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In our constant quest to pack light, there is always one thing that we can’t seem to downsize or organize efficiently: electronics and their cables.

Recently, I bought these awesome cord wraps and thought I’d do more research to see what else is available to help travelers keep their cables and cords in place. Take a look at these travel cord organizer options and tips on how to pack them!


Tangled Electronic Cables? Travel Cord Organizer Options


Downsize Cords


The first step in dealing with several electronic cables is to try to eliminate them. Because I travel with an iPhone, mini-mic, portable phone charger, and external flash drive – they each seem to have a different power cord.


CHAFON Multi USB Cable


My solution to this was to find a multi-use charger cable like this one. However, one of the downsides is that it’s hard to keep track of the little adapters so now I’ve found this new multi-charge cable, which seems to be the perfect downsizing solution!


Organizing Cables


The next step in the organization of your electronic cables is to keep them in place. Avoid tangles and a disarray of cables in your luggage by using one of these useful travel cord organizer options.


cord wrap for laptop and cellphone / cord wrap for headphone


I just bought three of the Bobino “cable buddies” in various sizes for my laptop extension cord, cell phone USB wire, and headphone cord. One of the reasons why I like these cable organizers is that they’re extremely compact, lie flat, and they’re also featherlight.


CableKeep for laptops / Cablekeep for cell phones


Alternatively, my second choice to these would be the CableKeep for laptops and cell phone cords. Although not as compact as the others, they also have a layer around the power supply, which is nice to keep them clean and protected.


Cord Snap Cable Ties / Reusable velcro ties


A couple other handy cable organizers include Cord Snap Cable Ties for small wires such as phone chargers and reusable velcro ties for just about everything.


Tangle Free Earbud Organizer / Grapperz Earbud Holder


For earbud cords, here are two more ideas: Tangle Free Earbud Organizer and the Grapperz Earbud Holder, which also offers hygienic storage for your ear buds.


Reusable garden ties / Rubber tie twists / Zip tie


For less expensive travel cord organizer options (and items you may like to use at home) I would suggest these reusable garden ties, rubber tie twists, and the ever versatile but more permanent zip tie.


Pack Your Cables


Drawstring Mesh Bags / Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags


One of the most convenient and lightweight items I’ve been using this past year to store my cables have been mesh drawstring bags like these and these. I LOVE THEM.

I have all my cords in one place and can easily throw them in my purse or daypack when I’m on the go. They don’t weigh anything plus it makes working in various places an easy task to prepare for.

As a bonus, I can also use them as stuff sacks to store other items like clothing, underwear, or other random things.


Universal Electronics Organizer


Alternatively, many travelers swear by portable organizers that hold all your gear so everything including electronics and cords are accessible in one location.


Travel Adapter


Universal travel adapter


So now that you have all your electronic cables organized beautifully, the last thing you need is to downsize your chargers. I use one of these universal travel adapters so I can use one item to fit my plugs in any outlet around the world. As a bonus, it also has dual USB ports and a surge protector, too.

It doesn’t get any better that that!


Read this post for tips on international voltage and travel adapters!


What’s your preferred travel cord organizer? Comment and share!

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