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Whether you’re looking to travel carry-on only or maximize beauty products on your trip, non-liquid items are an awesome option to consider for your next vacation or business trip. Here’s our round up of eighteen useful solid toiletries for travel!


Solid Toiletries for Travel




J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo


Solid Shampoo


Travelers love using natural oils for travel and now two of your favorites are bundled up in solid shampoo form! Unlike some similar natural options, this sulfate-free shampoo lathers so it’s easier to know when you have enough in your hair. Swish it around your hands then apply the lather to fully wet hair.

If you use it at home some recommend an apple cider vinegar rinse to follow as a natural conditioner option but if you’re on the road, skip that and shampoo every other day. Store it in a dry container outside of the shower so it lasts longer.




Lush Solid Shampoo


Solid Shampoo


This fragrant, mineral-rich solid shampoo carries a little chunk of the ocean; it is made with Irish moss, Japanese nori, and sea salt to give your hair extra volume and shine. It’s also one of the first female-oriented solid toiletries for travel and a big hit ever since!

Readers rave about it because it’s convenient and potent; it works well on most hair types and lasts a long time. Some even use it as a body wash.

Tip: Don’t let it sit in water too long. The soap crumbles easily with moisture and pressure.


Here’s a full review of the Lush Godiva Solid Shampoo bar!




Honey Silk Hair Conditioner


Solid Conditioner


When solid shampoos leave you feeling dry, conditioner is a must so it’s a relief to see there are also liquid-free options available, too! This solid conditioner has creamy texture leaving hair strands soft and silky.

This conditioner bar from Australia is made with premium organic ingredients, including beeswax and leatherwood tree honey. Subtly scented and non-synthetic, it nourishes and protects the hair. With practical use, a tin can last over a month!


Take a look at our round up of some of the best eco-friendly beauty products!




Hello Soap “Travel Quotes” Solid Soap Set


Solid Soap


The Dove White Beauty Bar is a standard go-to soap for a classic but nourishing bathing experience.A common drugstore find not all solid toiletries for travel have to be a specialty brand. This beauty bar softens the skin and can be used with a loofah (like shower gel) to create a thick lather that’s safe on the body (and face, too).

The generous sizing makes it last a long time; you can use it for weeks while on your travels. While you can use any brand you wish, the trick is that you can cut this into pieces so you have just the amount you need for your trip.

Alternatively, take one or more small solid soaps depending on your trip length! This Travel Quotes soap set from Hello Soap is ultra-cute and practical, too!




Honey House Naturals Bee Bar Vanilla


Solid Lotion


How about a moisturizer without water? Honey House Naturals Bee Bar is a hefty serving of natural butters, moisturizers, and Vitamin E in a solid lotion bar.

Its scent and healing properties are two of the top benefits. The solid texture turns warm and creamy in one swipe, and helps your skin feel smooth and silky with regular use. The bigger tin can last from four to six months making it ideal for a round-the-world or other long trip!




Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick


Solid Sunscreen


Neutrogena has a new twist on sunscreen with a solid ounce in stick form and we absolutely love this for travel! Perfect for face and body, this is oil-free and PABA-free. It goes on completely dry and doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. As a bonus, it lasts forever.

The best part? It doesn’t melt like other sunscreens and offers UVA and UVB protection to prevent sun damage and even aging.


I love this product and find it even more effective than its liquid counterpart. This one’s 100% TFG Approved!




Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser


Solid Face Cleanser


The thought of face cleanser as a solid makes me think of a standard bar of soap. However, this leading skincare brand transformed it into a luxurious beauty experience. It gently exfoliates and thoroughly cleanses – you’ll probably want to use it when you’re not traveling for regular use.

Who knew solid toiletries for travel could feel luxurious, too?


Not familiar with Korean skincare? You should be. Read about why I absolutely swear by it in this post on after-sun skin care!




Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap


Solid Face Soap


Olive oil, known for its amazing ability to soften skin, now comes in a solid but soothing soap you can use on your face and body. Promising only natural ingredients, this Mediterranean-inspired bar is a popular, organic alternative to other drugstore soaps. It has a strong lather without the overpowering scent, leaving skin velvety and soft.




