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Our readers are always on the lookout for the best sun hats and we absolutely love all of their helpful recommendations. Take a look at their tried and tested sun hat recommendations!


Best Sun Protection Hats

Written By: Tae Haahrr



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If you’re headed to a sunny destination, taking precautions against the sun’s merciless rays is incredibly important. You don’t want to get burnt or catch a case of sunstroke.

This is not a time to be worrying if “the locals are wearing hats or not”. They’re not going to be walking around sightseeing outdoors for hours without shade – you are. You need to take care of yourself.

A great way to protect yourself is to pack a sun hat, ideally something that will offer sufficient coverage for your face. (You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!)

We asked TFG readers to share what they considered the absolute best sun hats for travel and they had a ton of awesome ideas. From straw to floppy, packable to fashionable, we’ve got a whole host of choices for you!



Highest Rated Women’s Sun Hats for Travel




Victoria Sun Hat


Best Sun Hat with the Most Recommendations: Wallaroo Hat Company


TFG readers rave about the Wallaroo Hat Company’s Victoria Fedora Sun Hat. It’s cute, stylish, and incredibly versatile—perfect for any sunny destination!

This modern straw hat is constructed from poly-straw with a cotton lining, making it lightweight. Plus you can fold it up and pack it in your bag when you don’t need it. One TFG reader shared, “It’s awesome. I wadded it up every day and stuffed it in my purse or backpack and it came out perfect every time. I used it for a month in Europe. I loved it so much I’m planning to get a few different styles and colors.”

Speaking of colors, this sun hat has a slew of them to pick from, perfect for whatever your mood or style!




Exploring the beach in Eddie Bauer Ripstop ShirtMaxSwim Bikini, and Wallaroo Hat


TFG Editor: Love the mixed beige color—it’s versatile enough to wear with my lighter neutrals and it lightens up my dark linens, too. And there are about 10 other colors to choose from!




Tahiti Women’s Sun Hat


Wallaroo Tahiti Summer Hat


The Wallaroo Tahiti Sun Hat is a lightweight, fedora-style hat that adds a pop of color (choose between black, red, taupe, and turquoise) to your travel wardrobe.

It has an internal drawstring to make sure it fits perfectly and packs well. One TFG reader shared, “It’s been perfect on our trip to Hawaii—packs completely rolled up, then springs back into shape for cute poolside/beachside sun protection!”

Another reader shared, “They are terrific and I love the way I can adjust the fit.” If you’re looking for the best sun hat for your next trip, this just might be it!


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NY Fashion Open Knit Hat


NY Fashion Open Knit Beach Sun Hat


If you’re looking for a packable sun hat with a cute open knit look, then the NY Fashion Open Knit Hat is the TFG recommended hat for you!

This hat has a short brim that will keep you shaded from those hot rays. It’s lightweight and vented and has a sweatband inside to keep you cool. One TFG reader shared, “I have worn it nearly every day in Hawaii! I roll it for traveling and pop an elastic around to keep it compact.”

It comes in nine cute colors (check out the green mint), can be crushed or rolled, and is very stylish.


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Amelia Sun Hat


Wallaroo Amelia Sun Hat


The Amelia Sun Hat is perfect for a day outside exploring a new city. It’s stylish, comfortable and, most importantly, will protect you from those hot sun rays.

While it does need to be stuffed to maintain its shape while packing, TFG readers consider this the cutest desert hat. One reader who really likes the Amelia says in simple terms, “Love mine.” This stylish modern beach hat has an adjustable headband to ensure the perfect fit, holds its shape very well and is very urban chic.




Tilley Endurables Traditional Canvas Hat


Tilley Canvas Adventure Sun Hat


If you’re looking for the best sun protection hat for a safari or wildlife adventure, TFG readers love the Tilley Endurables Traditional Canvas Hat.

Made of cotton, this hat is water and mildew resistant. It has a medium brim and is incredibly durable. One TFG reader shared, “I LOVE my Tilley hat. I’ve had it for about seven years and I think it has been through the washing machine a couple of dozen times. It looks new. Packs flat or folded.”

This hat also helps you keep your valuables secure with a secret pocket tucked inside, perfect to fit a bit of cash, your room card, or even a piece of ID. Another reader shared, “I bought one of these Tilley hats, they’re amazing and look great on anyone.”


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Best Packable Sun Hats




Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat


Lanzom Panama Wide Brim Sun Hat


Then the Lanzom Straw Panama Hat is perfect if you prefer a wide brim for extra coverage. This adorable sun protection hat has an adjustable band so it can fit a larger head. It’s both elegant and practical with lightweight and breathable material. One TFG reader shared, “It’s adjustable inside the band and has a UPF 50+. Really looks sharp.”

