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If you’re spending time outdoors walking, hiking, or wading through lakes this summer, check out our list of top hiking sandals—they won’t let you down!


Womens Hiking Sandals



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Hiking sandals are a popular shoe for women who plan to do a lot of walking, hiking and swimming during an adventure trip—either locally or elsewhere. Sometimes bringing along hiking sandals in tandem with boots can give you other shoe options. Alternatively, you may want to leave the hiking boots at home and just stick to sandals.  

You may need to wear something on your feet in a lake or river, which means you’ll not only need a shoe that will allow your feet to breathe, but also something that will dry quickly, then adventure sandals are an awesome choice. 

Besides the breathability, hiking sandals are especially designed for long periods of walking and if they’re waterproof, they transition well from walking cobblestone streets to hitting rougher terrain. Some can even be paired with denim shorts or skorts for a casual, summer vibe that goes from trail to hanging out!

Let’s start with figuring out how to choose the best ones.



How to Choose Women’s Hiking Sandals


When it comes to choosing the shoes that fit the bill for your trip, there are a number of factors you should consider before you buy:

  • Where you’re going – Are hiking sandals the right shoe for where you’re going? If you’re looking to climb rough terrain, you’ll need a stronger shoe, but for walks, light hikes and water, these comfortable, efficient sandals will fit the bill. 
  • What you’re carrying   If you’re bringing heavy gear, you’ll need a heavy shoe to give you the proper support, but if you’re lugging a light backpack, hiking sandals will keep you comfy and light on your feet throughout your trip.
  • If you need additional arch support and shock resistance Hiking sandals differ from regular sandals in that they are shaped to your feet and have additional padding, made with EVA/foam insoles, which is necessary for comfort and shock absorption while on long walks and hikes. Also, look for soles like Vibram that are sturdy. 
  • If they fit comfortably for every occasion Your feet may swell in hotter temps, or in colder climates you may need socks, so you’ll need straps that you can instantly and easily adjust on the trail for the best fit possible.
  • If they’re waterproof – You may hike through water or even wear your sandals while swimming, so make sure the ones you choose have rubber soles, synthetic uppers, and are quick to dry. 


Overall, the best womens hiking sandals are flexible in both wet and dry situations, and remain comfortable, no matter where and how long you decide to wear them. Unfortunately, many manufacturers forget about style when designing a shoe for function, so we’ve searched for a balance of both. 

Now take a gander at this list of hiking sandals for women that are not only comfortable, but darn cute!



These Are The Best Hiking Sandals Womens Brands




Shop: Amazon | Zappos


Keen Rose Closed Toe Sandals with Good Arch Support


Readers say Keen Rose sandals fit like a dream in terms of design, comfort, and function. With their closed-toe, you’ll be equally ready for a mountain hike, a day on the water, or a stroll around the ancient ruins of a Cambodian temple. 

They come in multiple colors and go with any outfit, from a summer dress to a simple tee and shorts. Overall, they’re sturdy and lightweight, which makes them a necessity for trips that are more nature-oriented.




Shop: Amazon | Nordstrom | REIZappos | Chaco


Chaco ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal (Medium and Wide Sizes Available)


The Chaco ZX2 is a rubber-soled shoe that is extremely well made, comfortable, sturdy, and fast-drying. Take a pair on long summer hikes, country walks, and wear them for watery fun. These are the best sandals for hiking—they will last for years and keep you secure and comfortable for as long as you wear them. Other version like Chaco Zcloud X2 Sandal and Chaco ZX3 Classic Sport Sandal are also popular!


These are the best hiking boots!




Shop: Amazon | Teva | REIZappos


Teva Tirra Wide Width Hiking Sandal


Teva Tirra sandals allow you to walk for hours without the unwanted consequences of sore and sweaty feet. They help keep your tootsies cool and comfortable, as well as offer a good level of traction to support you on more uneven paths. Coming in a variety of colors, they look great too! If you’re looking for a classic pair, this Teva Original Universal sandal is a comfortable quick-drying hiking sandal which is also perfect for hiking.




Shop: Amazon | DSW


Merrell Sandspur Rose Slingback Sandal


The Merrell Sandspur gives your feet a relaxing break, while keeping them marching. From sandy beaches to rocky hills and beyond, the shoe’s leather upper, neoprene lining, and Microfiber footbed all add up to comfort and breathability for the wearer. These “shock absorbers” are pretty cute too! This Merrell Sandspur Rose Convert is also a nice alternative option.


These hiking shorts not only good but their super functionable for your next hike too!




