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Ever looked at airline baggage rules and wondered: what is a personal item on a plane? Find out exactly what it is, how to choose one, and see our top picks!


Best Personal Item Bag for Flying



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Whether you’re traveling with a carry-on or a checked bag (or both!), you can still travel with a smaller personal item bag that will store all of your travel accessories and essentials during your flight. We’ve laid out all the options so you can find the best personal item bag for planes!




With my Nomad Lane Bento Bag, one of my fave personal carry on bag items, sitting on top of the Away Suitcase


What is a Carry On Bag?


This a much-discussed topic, especially because many readers like to travel carry on only, meaning they don’t check any luggage.

So, exactly what is considered a carry on bag? To be clear on the definition, a carry on is brought onto the plane and stored in the overhead bins rather than being checked. They can be styles such as duffle bags or backpacks.

Carry on luggage is commonly a suitcase, either 19” or 21”, depending on whether you’re flying domestically or internationally and the particular airline requirements.

So, while this explains larger carry-on baggage, it still begs the question: What about a personal item–what is it exactly?




The Lo & Sons O.G. 2 bag is one of my go-to’s, specifically for business travel, due to its organizational pockets and spaciousness (see what color I have below!).


Carry On vs Personal Item: What’s The Difference?


To address a personal item over carry on bags, most airlines allow you to take two pieces of luggage on board with you: a personal item and carry on.


This is the general guideline on major flights:

  1. One carry on bag, such as a suitcase, duffle, backpack, etc, that should fit in the overhead compartment/bin.
  2. One smaller personal item that should fit underneath the seat in front of you. A purse, laptop bag, shoulder bag, small backpack, or another small bag qualifies as a personal item. ​


So what is considered a personal item on a flight? These bags differ from carry ons in that they’re smaller and are stored under the seat in front of you. Because many travelers use larger backpacks as their carry on bags, some readers ask, is a backpack a personal item? The answer is yes! In fact, there’s a wide range of bags that make great personal items, with the most popular being convertible backpacks, tote bags, and purses.

Because they’re stored in different places, you’ll likely be bringing both a carry on AND personal item on plane rides. That said, airlines can differ on whether they allow a carry on bag and no personal item or vice versa, especially on budget or domestic flights.


TFG has an airline baggage allowance cheat sheet, but sizes are constantly changing, so always check your airline’s website for their carry on and personal item allowance rules before traveling!




I still use the Rebecca Minkoff Backpack to this day–it’s user-friendly and the right size for me (read more about it below)!


What’s the Right Personal Item Size?


A personal items bag is “smaller,” but exactly how big can a personal item be? You should always check to see if your airline lists the personal item dimensions you’re allowed to bring on board. They can vary, as can the staff that enforces the rules, so there’s not necessarily a set personal item carry on luggage size.

Additionally, each type of bag is shaped differently. Whether you’re using a tote bag, a weekender, or a crossbody purse, as long as it will comfortably fit under an airplane seat, it’ll be allowed.

Don’t waste your 1 personal item on a small purse or sling bag. Instead, make the most of your personal item bag size allowance and pack it away in a bigger piece! If you have a larger bag, you’ll have the room to consolidate smaller, important items, like a small purse, cosmetics, or electronics.

A large bag with some wiggle room is great for placing any last-minute items you need to bring but forget to pack. Use organizers like these in different shapes and sizes to keep everything in place!




A long time bestseller, the Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag holds a staggering amount, including a water bottle; it’s a great personal bag item with the extra bonus of security features!


Personal Item Factors to Consider


Aside from your personal bag size, the type of bag you should use depends on the length of your trip and your planned activities. Take the time to pick out the right piece for your unique needs. Here are some extra factors to consider when choosing the best personal carry on bag:

Trolley Sleeve – If you’ve wondered how to attach your personal item to a rolling suitcase, a luggage sleeve is the answer! Many bags today have this stellar option, so you can securely navigate busy airports without any weight on your shoulders

Shape – Find a carry on personal item with an open design that allows you to put multiple items inside. Something with a bucket-like feel that can grow or shrink with your packing needs gives you more options than a bag that’s completely compartmentalized and sectioned off. The more flexible the shape, the easier it is to bring whatever your travels require, including random items you throw in last minute, such as food or a bottle of water you buy at the airport.

