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Until I started traveling, I never understood the importance of wearing quality sunglasses. I always opted for $5 cheapies, particularly because the risk of losing an expensive pair on long trips is pretty high.

However, after spending four months in Asia, I realized that I was doing more damage to my eyes that was worth the savings of wearing disposable glasses.

How many of us actually stop to think about caring for our peepers the way we do the rest of our bodies? Keep reading to find out the benefits of polarized fashion sunglasses, plus my top picks!


Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses for Women



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Because I’m a beach lover and scuba diver, I spend most of my travels in the sea and sun, which means protection is essential for me. But I have to be honest with you – on this trip, I failed to make it a priority. I was careless not only with my skincare routine but with my eyes as well.

By the end of my time traveling through India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand, my eyes were absolutely scorched, and the last leg of my journey was particularly grueling after three non-stop (but still amazing) weeks of diving in the Philippines.


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My eyes were so dry, red, and irritated that it became increasingly painful to spend too much time in the sun – plus, it was super strong at that time of year which didn’t help matters much.

After someone explained to me how polarized sunglasses benefits wearers, I made it my goal to get a pair as soon as I got to Los Angeles (They were twice the price in Thailand!)


  • They have uniquely treated lenses that block the sun’s harmful rays.
  • You’ll see through filtered light, which reduces glare and boosts your comfort.
  • There is less eye strain and better image contrast.
  • You can see much clearer on ground level and, surprisingly, in the water!


If you’re a sun chaser like me, protecting your eyes is an absolute necessity. I now own two pairs of quality shades: cool Ray-Bans aviators and sporty, tortoiseshell frames by Hammock and Palms, which are amazing for divers or if you love to be on the water.


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Best Options for Polarized Sunglasses


I left no stone unturned in researching more options and am happy to share the best women’s polarized sunglasses I’ve found with you. Have a look!




Shop: NordstromAmazonRay-Ban


Ray Ban polarized aviators are a rock n’ roll classic


As I said above, I own two pairs of polarized sunglasses for women. The first is the classic Ray-Ban aviator, which is now a bit more travel-friendly thanks to its slightly thicker frame. They add a little edge to any look. With a white tee, a pair of jeans, and Ray Bans, you’ll be the coolest kid on any block. TFG Approved.




Shop: Amazon | Nordstrom


DIFF makes stylish polarized sunglasses for women on a budget


Who says quality shades have to be pricey? DIFF’s styles have an affordable price point while maintaining glam appeal. Wear this retro pair like a true New York City girl, march down the streets in your autumn trench, and feel fabulous!




Shop: Amazon


Be a stark starter in GQueen’s monochrome sunglasses


If you’re looking for a lux but low-key accessory for any look, GQueen’s white-gray combo frames may be your polarized female sunglasses of choice! Best for normcore lovers, wear this pair with chunky basics for an androgynous look. Perfect for sitting in a cafe and people-watching in Paris.


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Shop: Amazon


Pretty in pink in your Livhò polarized sunglasses for women


These hot pink shades from Livhò makes me want to dress them up in the Caribbean or sail to the South Pacific. Wear them with a flowing maxi dress and a pretty straw hat to cover that summer hangover. No makeup required.


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Shop: Amazon | Walmart


Look ideal behind the wheel in these Kate Spade aviators


Kate Spade’s Dalia sunglasses scream “Road trip!” It’s time to pack your bags and get behind the wheel of a classic convertible for a trip up California’s Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, wearing this pair like a boss as you go. For the rest of your fashion ensemble, we suggest a funky one-piece and gladiator sandals with minimal accessories.




Shop: Nordstrom


Channel your inner celebrity in these black polarized sunglasses by DIFF


Cat eye frames never really go out of fashion, and this style by DIFF will make you feel like a golden age celebrity gliding through the streets of Rome. To complete the look, pair with Audrey Hepburn-inspired stripes and a skirt, and recreate that lovely vintage flair like the romantic superstar you are.


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Shop: Amazon


Be a wanderlust wonder in these polarized sunglasses for women by Polaroid


Are you a glamper? If so, this pair from Polaroid is perfect for a style-conscious adventurer like you. Their sleek tortoiseshell design is ideal for earthy adventures. Trek, hike, and camp in style wearing these comfy shades and you’ll look fabulous, even without makeup.




Shop: Amazon | Nordstrom


Blondes have more fun in cute polarized sunglasses by Le Specs


For the golden-haired among us, these Le Specs sunglasses polarized for women bring back memories of beaches of yesteryear! Their light color makes lovely, sun-streaked hair pop! On that note, how about pairing these fly frames with Betty Cooper’s look from the original Archie comics? This sweet bombshell with a casual flair usually wears boyfriend jeans, heels, and a loose shirt for an easy-going vibe.


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Shop: Nordstrom | Quay


Turn heads in these Quay Australia 55mm tortoiseshell polarized sunglasses


These Quay Australia 55mm sunglasses are absolutely awesome! This is the second pair I own, and I’ve been wearing them all summer in LA. They feel more durable than aviators, and they’re the perfect beach accessory. Even better – they come with an affordable price tag. Yay! These have joined me permanently on my travels!


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Shop: Amazon


Flaunt these tropical polarized scuba sunnies by Woodies


Whether you like to fish, dive or sail, these sleek bamboo wood polarized shades from Woodies are your new best travel buddy. Not only do they look good in the water, but they’re 100% bamboo, which means that they’ll float should you drop them in the sea. (That’s happened to me twice!) My husband owns this pair and loves them, and yes, they are TFG approved!



Polarized Sunglasses Comparison Chart


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After learning about polarized sunglasses’ benefits, it’s no more cheapies for me!

What kind of shades do you wear on your travels? Comment below!


Finish the look with these other essentials:






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