Shop: Amazon | Zappos | REI


Keen Whisper Comfortable Sport Sandals


Keen Whisper sandals are a must if you enjoy going on outdoor adventures climbing, hiking and swimming in warm to hot weather. They’re unbelievably secure and comfortable, and offer a fantastic grip for water-based activities and strolling over cobblestones on old world city streets. 

Although they have a style similar to that of a hiking boot, they’re perfect for more challenging hikes, pack easily, and are a lot more breathable. Readers say they would travel just about anywhere with this shoe, which looks cute with almost any outfit. 

For a similar style that’s a readers’ favorite, check out these KEEN Rose Sandals, and for more versatile water shoes, take a look at this style by Crocs!


These water shoes are perfect for every outdoor adventures according to TFG readers!




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Merrell Bravada Backstrap Dressy Sport Sandal


Looking for a shoe that’s smart enough to wear with the dress or while kayaking? Well, we’ve found what you need in the elegant, comfortable Merrell Bravada. Their slim straps allow you to rock your femininity while keeping you protected and supported.




Shop: Amazon


Dr. Scholl’s Andrews Fisherman Lightweight Hiking Sandal


The Dr. Scholl’s Fisherman fits like a second skin—you’ll hardly know they’re on your feet. They’re made with breathable mesh lining, a plush microfiber footbed, and a thick rubber sole that cushions your foot against the hard ground, all while putting a spring in your step. Not only that, but they’re also dressy enough for those relaxing times off the trail.




Shop: Amazon


Keen Newport H2 Water Sandal


Keen does it again with the comfortable, waterproof Newport H2, which comes in plenty of colors. These long-lasting shoes—readers say they’ve had theirs over a decade—retain their shape and support throughout their life. These are durable, breathable sandals that you can wear to hike long miles over 90°F days, and your feet will still thank you!




Shop: Amazon | Zappos | ECCO


ECCO Yucatan Hiking Outdoor Sandal


Find your perfect stride in the ECCO Yucatan. With four adjustable straps and great arch support, you won’t find a more versatile shoe. This is another one of those “all day, everyday” shoes that get you where you want to go — down dirt paths and cracked sidewalks or up dozens of flights of stairs, rain or shine. They are comfortable, supportive, and adorable.


Here are even more of our readers favorite Ecco styles including their recommendations for sandals, sneakers, and flats.




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Skechers On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Womens Sport Sandal


There’s nothing worse than breaking in a shoe. No matter what, you’ll have to endure a little pain before you can wear them comfortably for the long haul. However, you don’t have to break the Skechers On-The-go 600-Brilliancy in—you can just throw them on and tackle tough streets and hills from Scotland to Ireland in effortless grace with cushioned arch support for all-day comfort. Plus it’s available in wide sizes too!


Check out this ultimate packing list for trekking!




Shop: Amazon | Nordstrom | REITeva | Dick’s Sporting Goods


Teva Verra Comfort Sandals


These Teva Verra sandals are a cool, minimalist style but the rubber sole is where all the power is due to the EVA material. It’s cushiony, and has moisture wicking and is water-resistant so your feet stay odor-free and comfy. 

The textured nylon and criss-cross design won’t cut into your feet so you can keep going all day on a National Park trail to dinner at the campsite.




Shop: Amazon | Zappos | REI


Xero Shoes Z-Trail EV Hiking Barefoot Sandals


The Xero Z-Trail embraces the “barefoot movement” and this particular shoe is highly popular for hiking, walking, or trail running. Users who are experienced hikers say this is lightweight and comfortable, as it’s meant to fit your natural foot.

It’s also flexible and is said to move well with your feet and the low to ground style helps support balance. The brand is so helpful, they even recommend going up half a size larger for a great fit and will exchange if you need to!


Remember—these shoes are meant for hiking, climbing, swimming, and other fun, outdoor adventures. They’re not necessarily for regular travel. If you need shoes for non-outdoor trips, please check out some in this post


These are the best hiking poles!



Comfortable Hiking Sandals Comparison Chart


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Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Hiking Sandals


Maybe you want to pack your sandals after wearing them on the plane or choose to wear a different pair home, start by selecting a container such as a shoe bag or a packing cube, then pack according to your type of luggage. See more in the video below.


Watch this video to start learning how to organize with packing cubes!


Whether you have a front loading or top loading backpack, it’s crucial to put your shoes first, at the bottom. If you’re planning to pack shoes in a rolling carry-on, remember that it stands sideways, so it’s important to note how it functions when it is upright. Most often, your shoes will need to be packed close to the wheels, so that the luggage maintains its balance in transit.



What are the best hiking sandals you’ve worn on your adventures? Share with us below!


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