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Looking for the top travel leggings? Our readers voted for the best leggings for women that travel. These are their picks!


Best Leggings for Women who Travel


Reader Asks: Can you please let me know where to buy travel leggings that have a great fit and durable material?


What are the best leggings for travel?


Many female travelers struggle to find the perfect leggings to add to their travel wardrobe. After sharing this dilemma on Travel Fashion Girl’s Facebook page our readers came up with great recommendations varying in styles, size availability, and price ranges.

Their tips turned into an awesome round-up of the best leggings for women that travel!


Here’s the best leggings for women according to our readers:


  • Nordstrom Zella “Live In”
  • Old Navy
  • Express
  • Simply Vera Wang
  • Anthropologie
  • American Apparel
  • Topshop
  • Angelina
  • Icebreaker Villa
  •  J. Jill


Scroll down to learn why our readers voted for each of these leggings!


But should leggings really be classified as an essential travel item?


Sure, why not!

They’ve become a fashion staple that’s still going strong. They can be worn as pajama bottoms, while exercising, for retreats, to hike, and to layer under jeans/shorts/dresses/skirts in the cold or when traveling in conservative destinations.

Leggings come in a variety of colors, fabrics, prints and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair whatever your style preference. They’re also ideal for any season; a pair with knit or fleece lining will keep you nice and snug.


While we don’t recommend legging to be worn as pants or trousers, they’re preferable when styled as part of an athleisure outfit and under a long top or tunic.


Not only are they mostly affordable, they score high on the comfort scale for a cozy in-flight outfit when paired with a long top, cardigan or jacket, and boots or women’s casual sneakers.

Ready to find out what they are? Keep reading to find out! Which of the best leggings for travel will you choose?




Zella “Live In” Leggings


Top Rated Leggings: Nordstrom Zella “Live In” (available in plus size)


Readers say: “Zella Live In Leggings! They don’t ‘thin out’ like some leggings (no embarrassing see-through underwear), they’re reversible, and they’re the best quality!”


The Nordstrom Zella “Live In” Leggings come with a 100% customer recommendation and 5-star reviews–you can’t get better than that! Priced at $52, they are a bit costly; however, they offer some design features that you may find worth the investment.

The leggings are made of a stretchy, moisture-wicking knit and sewn with flat-lock seams, meaning they are insanely comfortable, breathable, and chafe-free.

The elastic waistband comes with a hidden key pocket–perfect for gym and travel use–and awesome if you’re traveling from warmer to cooler climates!

As a bonus, the black doesn’t fade after repeated washes. Love the quality!

They are TFG’s top pick, too! They truly are the best leggings ever!


Zella leggings come in a variety of colors and sizes including plus sizes and midi lengths that work well for petites!



Old Navy Long Leggings


Most Affordable Price: Old Navy


Readers say: “The $10 ones in Old Navy survive lots!”


Available in black and dark grey, these are the best leggings for women who want a casual option. If you’re after an everyday basic pair, Old Navy leggings fit the bill.

They’re versatile; they look great with everything from sweats to party dresses, however, they could be considered quite thin (although not see-through). For comfort, pair these leggings with longer tops or dresses.

For traveling purposes, these leggings are great: they are comfortable enough to withstand long flights, are lightweight, and can be effortlessly mixed and matched. This helps eliminate the need for large luggage and the inexpensive price leaves extra pocket money for bikini shopping!

They are described as soft, stretchy, and flattering. With a price tag of just over $10, they are great value for the money. Some reviewers note that these leggings have inconsistent sizing issues; be sure to try before you buy.


Here you can find a full listing of all their leggings including maternity, plus size, and athletic styles.




Sexy Stretch Cropped Leggings


Best Variety: Express Leggings


Readers say: “I like Express ones, they’re super durable.”


Express leggings are available in a variety of styles including cropped, split ankle, zip, and paneled. A variety of prints are also available, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pair.

The leggings are very durable and thick, lasting many washes, making them perfect for long traveling trips. The thickness means you can wear them with shorter tops and shirts, modestly.

They are made from a cotton/spandex mix, meaning the fabric is breathable, lightweight, and has the ability to absorb sweat–great for a long day’s wear.

Worth a mention is that these leggings run slightly long, so rolling up might be a necessity. These are probably the best leggings for slightly taller women.


If you’re on the shorter side, try their ankle leggings instead.




