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Looking for the best travel shoulder bags for women? Female travelers love cross body bags! This is an updated round-up of what the readers have chosen as their all time favorite cross body purses for travel!


This is the cross body purse shown in the main article image above!


The Best Travel Shoulder Bags for Women


I think the best travel shoulder bags for women are cross body purses. There are a variety of styles available depending on the type of travel you plan on doing.

One of the best features of cross body purses and travel shoulder bags for women are convenient compartments that allow you to organize and have easy access to your belongings. Not only are they practical and chic, but they can be a safe option on your trip.

Whether you’re going on a business trip, beach vacation, or round-the-world trip, the best travel shoulder bags for women offer a variety of styles and features to fit your needs. A leather fabric looks great in cities and an easy-to-clean nylon fabric works well on trips that are more off the beaten path.

Please note:  Whether you choose to use anti-theft or regular cross body purses, always use additional anti-theft products like a bra pouch to hide the majority of your cash. Only carry the money in your wallet that you’ll need for the day. See a full listing of anti-theft products here!


These are a few of the best travel shoulder bags for women and cross body purses that look great on the road and at home, too:





Best Cross Body Purses for Anti-Theft




Travelon Anti-Theft 3-Compartment Crossbody


Travelon 3-Compartment Crossbody


This is one of the best travel shoulder bags for women from Travelon. It is also a top-rated piece among Travel Fashion Girl readers, featuring an impressive list of storage, organizational, and anti-theft features.

With RFID protection, slash-proof construction, and multiple locked compartments, this shoulder bag is an ultra secure selection to bring on your travels. Our readers also love that it’s lightweight, stylish, and has plenty of pockets! Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag


Travelon Classic Messenger Bag


Travelon’s Classic Messenger Bag excels in both its spaciousness and security, with cut-proof shoulder straps, lockable compartments and a variety of organizational pockets both within and outside of it.

Its main compartment is ultra roomy and capable of holding items such as iPads, cameras, and notebooks. Exterior pockets provide additional storage for items such as water bottles and umbrellas. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Travel Shoulder Bag


Travelon Mini Shoulder Bag


Travelon’s classic mini travel shoulder bags offer the spaciousness of a larger bag without the unwanted bulk that may come with it.

With a lockable, RFID-protected main compartment, two exterior zippered pockets, and a lightweight feel even when full, this piece is secure, roomy, and organized. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Cross Body Bucket Bag


Travelon Classic Bucket Bag


This lightweight shoulder bag from Travelon offer straps and lockable compartments that are both sturdy and slash-proof.

Pockets on the side provide storage for handy items such as brochures and water bottles. With a simple, sleek, and well-protected silhouette, this crossbody is great for everyday wear and ease of mind. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag


Travelon Messenger Bag


This versatile piece conveniently works as both a cross body purse and a travel shoulder bag. It comes equipped with an attached LED flashlight and has organized compartments that are also lockable.

With a simple and classic silhouette, Travelon’s essential messenger bag seamlessly balances security and style. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Two Pocket Crossbody  Bag


Travelon Two Pocket Crossbody


A popular model among travel shoulder bags, the Travelon crossbody bag featured above comes with an adjustable strap that allows for either cross body or over shoulder wear, while a number of its zippers come with a lockable clip.

It sits slim and comfortably against the body while in use, and its adjustable straps are, once again, slashproof. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-Theft Travel Shoulder Bags


Travelon Shoulder Bag


Our readers love the size of Travelon’s anti-theft classic bag, finding it perfect for a day out touring and sightseeing. It’s a comfortable size for daily use and comes equipped with a lockable RFID-protected zipper pocket. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-theft Heritage Hobo Bag


Travelon Hobo Bag


Our readers love the convenient size and storage of Travelon’s cross body purses.

This Heritage hobo bag  that can be converted to crossbody is large enough to store a tablet in without looking bulky. This piece is ultra spacious and comes with zippered RFID blocking pocket, 2 open top wall pockets to provide additional organization. Buy it here!



Travelon Anti-Theft Signature E/W Slim Shoulder Bags


Travelon E/W Shoulder Bag


The signature EW shoulder bags from Travelon are both sleek and lightweight. Despite its small size, it’s capable of fitting a substantial amount of storage and has a good amount of protected organization within it.

With lockable zippers, secure latching, RFID protection, and slashproof material, this is a compact and secure option, making it one of our favorite travel shoulder bags. Buy it here!




Pacsafe Citysafe CS75 Anti-Theft Cross-Body Shoulder Bags


Pacsafe CS75


This is one of the more versatile cross body purses from Pacsafe, as it weighs only fourteen ounces. Despite its small weight, it can hold up to six liters, making it just as spacious as it is safe.

