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Planning what to bring to Paris? Don’t forget about all of the important travel accessories! From bags to anti-theft items to electronics, we’ve rounded up all the Paris essentials to make your travels easy.


Paris Travel Essentials



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If you’re heading to Paris, you’re likely spending time planning out the perfect capsule wardrobe and need to know what to wear to Paris. If you’re traveling in summer, check out this ultimate guide to Paris summer style. 

Regardless of when you go to the city of romance, don’t forget about all of the crucial travel accessories that’ll make your trip smooth and comfortable! 


Here are all of the must-have travel accessories to add to your packing list for Paris



Personal Item Essentials for Paris


If you’re wondering how to prepare for a trip to Paris, let’s start with the flight there! Your personal item is one of the most important bags to pack, as it’ll hold everything you need to make your flight easy and enjoyable. 




Sherpani Soleil Convertible Travel Backpack


Personal Item Bag for the Flight


Your personal item should be compact yet roomy enough to store all of your essentials for a long flight. Some readers opt to bring a personal item bag that can double as their day bag throughout their trip, while others like to bring a roomier option and pack their smaller day bag in their luggage. 

Either way, go for something that’s lightweight, has some great organization, is easy to keep clean, and is durable. 

The Sherpani Soleil backpack checks all these boxes, and it’s been a consistent reader favorite for Europe. It’s ultra-versatile with multiple ways to carry it, plus it’s lightweight, water-resistant, anti-theft, and really cute, too! 

Overall, readers highly recommend a convertible backpack for more wearing options or a backpack with a trolley sleeve for ease of transport.


Check out a few airplane outfit ideas to feel relaxed but still look chic when traveling!




Zoppen Passport Wallet Cover Case


Passport Holder for ID


Readers love the security and convenience of a passport holder. It’s a great way to keep your passport protected from the wear and tear of travel. Plus, if you get one in a fun color or print, you’ll be able to spot it easily in your bag! 

Many options offer RFID protection as well, which is another bonus. 




Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Headphones


Noise Canceling Headphones


So many of our readers swear by noise canceling headphones on a long flight! They’ll make a huge difference during your journey, whether you want to watch a movie, listen to a podcast, or just block everything out and get some sleep. 

They’re also great to have at your destination! Wear them to relax and unwind at the end of a long sightseeing day or while getting some work done at a cafe. 

The Bose QuietComfort wireless headphones are the TFG top pick, as they’re comfortable, sleek, and have tons of great features.  




Bombas Everyday Compression Socks


Compression Socks for the Flight


A trip to Paris means a LOT of time spent on your feet, and a great way to take care of your feet and legs is by using compression socks on your flight! They’re always on our readers’ lists of what to take to Paris

Sitting on a long flight can cause swelling and discomfort, both during the flight and after you land. Wearing compression socks will help to maintain healthy blood flow and reduce fluid retention, so your feet and legs will feel invigorated and ready to explore.  

The Bombas compression socks are especially popular and soft yet add enough compression for relief to the legs. Read our review of them here.

Some of our readers also like to wear their compression socks on days that they know they’ll be walking and/or standing for long periods of time. They’re also great recovery socks!




Mersea Classic Travel Wrap


Warm Layer if It Gets Chilly


Flights can get quite chilly, so keep cozy with a warm layer! A lightweight cashmere sweater is always a comfy and chic option to snuggle into, and it won’t take up much space in your bag if you need to pack it away. 

Merino wool sweatshirts and sweaters are awesome because they’re warming yet temperature-regulating and breathable so that you won’t overheat in them. 

Some readers opt for a scarf or wrap, like the reader-fave Mersea Travel Wrap, that can be used as a blanket, pillow, and stylish accessory all in one! 



Sightseeing Essentials for Paris


With so much to see and do, these handy sightseeing must-haves will keep you comfortable and keep your valuable items safe, so be sure to add them to your Paris checklist




Quince Italian Leather Crossbody Bag


Day Bag for Wandering Around


The best purse for Paris travel might just be a crossbody! They’re compact and comfortable to carry, make reaching for your essentials quick and convenient, and they’re a more secure option. 

The Quince Italian leather crossbody is a gorgeous option that’s luxurious yet affordable, with the perfect amount of room for a day’s necessities.

If you prefer an anti-theft option for peace of mind, the Travelon messenger bag is always a top pick with readers. TFGers also say that the Sherpani Prima anti-theft crossbody makes a great crossbody bag for Paris.




Shop Travelon Anti-Theft Backpack: Macy’s | Kohl’s


If you need more storage space for the day, a backpack is a handy and comfy option, but make sure it’s secure! An anti-theft backpack is ideal for Paris, as pickpocketing can be an issue. 

Our readers LOVE this anti-theft backpack from Travelon. It’s neutral in design, so it’ll match any outfit. It has sleek fabric that’s super high quality. And while it sits on your back and out of sight, there are plenty of security features to deter theft and give you peace of mind.


Find out how to avoid overpacking with these tips downsizing one reader’s travel wardrobe!