Neutrogena Facial Bar


Solid Facial Bar


This original soap formula from Neutrogena has been on the market for decades, and here’s why: the glycerin bar offers no harsh ingredients and removes excess oil, resulting in clear, healthy skin. It could easily replace your facial cleansers in tubes.

Sometimes a classic drugstore find is a welcome addition to your regular toiletries especially because they’re easier to replace abroad if you should run out.




Drunk Elephant Baby Pekee Bar + Juju Bar


Solid Soap and Exfoliator


Packing a duo of two potent soaps, Drunk Elephant offers a healthy, organic alternative for body wash. The Juju bar removes dead skin cells while the Pekee Bar heals and moisturizes the skin. Beauty buffs find it travel-friendly, long-lasting, and effective.




Repel Sportsman Insect Repellent Stick


Solid Insect Repellent


Hate to be bugged around? This insect repellent stick could be a good choice for traveling. It’s convenient if you don’t normally attract many mosquitos.

I absolutely love this brand but as a mosquito magnet, their spray still gets my top vote. However, when you’re low on liquid space, you may want to consider this as an option.


Want to keep the bugs away? These are all the best insect repellant options I’ve tried over the years!




Badger Anti-Bug Balm


Solid (Natural) Bug Repellant


Another solid bug repellant, this is an all-natural option, perfect for campers and explorers who want to fend off mosquitoes and other bugs in an eco-conscious way. It contains no harsh chemicals, doesn’t stain clothes, and has a more pleasant scent than regular bug sprays.




Sea to Summit Pocket Wilderness Wash


Solid All-purpose Soap


This is one of the original all-purpose solid toiletries for travel. This pocket soap offers travel-friendly ways of cleaning almost everything!

The small size hits right with most airport standards, making it a perfect travel companion. Whip it out of your purse when you’re in a public bathroom that doesn’t have hand soap; use it to hand-wash clothes in your hotel, and add it to any low-maintenance beauty routine.




Big Sexy Hair Powder Play


Solid Dry Shampoo


In addition to solid toiletries for travel, powders a good alternative to liquids as well.

If you’re like me and skip a day or two in between shampoos, dry shampoo is an awesome option to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. It’s usually available as a spray form but Sexy Hair offers a powdered style.

Use this product on days when you want to volumize your hair. Easily style your tresses by tossing this powder on and combing it with your fingers. No grease, just style.


Have you heard of dry shampoo? It’s amazing. Read why here!




All Natural Tooth Powder


Solid Toothpaste


Here’s a new way to brush your teeth: powder. This product, dapper in a mini mason jar, contains organic ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and sweet orange. It makes your teeth and gums healthier, with a citrusy aftertaste. This little container goes a long way, perfect for six weeks of travel.


Tip: save space on shorter trips by placing it in smaller travel containers like these and taking only the amount you need!




Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets


Solid Laundry Soap


If you’re wondering how to do laundry while traveling, this genius item contains 50 biodegradable sheets that dissolve in water, offering cleaning suds wherever you need them. Easy to carry, you don’t have to bother with detergent packets and you can even take a handful in a small resealable bag for trips that require less laundry.


Follow this tutorial to learn how to hand wash clothing!




Shiseido UV Protective Stick Foundation


Solid Foundation Stick (with SPF)


With SPF 37 packed in this creamy foundation, you can protect your skin and feel beautiful at the same time. It’s easy to apply, long lasting, and offers good coverage without drying your skin. Despite being a bit pricey, you get the convenience of carrying a good quality foundation while also saving liquid space on your travels.




CLINIQUE Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick


Solid Foundation Stick


Complete your beauty regimen with this creamy stick foundation and perfect your makeup even while on the go. It’s perfect for your everyday fix; it blends easily with the rest of your makeup and provides good coverage without feeling heavy.


Here are some top tips on downsizing your makeup on the go!


Do you recommend any solid toiletries for travel? Please share your comments below!






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