Fabric – You might also want to stick with fabrics that are easy to clean – whether it gets dirty from the floor or from your feet resting on it on the flight. Leather and nylon are travel-friendly materials.

Closures and Pockets – Something with a zipper is key! You don’t want the bag to accidentally open while it’s under the seat in front of you – nothing can ruin a trip like a lost passport or keys.

Organization – If your purse has organizational compartments or pockets, this is a major plus. Compartments are like built-in packing cubes, keeping your items in designated spots. The more pockets you have (inside and outside the bag), the more organized you’ll be on the go! Tip: You may want to consider using a purse organizer to help you add extra designated areas to your personal item!

Wheels – Many travelers find a wheeled bag can be more convenient than a regular shoulder bag or backpack. In fact, these under-the-seat wheeled styles offer the most spacious interior maximizing the space available for your belongings! And some TFG readers have even managed to travel with just their under-the-seat bag!


Now, take a look at this great round-up of bags from totes to backpacks to crossbody purses that can serve as your personal item luggage and hit all the points we’ve mentioned above! 



Best Weekender Bag Personal Item


A weekender bag is one of the best personal item travel bag styles. They’re spacious and easy to pack yet compact enough to fit under an airline seat. Weekender bags often have plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a trolley sleeve for hands-free carrying, making for an organized and easy travel experience!




Nomad Lane V4 Bento Bag


Editor’s Pick: Nomad Lane Bento Bag


This is my all-time favorite personal travel bag! The Nomad Lane Bento bag opens up like a suitcase and has unparalleled organization—everything fits in this bag! I can pack my laptop (up to 15”), notebooks, earphones, and light toiletries I might use in-flight.




Editor-in-chief Alex with her Bento bag


It’s sleek, sturdy, and lightweight at only 2.9 lbs and easy to carry. Compass rose packing cubes work perfectly inside and fit under every single airplane seat – even the tiniest ones. With a detachable shoulder strap and a trolley sleeve, this is the perfect personal item for business travelers or anyone who wants to keep organized!


Read my full review on the Nomad Lane Bento Bag to find out why TFG readers and I have become such great fans of this bag!




Away The Everywhere Bag


Away The Weekender Bag


The Everywhere Bag from Away gets amazing reviews for its simple and sleek design and organizational features. It opens like a suitcase for maximum packability, with a 15” laptop sleeve and plenty of pockets. The exterior features of waterproof nylon, leather straps, and a handy trolley sleeve make this easy to carry and keep clean

This bag is spacious yet ultra-lightweight, but if you want something a tad smaller, the Overnight Bag is a highly recommended personal item for plane rides, too!




Béis The Convertible Mini Weekender


Béis Mini Weekender Bag


This Béis Mini Weekender has been very popular with readers lately. It’s not only cute but amazingly practical, with stellar organization and durable, water-resistant construction. It’s lightweight with multiple pockets – including a separate bottom shoe compartment – and readers say it’s the perfect carry on personal item size to stash everything you could need on a long flight!




Lily & Drew Travel Tote Crossbody Carry On Bag


Lily & Drew Weekender Bag


Lily & Drew’s Weekender bag is a longtime favorite of the TFG community, and their updated version is decked out with all the important features, from a trolley sleeve to a side water bottle pocket to ample interior organization. This personal item size luggage is a great budget option and it’s good quality, too!

The exterior is water-resistant, so it’ll be easy to keep clean on the go. Readers love the unstructured design that allows for some flexibility while packing.



Best Travel Backpack Personal Item


Keeping you hands-free and mobile, travel backpacks make some of the best personal item bags. Not only are they handy for zipping through an airport, but the best personal item backpack can also double as a day bag once you arrive at your destination. Readers love backpacks for sightseeing, whether souvenir shopping in the city or exploring the great outdoors. Don’t forget to check out backpacks with a trolley sleeve, as TFGs love them the best!




Target Signature Commuter Backpack


Editor’s Pick: Target Commuter Backpack


I’ve tested a range of backpacks over the years, and to my surprise, this budget-friendly Commuter Backpack from Target has become my favorite personal item when traveling with my toddler. I’m obsessed with it, as well as the Day Trip Backpack! They’re a terrific price, look nice, and boast functional features like side water bottle pockets and water-repellent fabric.

While the Commuter Backpack is slimmer and doesn’t have as much organization, I prefer this version. Its compact size works for me, and I love how the design is streamlined and minimalistic. It’s been my go-to recently!