These cross body purses are lined with slash-proof fabric while turn-and-lock security hooks can help secure the bag to a fixture for extra security. Buy it here!




Lug Double Dutch Cross Body Purses


Lug Double Dutch


Our readers love how organized LUG bags are, coming with plenty of pockets, a soft-lined space specifically for tablets, and two front zip pockets for smaller items.

The double dutch bag is RFID protected and adorned in sleek gunmetal hardware. Buy it here!




Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag


Pacsafe Citysafe CS200


With a clean, classic silhouette that balances function and organization, the Citysafe CS200 is one of the best cross body purses, and is a fantastic option for city travelers.

It’s large enough to fit an iPad or 11-inch Macbook and isn’t short of anti-theft features either, including zipper security and a built-in stainless steel wire mesh to prevent slashing. Buy it here!




Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag


Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250


Another favorite brand among our readers is Pacsafe. The Metrosafe LS250 is one of the best shoulder bags that’s equipped with a wide variety of safety features, including a hidden eXomesh slashguard to prevent slash-and-run theft and a Carrysafe slashguard strap to stop cut-and-run theft.

RFID technology guards against electronic theft while a padded sleeve cushions items such as iPads and Kindles. Buy it here!




Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Anti-Theft Travel Handbag


Pacsafe Citysafe CS100


This compact bag from Pacsafe comes equipped with dual release security buckles, zipper pullers for discreet security hooks, slash-proof technology in both the bag’s fabric and straps, and RFID technology to protects credit cards, phones, and key cards.

With adjustable straps and a padded internal lining for laptops and tablets, this is a comfortable option for all-day wear in a city. Buy it here!



Best Cross Body Purses for Easy Packing




Tumi Voyageur Canton Crossbody Bag


Tumi Voyageur


The Canton cross body purse by Tumi is a stylish and functional piece adorned in gold hardware and a decorated mirror tag.

Our readers love how this piece can pack flat when needed and how – despite its small shape – it can actually hold an impressive amount of storage. Buy it here!



Baggallini Slim Cross Body Hobo


Baggallini Slim Hobo


With a water-resistant nylon fabric, an RFID wristlet, and adjustable straps for wearing as either a shoulder bag or crossbody, the slim hobo from Baggallini is versatile and travel-friendly.

A slim and simple silhouette allows for easy packing and the bag itself is versatile and lightweight. Buy it here!




Travelon Anti-theft Signature Slim Cross Body Purses


Travelon Signature Slim Cross Body


Don’t be fooled by its slim size: this Slim Cross Body Purse is one of our top cross body purses due to its abundant anti-theft features that’ll keep your belongings secure on your journey.

Passports slots, zippered wall pockets, front flap close pockets, and RFID blocking cards are just some of the many anti-theft features that the signature cross body bag still possesses, all while maintaining a slim silhouette that will make packability a cinch. Buy it here!




Longchamp Veau Leather Crossbody Bag


Longchamp Veau


If you’re looking for a touch of practical luxury, Longchamp’s stylish Longchamp Veau Leather Crossbody Bag is an easy pick. This compact bag is made out of a stunning pebbled leather that can easily work with both day and night looks.

Our readers love how Longchamp bags are ultra packable yet capable of holding plenty of storage! Buy it here!




Longchamp Le Pliage Neo Nylon Cross Body Purse


Longchamp Le Pilage


Another stylish option for our top ranking of travel shoulder bags from women comes from Longchamp’s Leo Pliage line. Our readers love how the Neo nylon cross body purse can fold up small to fit inside other travels bags. Rich leather lines the trim while the nylon fabric is conveniently waterproof. Buy it here!



Best Cross Body Purses for Storage and Organization




eBags Piazza Day Bag


eBags Piazza


The Piazza day bag provides plenty of storage while staying organized and lightweight at the same time.

With a water-resistant fabric and plenty of pockets, compartments and pouches, this would serve as a fantastic day bag out and about. Buy it here!




Baggallini Hobo Tote


Baggallini Hobo


Baggallini is another huge favorite among Travel Fashion Girl readers for travel shoulder bags for women, with the Hobo tote being a popular selection from the brand.

Our readers love the wide assortment of pockets and sleeves that this purse comes with. It can also hold a lot while still remaining lightweight, making it a functional option for the style-conscious traveler. Buy it here!




Osprey Women’s FlapJill Mini Day Pack


Osprey FlapJill


With seven interior slip pockets and multi-sized pockets catering to everyday essentials, the Osprey FlapJill mini day pack is highly suited for organization, and ranks on our list of great travel shoulder bags for women.

The bag itself is also easy to carry around, with a soft yet durable fabric lining and the option to hold it either by its top handle or as a crossbody. Buy it here!