You can pick from 29 colors to fit your style. Plus, it’s packable with one reader sharing, “I’ve had it packed in my suitcase for over a month now. When I took it out the other day to rearrange things it didn’t lose its shape. And it’s pretty squished in right now!”


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Scala Cotton Hat


Scala Packable Cotton Sun Hat


If you’re looking for an extremely versatile option for your next trip, then the Scala Women’s Cotton Hat is a good choice.

This packable sun hat has an optional foldover brim. It provides UPF 50+ sun protection to help protect your face and has a comfortable drawstring closure. One TFG reader shared, “I have one by Scala that I love. It rolls or crushed and comes right back because it’s all soft fabric, but holds its shape when wearing.”

Another TFG reader shares, “I have a collection of Scala hats that are all packable. Tons of different colors and brim widths.” And with 11 fashionable colors, it’s bound to fit your style.




J.Crew Packable Straw Hat


J.Crew Packable Straw Hat


If you’re hunting for an ultra-cute and stylish option, then make room for the carry-on approved J.Crew Packable Straw Hat. It fits true to size, is made from raffia straw, and maintains its shape! And if you have a hard-to-fit head, this hat comes in three sizes, which is a feature many TFGs love about it.

One TFG reader shares, “Very cute, comfortable, packs well. I have a dent or two in it after shoving it into backpacks and suitcases for a couple of years, but it has held up well.”

The black band is removable. And it’s the perfect sun protection hat for everyday use, but also works if you want to dress it up a bit. Another reader shares, “J Crew makes a cute packable hat! I used it last year on my European trip.”

You can also get this in a wide brim straw hat style as well.




Verabella Foldable Summer Hat


Verabella Foldable Summer Hat


Super pretty and definitely packable, the Verabella Summer Hat is highly recommended by TFG readers.

It has a detachable chin strap and comes in many fashionable colors and can be folded, making it ideal to pack. One TFG reader shared, “I just bought and used this one on my last trip. Steamed it right out of the package, but on the trip I had it folded in half and wrapped around a skirt, no creasing or problems.”

A fashionable black band tied in a bow in the black for a charming, casual look. Best of all, it’s ventilated to keep you cool and a wide brim offers good UV protection.


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Furtalk Wide Brim Straw Hat


Furtalk Straw Packable Hat


This Furtalk Hat is made of Eco-friendly recycled paper and polyester, skin-friendly, breathable and has a wide brim that provides the perfect shade for your eyes, face, and neck and assists in protecting you from the sun  It’s a packable sun hat, so you can cart it along to any destination. It also has an adjustable chin strap so it stays on and equipped with UPF 50+.

One TFG reader shared, “This is my favorite hat—with the drawstring on it in case of wind. I got mine in white, but any color is fine.” It comes in many cute colors, perfect for any style. Another reader adds, “This hat packs really well.”




Bienvenu Wide Brim Sun Hat


Bienvenu Packable Hat


Wanting a chic, pretty sun hat for mild summers? The Wide Brim Sun Hat by Bienvenu looks to be pulled directly from a golden age Hollywood romance flick.

These fashionable women’s summer hats are made from wool. The cute brown color adds a pop to any outfit. And it’s packable! One TFG reader shared that the hat “looks great!”



Best Floppy Sun Hats




EW East Water Summer Beach Sun Hat


EW East Fashionable Foldable Hat


Foldable and fun, the EW  East Sun Hat is travel-friendly and packable for a sunny destination. TFG readers love these floppy sun hats for travel, and one shared, “I really struggle to find a style that fits my large head, and these fit brilliantly!” It comes in several cute colors and two sizes. It has a wide brim, an adjustable strap, and folds nicely so you can store it away.




San Diego Cotton Crochet Hats


San Diego Crochet Floppy Sun Hat


This San Diego style is a TFG reader recommended one that wins in the fashionable floppy sun hat category. This machine washable hat is made of 100% cotton and offers great sun protection.

Not to mention it has an adorable crochet pattern and a floppy brim that sits prettily. One TFG reader shares, “The San Diego Hat Company’s cotton crocheted hat is my favorite–wide brim, collapses flat on top of my packing cubes, and I have two or three crocheted flowers that I pin on to change the look.”

Be aware this hat runs a bit small but it can be dressed up or down, so it works for whatever occasion!


