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In our constant quest to pack light, there is always one thing that we can’t seem to downsize or organize efficiently – electronics and their cables.

Recently, I bought these awesome cord wraps and thought I’d do more research to see what else is available to help travelers keep their cables and cords all in place. Take a look at these travel cord organizer options to make using your devices easier, and tips for how to pack them!


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Best Travel Cord Organizer



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An electronics cable organizer keeps cords untangled and all in one place. Find your chargers and earbuds quickly and easily by using one of these helpful products, so you can get on with enjoying all your devices while traveling that much faster!



Best Electronic Organizer Bags




BAGSMART Electronic Organizer


Readers’ Top Pick: BAGSMART Compact Electronic Organizer


Named as one of the best travel tech organizers, keep messy cables and small electronic accessories neatly in their place with the Bagsmart electronic cable organizer. This reader favorite holds your gear so that everything is in one place, and extremely organized so that you can find whatever you need asap! It’s a great, slim size, too, that’s easy to slip into your bag or backpack. It’s one of the biggest sellers on the blog, too! 

Bagsmart also has a larger sized electronic cord organizer that works for more long time travel or business trave, and can fit several cables, external  hard drives, or pick up a smaller sized electronic cord organizer for USB cables, batteries, SD cards, and so on—check them both out!


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BUBM Electronics Accessory Organizer


BUBM Electronics Accessory Organizer 


Many travelers swear by portable organizers such as the BUBM foldable cable bag. They love that everything, including electronics and cords, is accessible in one location. Many agree that this makes packing so much easier! 

One of our readers says, “I just started using a small organizer bag like yours for all my electrical. I really like mine, regardless of the amount of room it takes up. But that’s because I can tell at a glance which cord is which, which item I need, and if something is missing.”




Hestech Electronics Organizer Cable Travel Case


HESTECH Electronics Organizer Pouch


A handy little pouch like the Hestech Organizer Bag allows all of your chargers, cords, and tech accessories to be stored in one place. This pouch is made of waterproof double layers, keeping everything safe and sound. 

It’s designed with plenty of pockets and elastic straps to keep secure your accessories in its place, so you won’t have to be digging around to find what you’re looking for! Furthermore, it’s super portable and convenient for carrying in your personal item or carryon!


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Sunsir Electronic Organizer


Sunsir Tech Organizer Pouch


There’ll be a place for everything and everything in its place with this efficient Sunsir electronic organizer pouch. The protective and waterproof shell opens up to a spacious interior with plenty of elastic cable holders, mesh pockets, and even little slots for flash drives and memory cards! Plus, the back has a sleeve that’ll fit a mini tablet or a phone. 

This one is absolutely perfect for digital nomads and business travelers!




SIDE BY SIDE Premium Pouch Organizer for Tech


Side By Side Pouch Organizer for Electronics  


Side by Side makes a super cool electronic organizer pouch that opens up to three separate compartments for ultimate organization. There are elastic straps to hold down cables and other gear, memory card and flash drive slots, and a zippered mesh pocket for smaller bits of tech. This pouch is well-padded and will keep your things safe and secure inside. 

It’s big enough to hold things like a computer charger and travel adaptors, yet it’s amazingly compact and easy to carry around!




Vaultz Storage Bags


Vaultz Mesh Electronic Cords Travel Case 


One of the most convenient and lightweight items to store cables are mesh drawstring bags like these by Vaultz. You can have cords in one place and can easily throw them in my purse or daypack when I’m on the go. 

They don’t weigh anything, and it makes the prep for working remotely or being on a business trip easier. And they’re not only for chords! You can also use them as stuff sacks to store other items like clothing, underwear, or other random, smaller items.



Best Electronic Cord Organizers




Bobino Cord Wrap


Bobino Lightweight Cord Separator


These Bobino “cable buddies” come in various sizes for a laptop extension cord, cell phone USB wire, and headphone cord. One of the reasons these cable organizers are so popular is because they’re extremely compact, lie flat, and are featherlight.


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Fuse The Snap Back Charger


CableKeep Travel Charger Organizer 


The Fuse charger from CableKeep is great for laptops, and also makes a wonderful cell phone charger cord organizer. Although not as compact as the others, it does feature a layer around the power supply, which keeps cables clean and protected.




Tophome Earbud Holder


Tophome Compact Cord Organizer


This terrific iPhone cord organizer by TOPHOME keeps your earbuds in one spot, and this adorable ELFRhino earbud jolder is another great option that will easily fit into a pocket or purse.




Avantree Reusable Velcro Ties


Avantree Velcro Travel Organizer Ties


Some other handy cable organizers include Cord snap cable ties for smaller wires such as phone chargers and these Avantree ties for just about everything.


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Nite Ize Twist Ties


Nite Ize Travel Cord Twist Ties 


For less expensive travel cord organizer options (and items you might like to use at home), I would suggest these rubber tie twists by Nite Ize, these reusable garden ties, or these ever versatile but more permanent zip ties.



Additional Tips on Organizing Travel Cords



Besides keeping your cords neatly organized, another aspect of using your devices is the problem of having too many separated charging cords, perhaps these solutions might help!




Minlu Multi Charging Cable


Minlu Retractable Charger


So compact! This Minlu charger is retractable (so no more messy, hanging cords), and it can charge any of your devices with the 3-in-1 retractable cable. It has a built-in Micro-USB, USB-C, and iP connectors. It’s able to charge both Apple and Android devices too! 


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Minlu Multi USB Cable


Minlu Power Travel Charger


If you want to downsizing your charging cables, this multi-charge cable by Minlu seems to be the perfect downsizing solution. Say goodbye to tangled cord problem, and hello to more organiztion!




KINGBACK Multifunctional Retractable USB Charger Cable


KINGBACK Multi-Charging Cable


One of the best ways to keep organized while traveling is to minimize, and this Kingback multi-charging USB cable allows you to do just that! Rather than bringing multiple cords to keep track of, this handy gadget has four cables—two USB-C and two micro-USB—that are iOS and Android compatible, all attached to a single USB output. 

Because the cords are all attached, there’s no chance of any of them getting lost. Plus, it’s definitely a space saver, and will make packing your electronic accessories so much easier and more efficient!



Travel Cord Organizer Comparison Chart



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Newvanga Travel Adapter


Save Space with All-in-one Travel Electronic Adapter


So now that you have all your electronic cables organized beautifully, the last thing you need is to do is downsize your chargers. This universal travel adapter can plug into any outlet around the world. As a bonus, it also has dual USB ports and a surge protector. It doesn’t get any better than that!




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What’s your preferred travel cord organizer? Comment and share!


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