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Struggling to pack light for your winter travels? Choose merino wool! It’s the best fabric for traveling light and staying warm in the winter. Find out the best merino wool sweaters according to our readers!


Best Merino Wool Sweaters


Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


Everyone recommends merino wool for winter traveling. What are your suggestions for the best merino sweaters?


Nothing will ruin your trip faster than standing outside freezing because you packed the wrong type of clothing. When traveling during the winter months, make sure you include a merino wool sweater on your packing list!


Start by reading these tips on packing for cold-weather travel:


The Best Merino Wool Sweaters


Here are our readers’ favorite merino sweaters!




J Crew Tippi Sweater


J. Crew Tippi Sweaters  


If you’ve been reading TFG for a while, you know how obsessed we are with the J. Crew Tippi sweater. This sweater comes in many colors, such as red, blue, and green, so there is a color to suit everyone. Wear this sweater to add a pop of color to your winter outfit!

One reader says, “I love my sweaters, as they are incredibly soft. I’m a little obsessed now.” One reader adds, “I only get my merino wool sweaters from J. Crew, as they are such great quality.”




Icebreaker Merino Affinity Thermo Hoodie Pullover


Icebreaker Merino Affinity Thermo Hoodie Pullover


Icebreaker is one of our readers’ favorite brands for merino wool clothing. This Affinity Thermo Hoodie Pullover is made from textured fabric with a flat black to provide maximum warmth, so is perfect for your winter travels! The sweater comes in burgundy and jet grey.

One reader says, “I love my Icebreaker sweaters.” Another reader says, “I love Icebreaker for all my merino clothing! Icebreaker is the best.”




SmartWool Womens Shadow Pine Crew Sweater


SmartWool Women’s Shadow Pine Crew Sweater


The Smartwool Shadow Pine Crew Sweater is a warm and cozy design, which is awesome for those cold days traveling when you want to add some style to your outfit. The asymmetrical design of the sweater comes in many colors, so there is a sweater for everyone!

One reader says, “this is my newest favorite brand for my sweaters.” Another reader adds, “I love my sweater as it looks stylish and is very reasonably priced.”

Another reader says, “I prefer SmartWool because it keeps you lovely and warm but being a ‘curvy’ girl, I felt that SmartWool was a bit more generous in its sizing compared to other brands that I have tried.”




Cuddl Duds Softwear with Stretch Long Sleeve Cowl Tunic


Cuddl Duds Women’s Softwear Tunic


Cuddl Duds is another popular brand among our readers. This Stretch Long Sleeve Cowl Tunic is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, providing warmth without bulk, so you can avoid the bulky snowman look!

One reader says, “I love my sweaters from Cuddl Duds as they are soft and cuddly.” Another reader says, “They are so soft, comfy and hand wash well. Perfect for very cold weather urban sightseeing.”




Banana Republic Italian Merino-Blend Crew-Neck Sweater


Banana Republic Italian Rib Crew Sweater


This classic pullover sweater from Banana Republic is made from 50% merino wool blended with cashmere and rayon, perfect for keeping the heat in. The cashmere blend gives this sweater a luxurious feeling.  

One reader shares, “I brought a second one after getting the first. I was really impressed with the quality!” Another reader says, “I love mine.”

One reader took her Banana republic sweater to Europe in the winter and says, “I was so glad I packed it, it kept me toasty and warm.”




WoolOvers Cashmere & Merino Hanky Hem Sweater


WoolOvers Hanky Hem Sweater


This stylish sweater has a boat neckline with a bell-shape design. The sweater comes in four colors, including light blueberry, bubblegum pink, lavender, and lemon, so you can add a splash of color to your outfit.

One reader says, “I love WoolOvers! I have several merino sweaters that are beautiful, are very comfy, and wash well.” Another reader adds, “I’m a huge WoolOvers fan! I’ve bought lots of sweaters from them over the years. Great quality and long-lasting.”


Why Merino Wool Is So Popular


When choosing the best clothing for your vacation, fabric is an important factor to consider. (Read this post to find out the best fabrics for travel.) Merino wool is not just perfect for cold weather, it is also fantastic for warm weather, because it helps keep you cool.

Merino wool is the ultimate travel fabric, because it is super lightweight, durable, and very versatile, so you will only need to pack a few items. One of the best advantages of merino wool is that it wicks away moisture while retaining airflow, keeping you warm and toasty while you’re out sightseeing!


Here’s the best merino wool clothing for women!



How to Wash Merino Wool Sweaters


A smart traveler secret is that you can wear your merino wool sweaters multiple times before needing to wash them. If you do want to wash them in the machine, make sure you wash at a low temperature on a gentle machine cycle. Use a wool or delicate option if available.

If you are worried the machine might ruin the wool, then hand wash your sweater inside out to prevent bobbling. Also, double check the washing instructions on the label to ensure you are washing your sweater correctly.

Don’t use fabric softener, as it will coat the wool fibers and limit the wool’s ability to wick away moisture and keep you warm. Always dry on the line, and do not put your merino wool sweater in the tumble dryer.

One reader shares, “I machine wash my merino wool sweaters on a cold setting and then hang them out to dry.” Another reader adds, “I never wash my sweaters with regular soap or pods, as fabric softener can ruin them.”


Tip: If you attempt to wash your merino wool sweater while traveling, it may take forever to dry!




Ziploc Gallon Slider Storage Bags


How to Care For Your Merino Wool Sweater


The best way to protect your merino wool sweaters when you’re not wearing them is to store them in a tightly sealed plastic container to keep bugs and moths away from the wool. A few readers store their wool sweaters in Ziploc bags to protect their sweaters from moths.

One reader says, “I make sure my sweater is clean and properly dry, and then I place it in a Ziploc bag until it gets cold again.” A reader shares how she places her merino wool clothing in a drawer with an “unwrapped bar of soap or cedar balls to keep my clothing lovely and fresh.” Another reader says she “uses clear airtight plastic bins for my wool items. I put cedar balls in with them.”



What do you think are the best merino wool sweaters for traveling in the cold? Share in the comments below!


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