Simply Vera Vera Wang Solid Leggings


 Designer Style: Simply Vera Wang Leggings


“I love Vera Wang, they have lasted a long time, look great, and can be found easily!”


Vera Wang’s premium fashion line Simply Vera Vera Wang, gives you the chance to purchase on-trend designer-style pieces at affordable prices. The leggings offer a variety of fabrics, styles, colors, and the designer’s signature bold prints.

They are definitely fun, adding a splash of color or print to your travel wardrobe. There’s an extended size range, too! This is the perfect chance to get your hands on a designer piece, without shelling out the significant price tag.


Also available on Amazon.




Fleece-Lined Leggings


Warm for Winter: Anthropologie Leggings


Readers say: “For colder months, Anthropologie makes an awesome fleece-lined pair.”


These are surely a no-brainer as the best leggings for women in winter, perfect for traveling to places with chilly weather. They’re exactly like normal leggings, but are lined with fleece, a fabric that insulates in the winter.

These leggings are thin but warm, so even though they are lined, they don’t appear bulky. They are also opaque, meaning you have the option to wear shorter tops and shirts.

The fleece feels soft and very comfortable. I can’t think of anything better to keep you snug during harsh winter climates.

Some notes: these leggings have been known to snag, so be careful around rough textures, like Velcro. Also, they’re not available year-round, so make sure to get them when they’re in season!


 Alternatively, there’s a similar more budget-friendly brand available on Amazon.




American Apparel Leggings


Most Fun: American Apparel


Readers say: “I love the American Apparel ones; they are expensive but last forever. And their winter leggings are great for colder climates.”


Are you after a pair of party leggings? Look no further than American Apparel! Offering a range of leggings in their collection, including jersey, velvet, glossy, and printed, you have a diverse range to choose from.

A popular choice is the high-waisted gloss leggings, available in a wide variety of colors. They are stretchy, durable, and thick–perfect for dressier occasions.


For cold weather layering, opt for their winter style! For a classic pair, try this popular choice!




Topshop Leggings


Haute Style: Topshop Leggings


Readers say: “Topshop has the best leggings for women around $20, the regular ones fit perfectly and seem to never fade or stretch out around the ankle.”


You can’t deny that Topshop is great for funky and stylish pieces. Their legging collection ranges from the best black leggings to bleached denim treggings (leggings styled to look like trousers!) and wild Aztec print designs–perfect for adding a bit of fun and color to your travel wardrobe.

The range is so diverse that you’re sure to find a pair you love.


There’s also a selection in tall and petite ranges, making sure everyone is catered for.



Angelina Plush Lined Leggings


Ultra-warm: Angelina Plush Lined


Readers say: “Angelina makes warm leggings that are great for the price. Can’t beat $10!”


For many readers, Angelina leggings are a no-brainer. They’re around $10, easy to layer under other pants in the winter, or wear under dresses or skirts in autumn.

They’re also super soft and cozy, so readers like wearing them at home in the cold, not only as winter layers when traveling.

They come in various colors, but the grey and navy are favorite hue (after color black, of course.) You can also buy them in 3-packs at a discounted rate.

Our suggestion: buy one pair first and if you like them, get the 3-pack next time.


Another popular style is Angelina’s winter fleece legging!




Ice Breaker Villa Leggings


Long Lengths: Icebreaker Villa’s


Readers say: “Great for those of us with freakishly long legs, but they’re an investment.”


Great for the outdoors, these are the leggings “you’ll never want to take off,” made from lightweight and soft pure merino rib fabric (a great natural alternative to synthetics). They fit close to the body to regulate temperature without overheating. Smart!

These leggings have a casual fit, meaning they look great under any clothing, and provide the ultimate comfort with a low-riding elasticated waistband and relaxed cuffs.

The best black leggings are the ones that don’t fade. Athletic materials are ideal for this.


Another merino wool legging to love: the Ibex Izzi Tight is our new winter fave!




J Jill Ankle Length Leggings


Petite Options:  J. Jill Leggings


“They’re a little pricey, but worth it.”


J. Jill leggings are created from a pima cotton and Lycra spandex blend. Pima cotton is considered a superior blend of cotton, hence the $39 price tag. Marketers claim it lasts 50% longer than other forms of cotton, which makes these a top contender for the best leggings for women who travel.

The fabric is light to wear yet provides superior warmth, is absorbent, and extremely durable.


They come in misses sizes, too.



What are your favorite travel leggings? Share in the comments!


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