The Day Trip backpack is perfect for trips where I need a bit more space and organization. I also like that it has an exterior laptop sleeve, which is very roomy.




Lo & Sons Rowledge Backpack


Lo & Sons Rowledge Leather Backpack


Boasting a classic design with elevated details, this Lo & Sons Rowledge travel personal item backpack is both chic and practical. It’s more than easy to keep organized with its multitude of pockets and compartments. Whether you choose to carry it on your shoulders or on your suitcase with the trolley sleeve, you’ll be traveling in style with this TFG-approved backpack!




Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack


Rebecca Minkoff Backpack


Many readers say the Rebecca Minkoff is the best backpack personal item—read this review to see what we mean! For me, I bought my first Rebecca Minkoff bag in 2015, and it’s still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. While this backpack-style purse isn’t necessarily designed for travel, it has various features that make it the ideal alternative to a crossbody bag.




I explored using my Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack during a fun, last-minute Tokyo spring adventure. Also wearing my Columbia Carson Pass II Jacket to stay warm!


The reason why I love this bag and still use it now is because it looks attractive, it’s spacious enough for my daily sightseeing or plane essentials, it has a secret pocket for my passport or wallet, and I’m happy wearing it with all my outfits at home and while traveling. Reader feedback is the same: many feel this bag holds a lot of items, yet the teardrop shape keeps it from looking and feeling bulky and it’s stylish enough to be carried anywhere!


Check out a comparison of the Le Pliage backpack and the Rebecca Minkoff in this review!




Calpak Luka Laptop Backpack: Mini (6.9L) | 15-inch (22L) | 17-inch (31L)


Calpak Luka Backpack


This Calpak Luka backpack is not only high quality and functional but also really cute! Readers love this option because it’s ultra-lightweight and comfortable to carry, with padded straps and a luggage sleeve. Plus, it gives you a place for everything, with a laptop sleeve, shoe compartment, and various pockets throughout while satisfying the airline personal item backpack size requirements.

Readers also say that it transitions from a personal item to an awesome sightseeing bag, and its scratch-resistant exterior will beautifully withstand the wear and tear of travel.




Shop Tumi Celina Nylon Backpack: Nordstrom | Tumi


Tumi Celina Backpack


Readers love Tumi (see our review on them), and this sleek Celina backpack from Tumi is a personal item that hits all the marks. It has a generous amount of space and keeps things organized with its multiple inner and outer pockets, including a smartphone compartment and padded laptop sleeve.

Made from Tumi’s signature nylon fabric, this bag is lightweight and sleek yet incredibly resilient. Aside from being a reliable backpack for personal item on plane rides, it’s also handy to bring as you explore your destination in case you need an extra bag for souvenir shopping!




Nomad Lane Ikigai Slim Backpack


Nomad Lane Ikigai Backpack


Another new favorite for me, the highlight of this pretty Nomad Lane Ikigai backpack is the excellent interior organization. The exterior is simple, with a side water bottle pocket, a slim front pocket, and a hidden back pocket where you can safely stash your passport or other valuables.

Inside, you can fit a 15” laptop, and the multiple pockets will keep all of your travel essentials neat and easy to access. I was able to fit two Compass Rose slim packing cubes inside this personal item backpack for flying, so it’s also a wonderful option for a short trip where you only need a small bag.




Monos Metro QuickSnap Backpack


Monos Metro Backpack


With such a luxe, stylish look, this Monos Metro backpack can go from a flight to a business meeting. A major bonus is the water- and scratch-resistant exterior, which will ensure it stays looking nice trip after trip.

Modern and functional, this bag is filled with pockets and compartments of all sizes, including a 15” laptop compartment and a removable front pouch. Though it’s sturdy and full of organization, it’s lightweight. It comes in vegan leather and nylon, too!



Best Tote Bag Personal Item


Versatile and spacious, a personal item tote bag will make travel days easy. Totes are flexible and allow for effortless packing. Plus, getting things in and out of them is a breeze. These features make them great day bags when sightseeing or souvenir shopping, too!




Lo & Sons O.G. 2 Lightweight Overnight Travel Bag


Editor’s Pick: Lo & Sons O.G. 2 Bag With Trolley Sleeve


The Lo & Sons O.G. 2 bag is a major reader fave and is one of my go-to’s as well, particularly for business travel. This airport tote bag is pretty and purse-like, plus it’s very lightweight, so if I’m at a conference and need to carry my laptop around, this is the bag I’ll choose. It’s also an awesome overnight bag.