Tumi Voyageur Luanda Crossbody Flight Bag


Tumi Voyageur Luanda


With a stylish appearance and a highly functional setup, here’s another piece from Tumi you can’t go wrong with!

The Luanda crossbody flight bag comes equipped with interior and exterior pockets great for organized storage. Its front zip pocket is easily accessible and ideal for handy items such as lip balm and Kleenex.

Within this same pocket, another zip pocket is available to keep secure more valuable items. Its main compartment is roomy and equipped with the same zip pocket that comes in the front one. This section, along with its back slip, are large enough to hold mini tablets and kindles and the purses’ straps are both adjustable and removable. Buy it here!




Kipling Luggage Alvar Crossbody Bag


Kipling Alvar


The compact Alvar Crossbody bag from Kipling can fit conveniently into larger travel bags, providing travelers with a bit more storage and organization along their journey.

Our readers love how this bag is small enough that it’s not bulky to carry around, but big enough to comfortably pack your essentials. Buy it here!




Suvelle Carryall RFID Travel Cross Body Bag


Suvelle Carryall


With a main interior spacious enough for a tablet or iPad and plenty of exterior compartments for optimal organization, the Suvelle truly does live up to its “carryall” name.

Additional RFID protection keeps the bag and its electronic items secure while a water and stain-resistant exterior protects it from the elements. Buy it here!




Fossil Preston Cross Body Purse


Fossil Preston


Along with its streamlined and stylish design, our readers love how the Preston cross body is roomy and expandable.

A gold zip lining provides this bag with extra storage when undone, giving travelers the option to make more room when needed in a hasslefree manner. Buy it here!




MZ Wallace Quilted Medium Sutton


MZ Wallace Sutton


Our readers use this lightweight purse when they have a lot to carry, so don’t be fooled by its small size!

This soft, quilted compact bag comes equipped with plenty of pockets, a removable zip pouch, and a crossbody strap that’s both detachable and adjustable. Buy it here!



Best Leather Cross Body Purses




Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Small Ella Shoulder Bags


Kate Spade Cobble Hill


Our readers love how well-made and roomy the Cobble Hill Small Ella is.

Equipped with plenty of pockets and a stunning all-leather canvas, this designer piece is once again perfect for those looking to add a touch of practical luxury into their wardrobe. Buy it here!




Fossil Harper Crossbody


Fossil Harper


Our readers love how Fossil’s Harper crossbody keeps their items protected yet accessible, thanks to the expertly-placed pockets that line this classic leather bag.

With a variety of convenient pockets and a stylish appearance that doesn’t look too touristy, this piece is perfect for casual daily use. Buy it here!




Fossil Emma E/W Crossbody


Fossil Emma


The simple yet fashion forward Emma crossbody is perfect for the style conscious travelers. It comes in an impressive thirteen different colors and prints and can even fit an iPad mini! Buy it here!




The Sak Silverlake Crossbody Bag


The Sak Silverlake


The Silverlake crossbody bag by Sak is a stylish leather option for travelers to flaunt, featuring a variety of interior pockets and even an exterior hidden zipper front pocket.

Edgy tassels and hardware line the bag and a number of artistic colors and prints are available to select from. Buy it here!




Madewell Small Transport Leather Crossbody Bag


Madewell Transport


The Transport leather crossbody bag from Madewell features an removable crossbody strap, a top push-tab closure, and an interior pocket lined alongside the main compartment.

With its rich and smooth leather canvas, this is a classic item sure to stay in style for seasons. Buy it here!




Roots Village Bag


Roots Village Bag


Designed and handcrafted in Canada, the Village bag by Roots is a durable and storage-friendly piece made out of soft, high-quality leather.

A number of handy pockets line both the exterior and the interior while the shape itself is compact and travel-friendly. Buy it here!



Best Alternative to Cross Body Purses



Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack


Travelon Slim Backpack


With the silhouette of a roomy backpack and the features of a trusty anti-theft purse, this slim backpack from Travelon is a safe and easy travel essential.

The signature slim backpack comes equipped with an RFID blocking card, slash-resistant construction, and secure, lockable compartments. Buy it here!




Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack


Rebecca Minkoff  Julian


For those looking for a crossbody alternative that’s also on the travel-friendly side, opt for a sturdy and high quality backpack.

The Julian backpack by Rebecca Minkoff is thoroughly adored here at Travel Fashion Girl as one of the best travel shoulder bags for women, with an appearance that’s stylish and a structure that’s functional. The golden clip lock offers both style and security while dangling zip tassels provide a stunning signature touch. Buy it here!


Read our full review of this backpack here!



Best Cross Body Purses for Style




Scarleton Accent Top Belt Crossbody Bag


Scarleton Top Belt


This cross body purse from Scarleton is both spacious and great for organization. Along with its main storage compartment, it’s also lined with a number of additional pockets that are suitable for smaller items like cell phones, passports, and wallets. Buy it here!




