gave them to my mom and she loves them!



Visit my Pinterest Board: Travel Sandal Trends links to the above images


What I’ve found with the “ugly shoe” trend that’s happened over the past couple of years is that even if the shoe was not sexy or attractive, it was the clothing that made the outfit.

The women above prove that if your clothing is streamlined, classic, and chic, then you can get away with making any pair of shoes look good (don’t forget your handbag).

Let’s face it. No one would’ve dared wear Birkenstocks like this in the 90s! They were worn with socks and flannels inspired by grunge style.




Lily Moon Wedge Pump


It’s a great time in fashion for female travelers because shoes like these have made a comeback into mainstream style. There are many comfortable footwear options currently available.

Does anyone still wear heels? It seems flats in every shape and form have taken over women’s feet around the globe.


Based on the shoes I’ve tested along with styles that other travelers have recommended, here’s the best sandals for travel:




Naot Sabrina




I LOOOVE the Naot Sabrina, which offers a comfortable footbed like a Birkenstock but looks more like a regular sandal, which is awesome.

The shoe is lightweight, which is a major plus for packing light and is also pretty cute for a “comfort” shoe brand.

I have the color classic combo shown above, but it also comes in the colors shown below. This Naot style gets two thumbs up from me and has become my new favorite travel sandal!




Peach Linen Combo | Snake Beige | Vintage Slate Leather


I experienced zero break-in time with them and I’ve worn them all over LA and New York the past month. Even though I have a narrow foot, these don’t look massive on me at all. (I felt a bit overpowered when I wore my old Birks.)

I’ve received tons of compliments from a variety of women and can confidently name these to be the best sandals for travel this summer! However, let’s look at more options…


June 2016 Update: one year later, and this sandal is still amazing!




Born Mai




Another sandal I’ve reviewed over the past couple of weeks is the Born Mai. My friends loved this gladiator inspired style and I felt they were versatile enough to be worn in cities all over the world.






I’m a big Born fan because they offer comfortable shoes in cute styles. They may not have as much arch support as other brands but their shoes are a great balance between comfort and style.




Conchlusion Gladiator Sandal




Aerosoles have been around forever and their Coastline Sandals (sold out, this one’s similar) really feel like you’re walking on a soft, plush pillow.

The cushion-like footbed is oh-so-soft and the thong style is always a bonus in my book. One of the best features is the rubber-grip sole to help you prevent slips – essential for travel!




Obstachle Course | Gladiator Sandal | Chlass Ring


I gave mine to a friend, as a 6.5 was slightly small for me. She absolutely loves them and found them to be super comfy. If you’re looking for classic, easy comfort, Aerosoles is a great brand for sandals.




Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Sandals




I’ve heard so much about Sanuk and they really are comfortable. What makes this brand so special is that the footbed is the same material as a yoga mat, which molds to your feet.

I’ve worn the Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Sandals around the beach and to yoga class but not for extensive walks. They’re the ideal replacement for a standard flip flop.




Tribal Stripe | Coral | Lanai Blanket


I’ve also seen them worn by women all over Venice Beach and Santa Monica so it seems many others would agree that this is one of the best sandals for travel this summer. They’d make a great addition to a casual travel wardrobe!


TFG readers also love them and voted them as one of their favorite beach sandals! They’re great for narrow feet, too.




Ecco Flash Huarache




TFG’s fashion writer, Niki Landry, also found it difficult to find the right style of sandals for her feet and loved the Ecco Flash Huarache.

“The leather was so soft, and the foot bed was crazy comfortable. I happily forked over the money, and without looking back we spent four lovely months traveling together.”




T-Strap GladiatorDamara SP | Ankle Strap


While this version of the huarache is no longer around, Ecco has produced other variations of the style that are just as swoon worthy and are some of the best sandals for travel.

Their Lattice T-strap huarache sandal rocks a similar look while also coming with an EVA footbed for moldability, a natural leather lining that wicks away moisture and an overall feel that’s lightweight and comfortable. We’re obsessed!