Getting ready to fly with my Away Carryon and Lo & Sons O.G. Bag


It’s sturdy and water-resistant, made of sleek nylon with soft leather accents. It’ll keep you organized with plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a shoe compartment, too. You can get it in both a medium and a large size. I have the large size and absolutely love the Grey/Silver color I chose!


Find out why our readers love their Lo & Sons bags in this review!




Shop Baggallini Avenue Tote: Amazon | Zappos | Target


Reader’s Pick: Baggalini Avenue Travel Tote


One massive TFG fave carry on totes for travel, this classic from Baggallini fits a 13″ laptop and has trolley sleeve to slide over your rolling suitcase. Made from a water-resistant canvas, this sleek bag is a must-have among readers who use theirs for business travel. It’s also excellent for a trip abroad as it comes with secure zippered compartments and RFID blocking technology.




Shop Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag: Nordstrom | Longchamp


Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote Bag


The Longchamp Le Pliage tote can double as a purse or shopping bag, so it gets readers’ vote for being the most versatile shoulder bag personal item. It’s extremely packable yet non-bulky, and because there’s no interior organization, it’s easy to customize. If you’re looking for a mid-range priced bag that offers quality and a classic look, this is a popular choice!


Read our Longchamp purse review and find out why female travelers love this brand!




ECOSUSI Duffle Weekender Bag


ECOSUSI Tote Bag Personal Item


A popular pick with readers, this ECOSUSI tote bag is a wonderful budget airplane personal item bag and very useful for storing souvenirs on the way home. The exterior is water-resistant and has a trolley sleeve that makes it easy to carry.

Its simple, roomy interior has a padded laptop sleeve and can fit quite a few packing cubes to help keep things organized!


Find out why the ECOSUSI duffle bag is one of our readers’ most popular personal items!




Shop MZ Wallace Metro Tote: Nordstrom | MZ Wallace


MZ Wallace Metro Tote


The MZ Wallace Metro Tote is a top pick with readers for flights and sightseeing. It has a chic yet edgy exterior that’ll style up any outfit and despite its larger size, it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable on the shoulders. Readers love the bag’s multiple pockets and excellent quality, too!




Shop Sherpani Anti Theft Tote: Sherpani | Amazon


Sherpani Cali


This simple and cute Sherpani Cali tote is super durable and anti-theft, so you’ll have complete peace of mind as you buzz around the airport or explore touristy areas. It’s the perfect size for storing a day’s essentials, too.

It has many interior and exterior pockets (including a water bottle pocket), a trolley sleeve, comfortable straps, and is water-resistant!


Discover why readers feel Sherpani has the best anti-theft bags on the market in this review!



Best Convertible Backpack Personal Item


When it comes to travel, versatility is always important, which is why a lot of readers love the convenience of convertible backpacks as their personal bags for flying. You may want to switch up how you wear your bag depending on what you’re doing, whether you’re on the move, doing some shopping, or wandering through a crowded area. Plus, switching it up can ease discomfort on your back or shoulders throughout the day.




Shop The Sak Convertible Backpack: Amazon | The Sak


The Sak Ventura II


Readers have frequently recommended The Sak Ventura II personal item backpacks as an option that doubles as a day bag. This cute leather bag is accented with stylish details and features lots of pockets, so it’s a polished option that’s still very functional. Readers also say it’s roomy but not too heavy or bulky.

You can wear it either as a backpack or slung over your shoulder as a crossbody. A TFG reader also highlights that the fold-over top makes it a little more secure against pickpockets!




Shop PacSafe Anti-Theft Backpack: Pacsafe | Amazon


Pacsafe Citysafe


If you want to use a backpack but are traveling to a destination where theft is an issue, definitely opt for an anti-theft backpack so that even when your bag is out of sight, you’ll know that everything inside is safe and sound!

Readers love this Pacsafe Citysafe anti-theft backpack not only for its reliable security features but also for its stylish look! It’s roomy, has great organization, including side water bottle pockets and a padded laptop sleeve, and is ruggedly built despite its pretty exterior. It has top handles, a long crossbody strap, and backpack straps for carrying versatility, plus a trolley sleeve when you don’t want to carry it at all!