Realer Small Shoulder Bags PU Leather Cross Body


Realer PU Leather


Tassels, gold hardware and and a chic crocodile-style pattern make this crossbody an easy option for the style-conscious traveler.

Its classic and simple design allows it to be throw on with just about any casual look, making on-the-go style that much more effortless. Buy it here!




Tignanello Heritage E/W Rfid Protection Cross Body Bag


Tignanello Heritage


For a stylish cross body option that’s also equipped with anti-theft features, opt for this gorgeous piece from Tignanello.

Black leather and silver hardware glam up the piece while RFID protection secures items such as credit cards, passports, and phones. Buy it here!




Scarleton Decorative Front Belt Crossbody Bag 


Scarleton Front Belt


This everyday bag from Scarleton is made out of soft, synthetic vegan leather and comes decorated with two adjustable belt closures.

Classic gold hardware glistens up the piece while a variety of interior pockets provide easy storage. Buy it here!



Sakroots Artist Circle Basic Cross Body Bag


Sakroots Artist Circle


This boho-chic bag from Sakroots is offered in a variety of artistic prints sure to add some flare into your look. We could see these working perfectly at a musical festival or exotic getaway! Buy it here!




Vera Bradley Triple-Zip Hipster Cross-Body Bag


Vera Bradley Hipster


The triple zip crossbody bag from Vera Bradley is made out of an ultra soft all-cotton fabric and comes available in 25 different colors and prints.

As for functionality, a sturdy top zip, two front zipper pockets, an adjustable cross strap and an interior backwall zip make up the bag’s stylish structure. Buy it here!




Tassel Saddle Bag


Old Navy Saddle Bag


This affordable and versatile piece from Old Navy is a classic cross body option for your travels. With its smooth faux leather and glitzy gold hardware, this piece could easily work with a variety of casual garments. We’d recommend boyfriend jeans, booties and a plain white tee! Buy it here!



Best Convertible Cross Body Purses




Travelon Classic Convertible Crossbody and Waist Pack


Travelon Classic Convertible Crossbody


For a truly lightweight, compact, and hands-free bag, you can’t go wrong with this Travelon convertible bag. You can wear it two ways – as a crossbody or as a waist-pack – and it’s so lightweight and small, while still fitting all of your essentials.

This bag also has an endless number of anti-theft features, including a locking main compartment, an organizer with RFID blocking passport and card slots, a zip wall pocket, slash-resistant construction, and a key clip with an LED light. Buy it here!




Lewis N Clark Complete Travel Bag


Lewis N Clark Complete Travel Bag


The complete travel bag by Lewis N Clark is another convertible option, working as both a shoulder bag and a backpack.

It’s lockable via a unique 3-digit combination and comes equipped with plenty of organizational compartments and pockets. Adjustable straps allow it to fit specifically to your desired height. Buy it here!




Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Backpack


Henri Bendel Jetsetter


This stylish bag from Henri Bendel can be worn in three different ways, working as a crossbody bag, a backpack, and a classic satchel. With an ultra luxe appearance and water-resistant nylon dynamo, this piece is glamorously durable. Buy it here!




Stella & Dot Crossbody


Stella & Dot


The Waverly crossbody is just as functional as it is stylish. It can be worn as a standard crossbody and as a clutch with two different color selections (black or all nubuck) to choose from.

In shades that are both versatile and chic, the Waverly is an easy and travel-friendly classic in the world of shoulder bags. Buy it here!




Tom Bihn Medium Cafe Bag


Tom Bihn Cafe Bag


The Medium Cafe bag by Tom Bihn can be worn as either a crossbody or over-the-shoulder bag.

Along with being multifunctional, it comes equipped with plenty of multi-sized, organizational pockets and some handy anti-theft features. Buy it here!




Hammit VIP Clutch


Hammit Clutch


Go from a breezy daytime ensemble to a sleek evening getup with the gorgeous VIP clutch from Hammit.

This chic piece seamlessly works as both a crossbody purse and a clutch, making it an easy staple for fashionistas looking to pack light. Buy it here!



Travel Tip:


Sometimes, the safest place for your passport is in the guesthouse reception’s safe or a hostel locker. Avoid bringing everything out with you; keep only the minimal cash you need for the day in your purse and stash the rest in your underwear using these theft-proof items.


Learn more about how to keep your passport safe when you travel.


Please note: In areas where bag snatching is very common, like parts of Malaysia and Thailand, wearing your purse across your body won’t necessarily protect you. However, if you prefer to wear shoulder bags versus daypacks or backpacks, cross body purses are the recommended choice for travel. 


Read this post on how to avoid hand bag theft!



What are your favorite travel shoulder bags for women? Comment below!


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