Bandolier Pebble Leather Crossbody


Crossbody Phone Case to Protect Your Device


If you know you’ll be snapping tons of photos, consider using a crossbody phone case throughout your trip! These handy phone cases allow you to carry your phone around your neck, so you can quickly get that perfect photo! The security feature is another reason they make fabulous travel essentials for Paris

One reader says that her Bandolier Emma phone case was super convenient on her Paris trip for snapping tons of photos and keeping her phone safe and always in sight. 




Lo & Sons Leather Wallet


Travel Wallet for Money and ID


Keep your ID, cards, and cash safe with a great travel wallet. It’s best to go for something slim and easy to stash in a secure pocket of your bag. 

Check out Lo & Sons slim travel wallet. It can hold essential cards and euros in the zippered compartment and will easily fit into any purse. As a bonus, you can wear it around your wrist to travel light as you grab your morning coffee and croissant! 




Shop Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Nordstrom | Ray-Ban


Sunglasses to Protect Eyes


If sunny skies are in the forecast, sunglasses should definitely be on your packing list for France. There’s so much to see, so wearing a quality pair of stylish shades will do double duty of preventing eye strain and elevating your outfit! 

Don’t forget a protective travel glasses case! Readers have also been obsessed with this Face Shadow double glasses case, as it boasts two sleeves (amazing if you’re switching off between eyeglasses and sunglasses) that are lined with soft microfiber and come in a wide range of fun colors and prints. 




Wallaroo Victoria Fedora Sun Hat


If you plan on visiting Paris in the summer, TFG readers’ tips always include sun-protective gear, including sun hats. A wide-brimmed hat will be a lifesaver when there’s limited shade. A packable hat, like the reader-favorite Wallaroo sun hats, is especially convenient for easily stashing in your bag when not needed! 




Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Reusable Water Bottle 


Staying hydrated is obviously super important, especially with all of the activity you’ll be doing. Rather than continuously buying water bottles, opt for a reusable water bottle that you can carry in your Paris travel bag. One of the most amazing things about Paris is that there are water fountains all over the city! You can easily fill up your bottle with fresh drinking water whenever you need it, so be sure to add one to your list of things to pack for Paris.


Check out our customizable packing lists for international destinations to suit your unique needs and style!




WANDF 18″ Foldable Travel Duffle Bag


Packable Bag for Souvenir Shopping


For all of your fashion finds and souvenirs to bring back home, a packable tote bag or packable duffle bag will definitely come in handy! 

Packable tote bags and backpacks are great for stashing in your day bag to whip out for any purchases you make or if you’re getting groceries. They could be used as a personal item or carry on, too. 

A lot of readers use their packable duffles to fill with their travel goodies and then check their suitcase on the way home, while others fill theirs with laundry to check, keeping their valuable souvenirs with them in their carry on. They’re incredibly convenient either way! 



Anti Theft Essentials for Paris


While Paris is generally quite safe, it is known for being a city where pickpocketing occurs, especially in very crowded or tourist hotspots. The best way to keep your valuables safe from theft is by using anti-theft travel accessories, so definitely add at least one to your France packing list




Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet


Bra Wallet


One of the best travel hacks for keeping money completely protected is a bra wallet! Bra wallets are the ultimate no-fuss way to hold emergency cash and cards, staying completely out of sight and out of reach from any pickpockets. 

The Compass Rose bra wallet is the top choice with readers, as it’s designed with soft bra materials so it’s ultra-comfortable, and it can securely attach to not only various areas of a bra but also to underwear and clothes! 




Pacsafe Coversafe 75 Neck Pouch


Neck Wallet 


A neck wallet is another convenient tool for keeping your valuables safe, as no one would ever see it or suspect it’s hidden under your clothing! A lot of readers agree that you don’t feel or notice them once they’re on, and they’re an amazing way to have a worry-free trip! 

Plus, there are so many different ways you can wear them depending on your outfit and what feels best. 




Alpha Keeper Money Belt


Money Belt 


Money belts are designed to be worn underneath your clothing, seamlessly hidden! Money belts are slim and adjustable, so it’s easy to achieve a super comfortable fit that you won’t even notice when you’re out walking around.

Some travelers choose to use a money belt as their main wallet, which can be incredibly convenient. Just be sure to never access it in public where thieves could potentially see it! Instead, go to a private place or a restroom where you can open it up and grab the money you’ll need. 




SCOTTeVEST Water Repellent Rhonda Jacket | Sizes S-XXL


Clothing With Hidden Pockets


Rather than adding anti-theft accessories, you could instead opt for clothing with anti-theft features built in! 

There are some seriously amazing pickpocket-proof clothing on the market that’ll allow you to explore your destination without the need for a purse or anti-theft accessories! Though when paired with an anti-theft purse or other accessories, you’ll truly have the utmost peace of mind.

From underwear to jackets to scarves, take a look at some of the best clothing that’s designed with hidden pockets here



Electronic Essentials for Paris


As you’ll likely be traveling with at least a few electronics, you’ll need to be sure you have all of the corresponding chargers, adapters, and organizers to keep your devices powered up and protected.




