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The best convertible travel dresses allow you to create many different looks from just a single piece. This allows you to pack light because you won’t have to pack as much. We have rounded up our favorite travel dresses that will help you pack light and stylishly!


Convertible Travel Dresses



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Convertible travel clothing typically can be pretty lackluster and unappealing. Trekking pants anyone? It hasn’t been until recently that we travelers have finally gotten a glimmer of hope for our travel wardrobes.

These are among the best convertible dresses for travel, providing you with a perfect balance of form, function, and fashion.

Some of these dresses are reversible, which means they have fabric on both sides. Others are reversible in that the “back” and “front” can be worn either direction. Some are convertible, changing from a top to a skirt to a dress.

All of them are versatile and offer travelers plenty of options for different looks from a single item! Versatility is key to a capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!


Use packing cubes to maximize the space in your bag shown in my packing video tutorial.




Popana Convertible Sundress and Maxi Skirt | Sizes 0-22


Popana Convertible Sundress


The Popana is a highly popular item with TFG readers for its easy simplicity, lightweel feel, and ability to convert from a cute sundress into a maxi skirt. 

The ideal accompaniment for a vacation, this piece is simple to style and turn into more than one outfit by adding a shirt over the dress, and different tops with the skirt. We love that it’s offered in multiple sizes (0-22) and in a lovely rainbow of colors to suit your personal style!




Coolibar UPF 50+ Isla Convertible Skirt | Sizes XXS-2X


Coolibar Convertible Dress Skirt


The Coolibar Isla Travel Skirt only has three functions, it acts as a strapless or halter dress, and a skirt. It’s super comfortable and you can accessorize this cute dress with a belt for a more dressed up look or you can just wear it on its own for a relaxed bohemian feel.

An ideal dress for small villages, long transport days, and just hanging out, the practicality of this convertible skirt or dress, short or long, makes it appealing in a variety of settings. Find it in various colors to perfectly fit your style. And note, it also has UPF 50+ protection, which is ideal for hotter climates.




Encircled Chrysalis Cardi | Sizes Petite, Maxi, Medium


Encircled Dress, Scarf, and Cardigan


Every woman loves a circle scarf for travel. They’re convenient and versatile. Plus, they add a little flavor to a basic outfit and can also provide warmth from the cold or protection from the sun if needed.

Now, imagine a circle scarf that also transforms into a dress with the push of a button? Well, in the case of Encircled’s Chrysalis Cardi, it transforms by the snap of a button!

How does this unique convertible clothing work? The Cardi is a tube-like fabric that conceals clever buttons around the rim that allows you to use it as a scarf, a convertible wrap dress, and a cardigan, too.




Another look at how versatile the Encircled Chrysalis Cardi is!


The Chrysalis Cardi is more dressy than my typical casual style. It’s the perfect choice to bring on a trip when you want to pack mostly casually and want that one special item to dress up in, and not take up unnecessary space. It’s also ideal for a trip where you’ll need several dress options such as on a cruise

In their description, they claim it can transform into eight unique items. But guess what? I found even MORE ways to wear the Chrysalis Cardi! Check out my full review!


Read my review to learn more about the convertible wrap dress you can actually wear everywhere!



L Space Presley Long Sleeve Cover-Up Shirtdress | Sizes XS-XL


Classic Shirtdress as Cover Up Dress


What could be more great than a convertible dress, offering you two styles in one?

Shirt dresses are everywhere. They’re easy to pack, comfortable and cool for summer, and this cover up dress by L Space certainly fits the bill. It’s fairly soft and due to its versatility, it’s perfect for summer travel.

The beloved button-up comes through for beach day in the form of a lightweight cover-up dress you’ll wear on repeat, so it’s easy to travel with. Users say it’s comfortable, fits true to size, and is stylish! 




Classic Saika Gown 4-Way Reversible Maxi Dress | Sizes XS-XL


Lulus 4 Way Convertible


Versatility at its finest, the Lulus Tricks of the Trade Taupe Maxi Dress knows a trick or two… or four!

Elastic waistband and wrap into a multitude of bodice styles including halter, one-shoulder, cross-front, strapless, and more. Stretchy, latte brown jersey knit hugs your curves as you discover new ways to play with this fascinating frock. It’s available in sizes XS-XL and many different colors too!




HDE 2-in-1 Convertible Skirt | Sizes XS-XXL


HDE 2-in-1 Convertible Dress Skirt


The fun, ruched HDE Travel Skirt only has two functions, but it’s a great item to add to your travel wardrobe. It acts as a dress and a skirt and is super comfortable. You can accessorize this cute dress with some simple jewelry for a more dressed up look or you can just wear it on its own for a relaxed sexy feel.

An ideal dress for small parties, beach vacation, and just hanging out, the practicality of this convertible skirt or dress, short or long, makes it appealing in a variety of settings. Find it in five colors to perfectly fit your style!