Shop Sherpani Laptop Backpack: Sherpani | Amazon


Sherpani Soleil


Described by one TFG member as beautiful, versatile, and affordable, the Sherpani Soleil convertible backpack is definitely a reader favorite! It’s durable and water-resistant, with multiple compartments and pockets to hold all of your travel essentials, plus, there’s a laptop sleeve and a luggage sleeve. To make it all the better, it’s loaded with anti-theft features to keep your valuables safe.

You can wear this cute travel personal bag as a tote, a crossbody, or a backpack!




Shop Cole Haan Convertible Backpack: Cole Haan | Nordstrom


Cole Haan Grand Ambition


Full disclosure: this personal carry on backpack from Cole Haan is in the higher price range, but I wanted to include it because I SOO wanted it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and missed the boat on ordering it on time!  However, I’m delightfully surprised that readers agree with me that this convertible backpack is awesome for travel. It fits a 15” laptop,  has great compartments for daily essentials, and can flip into a stylish tote or crossbody bag.



Best Crossbody Bag Personal Item


Crossbody purses are one of the most popular styles for sightseeing, but they also make fantastic personal item airplane options, especially if you plan on keeping it light during your travel day or you plan on heading right into sightseeing when you land. They’ll keep everything accessible and secure, whether going through customs or exploring your destination.

A lot of crossbody bags also have anti-theft features, so feel free to check out this range of anti-theft bags.




Travelon Anti-theft Messenger Bag


Travelon Classic Messenger Bag


Travelon’s Classic Messenger purse has been a consistent TFG fave. This bag will keep your belongings as secure as possible, with features like slash-resistant fabric, locking compartments, and lock-down straps, so it’s ideal if you’re traveling to destinations where pickpocketing is a risk.

Deemed the brand’s best and largest personal item bag, there’s plenty of storage space and great organization, so everything will be easy to access onboard your flight. And despite it being such a functional bag, its simple, clean look makes it a stylish accessory, too!




MZ Wallace Crossbody


MZ Wallace Crosby Cross Body Purse for Travel


MZ Wallace is a huge favorite among TFG readers, and the Crosby crossbody purse is a popular pick that’s both stylish and ultra-practical! This cutie is a larger crossbody that’s still compact and easy to carry.

Readers say it can hold a lot while remaining lightweight. A chic and practical option for on or off the plane!




Lo & Sons Pearl Crossbody Bag


Lo & Sons Pearl Shoulder Bag


A reader favorite for both a personal item and a day bag, this Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody is an incredible travel companion! Readers describe it as high-quality and versatile. It boasts a roomy interior and plenty of pockets to keep everything neat.




Shop Tumi Crossbody Bag: Amazon | Nordstrom | Tumi


Tumi Tyler Crossbody


Known for their blend of function and elegance, readers often look to Tumi for great travel bags. The Tyler crossbody checks all the boxes with its stellar organization, secure design, and long-lasting quality. Because it’s compact, this is a great option if you want to keep it light on your plane ride, but wearers confirm that it can hold a lot!



Underseat Luggage Personal Item


Underseat luggage is a mini version of a suitcase that’s designed to fit under airplane seats on most domestic flights. With the option to roll them or slip them over another suitcase’s trolley sleeve, personal size luggage is incredibly easy to navigate an airport with. And because they’re structured and protective, they’re awesome for business travelers who want to keep their electronics safe and papers organized or for anyone who wants to step up their luggage game.




Shop Travelpro Maxlite 5 Underseat: Amazon | Travelpro


Travelpro Maxlite 5


TFG readers are huge fans of the Travelpro Maxlite 5 carry on suitcase, and the underseat luggage from the collection is decked out with the same beloved features in a conveniently compact version!

While it’s small enough to fit under an airplane seat, this personal item size suitcase manages to be incredibly spacious. It’s also lightweight and easy to roll around, so pack it to the brim with your must-have travel accessories!

Weight: 5.5 lb / 2.49 kg
Size: 15.25 in x 13 in x 8 in  / 38.7 x 33.2 x 20.32 cm
Details: Softside | Limited lifetime coverage | 4 spinner wheels




Shop Samsonite Underseater: Amazon | Samsonite


Samsonite Ascella X Underseater


A polished look and long-lasting durability make this Samsonite personal item size bag a standout luggage option. The interior features a padded laptop sleeve and zippered pockets, while the roomy exterior pocket is easy to access your in-flight essentials. Wearers rave about how spacious and lightweight it is, so it might be the best carry on personal item if you want to travel ultra-light and keep your luggage to a minimum!