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Wallaroo Petite Scrunchie Floppy Sun Hat


Wallaroo Scrunchie Petite Packable Hat


TFG readers love the Wallaroo Hat Company and highly recommend the Scrunchie Floppy Sun Hat for travel. The drawstring will keep this hat on your head while you’re enjoying the sun and its wide brim will make sure you’re shaded all day long!

This snazzy options come in seven different colors, including a cute pink, and works well for those fashionable ladies looking for a smaller size. It’s the perfect travel hat because of the foldable material, which one TFG reader describes as “super packable.” Tuck this puppy easily into your day bag for the pool or the beach.




Somaler Floppy Sun Hat


Somaler Elegant Floppy Hat


The Somaler Floppy Sun Hat is great for blocking the sunshine while you’re lounging on the beach, doing some sightseeing or exploring a local market.

Made from cotton and straw, this beach hat has an appealing design that’s available in 16 different colors. The build is breathable, and it has an adjustable ribbon so you can find your perfect fit (wearers report it works well if you have a larger head).

While it’s sturdy, it can be rolled up for packing but still holds its shape! It fits well, travels well, and looks totally fashionable.


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Best Sun Visors Hats




NobleScore Lullaby Straw Visor Hat


NobleScore Lullaby Cute Flexible Sun Hat


The NobleScore Lullaby Visor is a fashionable straw sun hat that will help keep the sun off your face and your travel wardrobe chic.

This sun visor can be rolled right up and thrown into your bag. It has an adjustable back closure with a cute bow and fits great if you have a larger head circumference. TFG readers love this hat, one shared, “Super cute, good quality, inexpensive and rolls up for travel. Wear with your hair down or wear a bun on top.”

Another added, “After destroying a few straw hats I finally bought one of these rollable visors. I’ve done two trips with it now and it’s been brilliant. It wraps around enough to cover my ears, and having a flat back means I can lie back in it without crushing the brim. Also, I like that I can do the Velcro up under my ponytail to help keep it secure when there is a breeze. Also, it packs easily rolled up, I just put a pair of socks or scarf inside to be sure the roll doesn’t crush. The only problem is the sticky side of the Velcro sticks out and can pull threads on other garments.” 



Livingstone Floppy Visor


Livingstone Floppy Sun Visor


The Livingstone Floppy Sun Hat is both breathable and lightweight with an absorbent inner band so your head stays comfortable all day. Plus, it has an easy-to-use adjustable Velcro closure and a lovely bow decoration at the back.

It’s also perfect if you have a larger head. One TFG reader shared, “I ordered this one on Amazon. I have a large head and it’s the best one I’ve found!” Pick one of the various neutral colors, if your style fits a black sun hat, we highly recommend it!




Simplicity Foldable Straw Sun Visor


Simplicity Adjustable Wide-Brimmed Visor


The Simplicity Foldable Straw Sun Visor is one of the best summer hats for women with its adjustable band and open top.

It comes in 15 delightful colors, including a fun-and-fashionable purple or blue, and has a bow on the back. The brim is made wide to keep the sun off your face, and it rolls up so you can pack it with you and take it wherever you need to go!

It’s perfect for sunny destinations (hello, Mexico!). And if you have trouble finding sunhats that fit your head, wearers have reported that the adjustable band is useful for those that need a bigger size!




Helen Kaminski Mita Packable Raffia Visor


Helen Kaminski Mita Retro Glam Sun Visor


With a little retro glamour, the Mita Packable Raffia Visor by Helen Kaminski will keep the sun off your face while letting you show-off your favorite updo.

This beautiful sun visor has a 4-inch brim and is made from raffia fiber, a soft, pliable material that’s biodegradable. So useful for leisurely golf sun hats, a hot day on the beach, or something to protect your face while you’re exploring local spots.

While it’s a little more expensive, one TFG reader assures us that these women’s sun hats are “well worth the price.” Plus, it’s completely packable. One TFG reader shares, “I love my Helen Kaminski raffia hats. They roll up really well.”


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TFG’s Editor’s Favorite Sun Hats!




In Wallaroo Victoria Fedora Sun Hat  (Also: J Crew Midrise Denim ShortsRails Linen Shirt, and Earth Origins Orono Sandals (similar)




TFG’s editor has found some of her favorite sun hats at H&M. Since they’re tricky to find online, we found this similar wide-brimmed Panama hat, which is perfect for any tropical destination. From Italy to Thailand, a hat is always a must in her suitcase – no exceptions!



She found the hat above in Thailand on her travels. But now that she no longer has it, she’s eyeing this J Crew summer hat as the ideal packable replacement for while walking around cities, beachside, or visiting markets and festivals.



What do you think is the best sun protection hat? Share your thoughts below!


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