Read her full review on the Huarache travel sandals and why they were a fortunate but unexpected find.






Nala Thong Sandal




Dena Roché is a travel journalist from The Travel Diet and tells us she has a love/hate relationship with shoes. “Love sexy shoes, hate that most KILL my feet. I recently stumbled onto Vionic.”




KarinaSahara Backstrap | Teagan Sandals


“Admittedly, they don’t scream sexy like a red sole, but they are cute and comfortable. Pretty important when traveling as much as I do.” The above style is super cute! I love the gold color. They look nothing like “comfort” footwear.




Fly London Yeri Fly Sandal


Fly London


Beth D’Addono, contributor at USA Today, recommends Fly London. She has three pairs and “all of them rock”! She says they’re spendy but she can walk in them for miles, making them worth every penny.




Yild Fly Wedge | Yesk Wedge | Yula Wedge


These are a plus for women who love heels and hate walking in flats. Wedges are a great alternative to heels when you travel (especially when you’re walking on cobblestones)!




Teva Olowahu Flip Flop




Shannon Healey from Camera & Carry On has traveled all over the world with her Teva Olowahu sandals and absolutely adores them!

“They’re more stylish than the basic thong sandal and keep my food from sliding around like they sometimes do in others. The straps are a durable fabric that does not rub, the foot bed is cushy and supportive, and the bottom has a slight tread to prevent slipping.”




Ysidro StitchCabrillo Crossover | Capri Universal


They do look like a comfortable alternative to a basic flip flop. Shown above, you’ll also find more sandals for travel by Teva. Comfort’s looking real good!




Avarca Pons Classic Style Textile


Avarca Pons


Avarcas (also known as “Abarcas o Menorquinas”) are the traditional leather footwear of Menorca, Spain and are designed to be incredibly easy on the feet. They feature a comfy and versatile slingback design with breathable leather and a wide variety of colors to match every personality.




Metallic | Classic Strap | Classic Style


Locals and travelers share a love for this brand. This is definitely one of the best sandals for women who want a chic, versatile shoe to take them from day to night!




Rose City T Strap Sandal




Keen is an easy favorite here at TFG, so it was only fitting that we showcase our top picks in this list of the best sandals for travel.

These travel sandals will ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Ranging from trendy straps to sleek, modern silhouettes, these are definitely a step up from utilitarian travel shoe style sand and a step in the right direction!

In addition to its appearance, Keen sandals are often equipped with features such as shock absorption, non-marking rubber outsoles, adjustability and a comfortable footbed. These selections will easily get you through the day in both comfort and style!




Dauntless Posted | Rose City | Ankle Sandal


I’d say this is definitely a step up from utilitarian travel shoe styles and a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see more shoes like this from Keen!




Carousel 2 Leather Sandal




One of our readers gave us rave reviews about the Taos Wedge Sandals after suffering a severe spinal nerve surgery while on a cruise. She’d purchased these sandals and they were a life saver during our trip.

She wore them 24/7 the entire time as anything flat (trainers and clarks sandals) was out of the question.  At least 50 people commented on how cute her shoes were!




Festival | Carousel Wedge | Penelopeep


As soon as she returned from her trip she got all the other colors of Taos shoes in her size. They were also perfect for walking cobblestone streets in the Caribbean as well as a dress shoe for nice dinners. Her feet never hurt!



Sandals can get disgusting while traveling; cleaning them is an absolute must. Nikwax is a cleaning product meant specifically to care for your sandals. Even if you don’t travel with it, you can use it once you return home to ensure your shoes are ready for your next adventure!





Watch the last ten minutes of my first episode of Travel Fashion Talk to see the first four sandals up close as I review each one.

Okay ladies, now it’s your turn: what do you think are the best sandals for travel this summer? Comment below!


Fore more ideas on travel sandals, please read:






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