Newvanga Universal Travel Adapter


Travel Adapter for Electronics


If you’re not from Europe, a travel adapter is one of the most important things to bring to Paris so you can plug in all of your devices. 

While there are many adapters that are specific to the European outlets, frequent travelers vouch for a universal adapter, which has a plug for countries all around the world! If you’re an Apple user, readers love their World Travel Adapter Kit that works for phones, iPads, and laptops. 




Anker Portable Charger


Portable Charger for Devices


Along with your phone charger, pack a portable charger to keep your battery full while on the go. Things like taking photos and using maps on your phone (both of which you’ll likely be doing a lot of) drain a lot of your phone’s battery, and the last thing you’d want is a dead phone (or having to sit and wait around for your phone to charge.) 

A portable charger will be among the most handy Paris travel essentials, so definitely keep one in your sightseeing bag! Readers love this slim and quick-charging option from Anker.  




BAGSMART Electronic Organizer


Travel Cord Organizer 


Keep all of your cords and chargers neat and tangle free with a handy travel cord organizer! Readers swear by them, as they’re lightweight and easy to pack but make a world of a difference by keeping everything in its place and in perfect condition. 

They’re especially convenient if you’re traveling with adapters and portable chargers, which are both essential for trips to Paris! 




Calpak Luka Laptop Backpack


Backpack to Protect a Laptop


If you’re traveling with a laptop, one of the most protective and comfortable ways to carry it is with a laptop backpack. They’re designed with a padded laptop sleeve to protect it from pressure or accidental rough handling and often come with great organizational features.  

Laptop backpacks are equally great for use as a personal item on your flight and for strolling around your destination if you’re a remote worker. 

A new favorite is the Calpak Luka backpack. It has so many organization features, fits a 15” laptop, has a trolley sleeve, and is scratch-resistant. The Matein laptop backpack is another major reader favorite. It’s spacious and super lightweight, so it can store a lot, plus it has water-resistant fabric, a USB charging port, a trolley sleeve, and anti-theft features.



Luggage Essentials for Paris


Of course, when planning all the things to take to Paris, you’ll also need to make sure it’s all packed in the right luggage! Whether carry on or checked luggage, hardside or softside, make sure your suitcase is lightweight and sturdy enough for rough handling at the airport and rolling over the cobblestone streets of Paris! 



Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Luggage


Carry On Suitcase 


Our readers recommend a durable carry on suitcase that fits European airline requirements. (Be sure to check with your specific airline to make sure your suitcase will definitely fit!)

The Samsonite Omni is a TFG-favorite. At 20”, readers say it fits in the overhead compartment of most international airlines. It’s has smooth 360-degree spinner wheels and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell that looks sleek and will hold up beautifully to wear and tear. 


Read on to see whether a backpack, wheeled suitcase or even a hybrid is best for your travel adventure!




Shop Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside: Amazon | Travelpro


If you want a softside option, the ultimate reader favorite brand is Travelpro. Their Platinum Elite soft luggage 20” has spinner wheels, organizational pockets on the front, a USB port, can even hold a laptop, and is expandable. 

Review the hardside suitcase article and the softside suitcase article to see which luggage works for you!


Find out the most popular Europe travel bag styles according to our readers along with their tried and tested reviews.




Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Packing Cubes for Carry On Travel


If you’re looking to optimize your packing space, then packing cubes are an absolute must, especially if you’re packing for Paris in a carry-on. They’re not only a fantastic way to organize your clothing items by category and be able to see everything clearly in your suitcase, but will compress everything to make packing (and unpacking) an absolute breeze. They’re absolute game-changers, especially for any over-packers out there!  

Find some helpful tips on how to pack for Paris using packing cubes to organize your belongings, check out our video




Shop HIBAG Compression Bags: Amazon | Walmart


Compression Bags for Bulkier Things


If you’re an over-packer, are packing for a long-term stay, or are trying to fit bulkier items in your luggage, compression bags can be a huge help. They’ll drastically reduce the space your clothing takes up, allowing you to fit all your clothes and travel essentials for Paris in your suitcase — even a carry on! 

Readers love them for backpacking, too. 




Bagsmart Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag


Hanging Toiletry Bag


When traveling abroad, toiletries can be a difficult thing to pack. If you’re traveling with a carry-on, take a look at this ultimate guide on the 3-1-1 rule for liquids in carry-ons for Europe so you’ll be fully prepared! 

When it comes to storing your toiletries, pick a toiletry bag that’s practical — it should be sturdy, easy to keep clean, and have great organizational features! 

Readers particularly love hanging toiletry bags, as they won’t take up precious counter space in your bathroom and allow you to see everything clearly, so there’s no need to rummage through anything!  


Worried that all your toiletries, makeup, skincare, and hair styling tools won’t fit into your suitcase? Read these tips on how to make the most of limited space without sacrificing your beauty routine!



What are your tips on what to pack for a trip to Paris? Share with us in the comments below!


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