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Regardless of your style, flip flops are found in most closets. While you wouldn’t wear these for a city trip, they’re practical for tropical destinations and beachside vacations. We’ve rounded up a list of the most comfortable flip flops so you can enjoy your trip pain-free. Take a look!


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Most Comfortable Flip Flops


Flip flops, also known as thongs in some parts of the world, are some of the most practical and easy to wear sandals for beach destinations. However, not all travelers can wear them due to their lack of support.

It’s not easy to find comfortable flip flops that are also supportive. But when it’s hot and you’re hanging out by a pool or near the sea, flip-flops are sometimes the easiest and most breathable shoe options. In fact, in places such as Southeast Asia, this is the type of shoe worn by both locals and tourists alike.

They’re also a practical addition for long term travel, backpacking, and RTW trips. This is because these types of adventurers also tend to be budget travelers that stay in economic accommodation such as hostels and guesthouses. A pair of shoes to wear in the shower might protect you from picking up foot fungus or other infections.

As a bonus, brands are now creating flip flops in cuter styles than the standard rubber type you’re probably used to. A versatile choice, they’re easy to wear with regular outfits in addition to a bathing suit.


This is my favorite brand!


Other sandals for travel:


Luckily, several brands have started making more supportive styles. We’ve rounded up the most comfortable flip flops for women. Find out the best options for your next trip!




Teva Olowahu Flip-Flop




While not the most feminine design, this flat flip flop by Teva gets top marks from our readers. This pair is lightweight, extremely long-lasting, and easy to toss in your bag for backpacking or beach trips. Read more about this cute walking sandal!


Perfect for beach or poolside trips, these are the perfect alternative to a regular flip flops!




Skechers Cali Vinyasa Bindu Flip Flop




While Skechers has always had this sporty flip-flop, we recently found this smaller yet supportive style. It features a yoga foam footbed, which sounds amazing. It’s also available in this slim sole, too.




Meditation Peace Slim Flip-Flop


While we haven’t tried it yet, Skechers Go Walks are one of the most popular walking shoes for travel, so something tells us these will quickly become a traveler favorite, too.


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Vionic Beach Noosa Flip-Flop




This brand is a reader favorite! We can easily say our readers rate this as the number one brand for comfortable shoes that offer arch support while also offering relatively nice-looking styles.

Vionic has two flip flop styles. The traditional flip flop design has some arch support, which offers sufficient comfort for female travelers who don’t have serious foot issues. They’re also beach friendly and lightweight.

The only downside is the high price for a basic flip flop. However, you can’t put a price on comfort, especially when it comes to quality.


In addition to the beach flip flop shown above, they also have this platform style for added height!




Vionic Karina Sandal


The other design looks more like a regular sandal, offering a dressier look that’s more appropriate for cities in the summer in addition to various other casual destinations. If you have narrow feet, the adjustable strap gives you a more secure fit.

This design gets rave reviews as one of the most comfortable flip flops for travel from the readers because of its level of comfort, feminine style, and color options. I bought them on the recommendation of our readers and I loved it! It looks better on and in the picture.

If you don’t like the metal it’s also available without it as you can see here. This style definitely gets our top vote!


We love Vionic for their balance of comfort with fashion. They are also featured as the best sandals for travel!






FitFlop Cha Cha Sandal




Another reader favorite, Fit Flops get five-star reviews from our readers for their comfort and arch support. They win bonus points for offering a wide range of styles and colors. Because of their flatform style sole, they also offer a bit of extra height for girls that long for their heels when they travel.


The biochemically engineered footwear brand has been such a hit with comfort shoe seekers that it’s extended its range to also offer ballet flats, sneakers, and boots, too!




iQushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop


If you’re not a fan of a raised shoe, they now also have a more traditional style with a thinner sole. Their iQushion style shown above has a jelly upper with a micro-bubble foam ergonomic footbed. Sounds dreamy!


Traveling to a hot weather destination? Read our full list of the best beach sandals–it includes Fitflops, too!




Reef Cushion Luna Sandal




Similar to Teva, Reef flip flops have a flat sole with light support. However, what makes this one of our picks for the most comfortable flip flops for travel is the soft footbed. Plus, they have a wide array of styles including all of these. So comfy!


If you don;’t need arch support but want a soft footbed, try their ultra-thin flip flop!




Ipanema Lenny Desire Flip-Flop




I’ve been obsessed with this brand for years and TFG readers agree: Ipanema flip flops are amazing!

While you won’t get any arch support with Ipanemas, they’re still comfortable for women who don’t have sensitive feet, as well as durable and stylish. The ankle strap helps them stay put when traversing over various terrains, which is why they’re on our list of the most comfortable flip flops for travel.

While I wouldn’t suggest hiking in these, I’ve used them on the occasional outdoor adventure without a problem. Best of all, Ipanemas can even be worn as regular sandals, especially if you choose one of their non-flip flop styles.


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Crocs Sexi Flip Sandal




You might be surprised to see that a brand like Crocs has shoes that…well, don’t look like “Crocs”. The Sexi Flip style has been around for some time but it continues to be a traveler favorite.

My one gripe with Crocs sandals is that they don’t offer half sizes so it’s a bit more challenging to get the right fit. However, with so many positive reviews, it seems that most women don’t have this issue.


Take a look at the other Crocs female travelers love – I guarantee you’ll be surprised (in a good way)!




What are your picks for the most comfortable flip flops for travel? Share in the comments below!


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