Weight: 5.9 lb / 2.67 kg
Size: 16 x 14 x 7.25 in  / 40.6 x 35.5 x 18.4 cm
Details: Softside | 10-year global warranty | 4 spinner wheels




Calpak Luka Softside Mini Luggage


Calpak Luka Mini Carry On Underseater


This Calpak underseater couldn’t be cuter with its puffy, water-resistant fabric and mini 16” size!  This personal item suitcase will fit all the essentials and will keep everything organized with its multiple pockets and padded laptop sleeve. And from the light weight of it to the smooth spinner wheels to the trolley sleeve, carrying this bag will be a breeze!

Weight: 5.3 lb / 2.4 kg
Size: 16 x 14.25 x 9 in  / 40.6 x 36 x 22.8 cm
Details: Softside | 2-year limited warranty | 4 spinner wheels



Best Waterproof Backpack Personal Item


For outdoor adventurers, a waterproof backpack is the best personal bag for travel! If you’re planning on beach days, hiking trips, or other outdoor activities near water, you’ll need a protective, waterproof option to keep your belongings safe. Using your waterproof backpack as your personal item will save space in your luggage!




Shop Matein 15.6 Laptop Backpack: Amazon | Walmart


Reader’s Pick: Matein Travel Laptop Backpack


This Matein personal item sized backpack is incredibly functional for travel, with a 15.6” laptop sleeve, ample storage space with organizational pockets and sleeves, and durable, waterproof fabric to keep everything inside safe. It also boasts a USB charging port and a trolley sleeve, all while weighing a mere 1.5 lbs!

Overall, this is a great unisex backpack with a simple look and TONS of space. The hidden back pocket is another major bonus.




Shop Osprey 44L Backpack: Amazon | Osprey


Osprey Transporter


A long-time TFG favorite, The Osprey Transporter backpack is a rugged yet sleek option that’s perfect for any destination and adventure! It’s sturdy yet incredibly lightweight, and a flat-opening compartment makes it easy to pack. Some readers say it’s the best personal item bag for international travel.

I recently used this Osprey backpack as my personal item during a four-week trip through Europe. I brought it to use as a diaper bag for the flight and to store my baby’s belongings. It’s so comfortable to carry and has separate compartments with plenty of pockets to keep everything ultra-organized. Loved it!




Shop Fjällräven Backpack: Amazon | Nordstrom


Fjällräven Kanken


This Fjallraven Kanken backpack is a popular pick for everything from sightseeing in rainy cities to active beach days Readers say it makes the best travel personal item bag for the flight to their destination. It’s cute, spacious, and easy to pack, while the durable, water-resistant fabric will keep your belongings safe from the elements.




Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack


Cotopaxi Allpa


The suitcase-style opening, multiple compartments, and handy pockets allow you to pack a decent amount inside this Cotopaxi backpack, and the slim design ensures it’s the right personal item airline size. Readers adore this backpack for their adventure travels, highlighting the stylishly sporty look, lightweight feel, and comfortable carrying. Whether storing your in-flight necessities or your hiking gear, this backpack will keep everything organized and protected.




About to hop on a flight with the popular Baggalini Avenue Tote in tow! It’s lightweight and has a padded area for a laptop, and has many zippered pockets to keep organized.


My Packing Tips for a Carry On Personal Item


When it comes to a personal item vs carry on luggage, the main piece gets all the attention. Hand luggage is the quiet sidekick, but its potential is much greater than most people give it credit for.

So, I thought I’d share some of my tips for making the most of your personal bag for airplane travel and how it really is essential and a true workhorse:

  • Bottom –  Place heavier items that you won’t be using right away, such as snacks and entertainment, near the bottom. I rarely use my jewelry or my chargers when I’m on the go, so I usually put those items at the bottom.
  • Top – You’ll want to pack any items you need to show security (e.g. the 3-1-1 bag of liquids and identification) at the top of the bag so you can easily take it out and put it back in.  You can rearrange it after you’ve gotten through security so that your in-flight necessities are easy to reach.
  • Pockets – Pockets are great for keys and other important documents.  The act of zipping up is a good way to ensure that any important items are secured into your bag.



What do you use for your personal bag for flight? Share your finds and comment below!





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