Wman Within Plus Size Reversible Dress | Sizes M Plus-XXL Plus


Woman Within Flip Side Reversible Travel Dress


It doesn’t get much easier than this. If you don’t feel like fussing around with straps and silhouettes, opt for a reversible travel dress to do the work for you. This comfy reversible plus size dress by Woman Within is great for casual travel days, lounging at a retreat, or for a cruise. 

Simply flip inside out for a brand new color (it pairs nicely with sandals or sneakers). This cute-casual pick comes in a two of colors, so you’re sure to find one you like. 


Watch my Facebook Live on the Best Convertible Dresses for Travel!




DREFBUFY Womens High Waist Tiered Convertible Dress | Sizes S-XXL


DREFBUFY Maxi Travel Dress


The  feminine style of this convertible skirt dress goes a step away from the traditional convertible travel dress. It’s super clever as it has multi-wearing styles, which designed with elastic waistband and drawstring decoration, you can wear it as a maxi skirt or tube midi dress.

This style can work on both petite and taller women alike. Lightweight and breathable cotton, well-thought out design means you can wear it many ways, over mean seasons! 




Grace Karin Convertible Midi Dress | Sizes S-XL


Grace Karin Convertible Travel Dress


The style of the Grace Karin dress goes a step away from the traditional convertible travel dress, as it’s practical but also pretty, with a boho vibe. This dress can be molded to your mood with two ways to wear it, from bandeau to midi skirt. We love the below-the-knee length and think this one can work on both petite and taller women alike. 

This is a great travel choice! The lightweight stretch cotton blend makes this easy to pack and the impeccable draping will ensure you look like a star no matter how you wear it. Comes in sizes S-XL.


Follow our Minimalista or Travel Essentials Packing Lists to downsize your travel wardrobe even more!




Helene Clarkson Salima Convertible  Dress | Sizes XS-XL


Helene Clarkson Convertible Dress


 One of the most popular questions readers ask us on Travel Fashion Girl is: “Where can I find stylish yet practical convertible clothing for travel?” My response: Helene Clarkson.

The Salima dress is particularly special because it’s convertible, and you don’t need room to change the look. This chic and multi-functional wrap can be worn in at least three different ways, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your look. Three for the price of one – bonus!

And, because it’s a “convertible” clothing item – you don’t have to worry about adding unnecessary bulk to your luggage. This dress makes packing light easy! 


Check out Helene Clarkson’s other reversible clothing options, including sweaters, tops, skirts, pants, and jackets. Read the full review here!




Diana Kroe Wear-Ever Skirt Dress | Sizes 1-6


Diana Kroe Convertible Skirt Dress


Diane Kroe is the queen of transformation! She’s best known for her feminine collection of convertible clothing for travel. The line has over 20 jetsetter-friendly pieces, including tops, dresses, wraps, and pants – and the best part is: they’re all versatile.

The Wear-Ever Skirt Dress is a must-have travel item and apparently was brought back by the company due to high demand. You can wear it 5+ways such as a strapless dress, classic pencil skirt dress, a tunic, a top, a maxi skirt, and more! 

Made from a lightweight jersey, you can take this on short trips or longer ones and use it for a number of occasions; whether for sightseeing, hanging by the pool or beach, or for a night out. It’s even suitable for business travel in the pencil skirt dress mode when paired with a slim belt and a travel blazer.

However, you can grab this in three different types of jersey. The brand recommends either the Venezia Travel Jersey for its lightweight feel, or the heartier Santé Jersey because it’s fast-drying, wrinkle-proof, super soft, and has UPF 50 sun protection.  

Finally, if you wanted something more environmentally friendly, you could choose the Signature Spa Jersey that’s made from natural materials.




Diane Kroe Wear-Ever Dress | Sizes 1-6


Diane Kroe Wear-Ever Dress


Another Diane Kroe pick, the Wear-Ever dress can be worn many ways, so it’s a great item to add to your travel wardrobe. It acts as a dress, a tunic, a top and a skirt. The specialty snaps, unique only to the Diane Kroe brand, can be easily styled for different looks. The upside-down feature allows maximum options with minimal packing decision overwhelm.

It’s super comfortable and easy to accessorize with a belt, jewelry, and a tote or clutch, depending on the occasion. This is a great dress for a long flight, sightseeing, or hitting some local night spots. Find it in other colors in sizes 1-6.


I had a chance to check out two of her multi-way items: the Wanderlust Wrap and the Endless. Read my review here!



Convertible Travel Dresses Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”93″ class=”center-table-align”]




Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Your Convertible Dress


If you’re planning a fabulous getaway and want to take your multi-wear dress start with packing cubes, they will seriously change the way you pack! We designed our own brand of slim packing cubes, with a unique color and numbering system, so it’s easy to remember where you’ve packed everything. See more in the video below.


Learn our hacks with packing cubes in the video above!


To pack those pretty white dresses, you probably want to roll vs. fold, to decrease the wrinkle factor. If you need more help, we also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. 

If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This method has helped me travel carry-on only!



Which of these convertible travel dresses do you prefer? Share and comment below!


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