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Find out how compression socks helped soothe my feet after a painful trip to Europe. Plus, our readers share their top picks for the best womens compression socks!


Best Compression Socks for Women



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Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


“I need help with the “unfashionable” side of travel!! What do travel fashionistas use to help them on the LONG flights to sleep (I.e., travel pillows, neck supports, etc.)? And, ouch! Those swelling feet! 15 hours from San Diego to Rome and three days to find my ankles again!”


Unfortunately, I too experienced the same problem with my feet several years ago. I traveled to Europe several years ago and my feet became extremely swollen and sensitive in the heat. I could barely put on any shoes – it felt like my bones were being crushed!

My feet got completely swollen from the heat and almost doubled in size! I never noticed this occurrence before despite the fact that I spend most of my travels in the heat and humidity of the tropics.




VIM & VIGR Compression Socks


When I got home, the swelling became super uncomfortable and didn’t decrease. It got so bad that my toes went numb! Desperate for relief I kept my feet up and used ice packs to alleviate the discomfort.

I was sent a sample of compression socks by VIM & VIGR. They claim to be fashionable and ultra-lightweight compression socks. Because a few readers had asked if these travel socks really work, I decided to check them out.

I am very glad I did.

I wore them around the house for a few days with the hopes that they would help the blood to flow freely to my feet – thankfully, I think it worked because my toes came back to life. Finally, the swelling went down. While I can’t be 100% sure that these compression socks were the solution, it sure felt that they were!


Needless to say, I am definitely traveling with them from now on and adding them to my in-flight travel kit.




Sockwell Circulator Compression Socks


Why Wear Compression Socks?


Compression socks are designed to add pressure to your legs in order to maintain blood flow and reduce any swelling or discomfort. Doctors often recommend them if you have varicose veins or a condition that causes poor blood flow, but they’re also great for anyone going on a long flight.

One reader shares, “I wear them and I feel better about doing so especially on long flights. They do feel a bit tight at times and I want to pull them off but I know they are good to have on. They are great for those who do not get up or move around much or sleep through flight or have high blood pressure or leg swelling.”

You can also wear them after long days of walking. One reader says, “I wear compression socks all the time after my runs and long hikes. They feel great as a recovery sock and when you take them off your legs will feel great.”




CopperJoint Wide Calf Compression Socks


The Benefits of Compressions Socks


In case you haven’t tried compression socks for yourself yet, here are four reasons for sporting these knee-highs during all your daily activities.

Swelling – Whether you are traveling, sitting at a desk, or moving all day, these highly advanced compression socks prevent and reduce leg swelling. One reader says, “I wear compression stockings on any long haul flight. It makes a huge difference. My ankles don’t swell from fluid retention and my legs don’t get that jittery feeling.”

Energy – After a long day at the office or at home, your legs feel lighter and more invigorated as a result of the knitting technology. A reader says, “I use them for the plane so my legs don’t feel as heavy. Also, after a long day of walking, I wear the socks and my feet feel lighter, if that’s the word. As you get older, they’re needed.”

Muscle Recovery – These compression socks work to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue – especially after a hard work out.

Veins – The increased circulation from the advanced gradient compression works to diminish and inhibit spider or varicose veins.




Bombas Everyday Compression Socks


The Best Compressions Socks


If you want to prevent swelling in your legs post-flight, the Everyday Socks are highly popular. They offer enough support without being too tight and have all the tell-tale hallmarks of quality; including a cushiony footbed and a sturdy heel.

At a 15-20 mmHg compression level, these are perfect for traveling, sightseeing where you’ll be walking all day, or for pregnancy, especially during a trip. Positive Bombas socks reviews are well over 6,000 and one says, “I love these compression socks!! They fit perfectly and my legs feel so good in them.”

If you need stronger compression, check out the Performance Bombas Compression Socks which have a 20-30mmHg compression level and are also moisture-wicking, ideal for anyone doing long hikes or heavier activity and want to stave off swelling at the end of the day!

With so many uses and types of socks, it’s no wonder a TFGer has this to say, “What a great sock and great company. I always feel like I’m doing something good for people in need as well as buying an excellent product. I give them as presents too.”

Bombas women’s socks are considered to be the best by TFG readers. Find out more in our review!


For more options, take a look at our readers’ recommendations for the best compression socks:




Laite Hebe Compression Socks


Our readers also swear by compression socks. One reader says, “I swear by compression socks! I was having issues where my arms would fall asleep while flying and the socks solved that!” Another reader adds, “I also wear compression socks after long days of walking. Just put them on and read a book for 20 minutes with your feet elevated.”




SB SOX Compression Socks


One reader recommends trying her strategy: “Wear compression socks and walk around while in flight. Once you get to your hotel, shower, and lay down on the floor and put your feet up on the wall. Your body should look like a capital letter L. 20 to 30 minutes should do. We fly international so we end up on the plane for 10 hours a flight. Works like a charm!”



CHARMKING 3 Pairs Copper Compression Socks


CHARMKING compression socks offer a variety of designs and colors and offers a choice of fabric for individual comfort including cotton, nylon, and wool. The cool thing is that you can wear them in flight for compression benefits and also with boots or under trousers.


Additional Travel Products for Comfort


For more tips, check out our post on how to survive a long flight!




Physix Gear Compression Socks


When is the Best Time to put on your Compression Socks? 


The best time to put on your compression socks is first thing in the morning before the blood has time to pool in your feet. Compression socks work by decreasing ankle swelling and helping your blood return to the heart.

They can sometimes be difficult to put on. So for ease, you may find it best to put your compression socks on before you leave for the airport. Especially if you are wearing boots during the flight.

As one TFG reader shares, “I find it’s best to put them on as soon as I get up on the day I’m traveling. It’s one less thing to hassle with later, and who wants to inflict that wrestling match on your seatmate?”

Remember to always speak to your doctor about any concerns or questions you may have!



Compressions Socks Comparison Chart


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Do you use compression socks? Share in the comment section below!


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