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Skirts can be a valuable staple in your travel wardrobe. They make the perfect separate and can create a feminine look in any setting. Fortunately, they also look great on many different body styles. To find out the best travel skirts for your trip, keep reading to learn the benefits and drawbacks of the mini, midi, and maxi!


Best Travel Skirts




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Mini Skirts


Mini skirts are great for tropical climates, beach towns, cruises, and resorts. The mini is a favorite of young women and is the most risky of the three travel skirt styles. The culture and weather of your destination should always be your first concern when deciding what to wear.

If you are traveling to a very conservative locale then your mini is best left at home and your better off choosing one of the other two travel skirt styles. It can garner unwanted attention and give the wrong impression, but if worn in the appropriate environment it would be a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

Mini skirts are generally categorized as anything mid thigh and above. They are great for tropical climates, beach towns, cruises, and resorts. They keep you cool, and add a feminine touch to your look. Often mini skirts work well in large cities for the summer or paired with tights in the winter months. Also, look for skirts made with a heavier wool or tweed if you are traveling to a colder area.

Since mini skirts show more leg, a good rule is to cover your top. Sleeveless shirts look great, but try to balance the short bottom with a more modest neckline. Also, tall women should be wary that skirts appear shorter on longer legs.

The Mini style can be a great option as a travel skirt where appropriate and remember to keep it fun but classy.




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Midi Skirts


Midi skirt works well for quite a few destinations. Over the last couple of years, the midi length skirt has made a comeback to the fashion world. It’s my favorite length because of its versatility and vintage look.

Midi skirts normally hit below the knee to mid-calf. Similar to a tea length skirt. Because of it’s length it works well for quite a few destinations. It keeps you cool but covers your knees for restrictive sites or cities. They also work great on hot bus trips to keep your legs off sticky seats.

There are lots of ways to style midis, but a fuller skirt looks great paired with a tank and stylish sandals. Add wedges and a statement necklace to dress it up for nighttime. Keep the style feeling young with a tucked in fitted top and nice accessories.

If you want to be extra trendy, pair a high waist body conscious skirt with a crop top to elongate your legs. When selecting a skirt look for one made from a light material and not prone to wrinkles. Also, to ensure it takes up minimal space in your luggage avoid bulky skirts with lots of layers.




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Maxi Skirts


Maxi skirts are perfect for most any destination. Finally, the maxi skirt is a long time choice of most female travelers. It keeps you feeling girly, cool, and modest making one great travel skirt.

Although it is easier to style than the midi and is a safer choice than the mini, it usually works well on medium height women or taller. It tends to cut shorter women in half, and they should opt for a maxi dress instead of the skirt.

Look for maxis with a straighter cut so you don’t have to squeeze excess fabric into your bags. Also, choose wrinkle resistant fabric for a more polished look. Maxi skirts pair well with lots of different tops, but I prefer a fitted top to balance the fuller and longer skirt. Add a side knot to gather your excess fabric, and give a bit of personality to your outfit.

Maxis make versatile travel skirts and are perfect for almost any destination.


I refer to each style as a skirt, but the same tips would apply to dresses as well. At any length, consider a racerback or sleeveless dress as a base for layering short, crop, or long sleeve shirts. It will give you one more outfit choice when traveling. No matter the style, with a little foresight, skirts can be a welcome feminine addition to your travel wardrobe!

What are the best travel skirts you’ve used? Share in the comments?


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