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Struggling with packing efficiently? Try vacuum packing to maximize your carry-on space and fit a bit extra without the bulk!


Vacuum Seal Bags for Clothes

Written By: Laura Pulling



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In recent years, I’ve traveled a lot and was always overpacking. Since being a member of team TFG, I have learned to slim down my packing (where I can!) and now I am proud to be able to travel carry-on only. 

However, sometimes you need to take a little more in your suitcase for certain activities, and many airlines now charge for checked baggage, with some fees being pretty high. Perhaps you need to take extra clothes for something sport or event-related, or to make a temporary or permanent move—everyone has their own reasons to pack a bit more! 

This is where vacuum storage bags’ come in! These impressive packing tools can more than triple the room inside your suitcase, so you can still manage to travel with just a carry-on! They’re also handy for backpacking to ensure your things don’t get wet. 

In fact, read about TFG editor-in-chief Alex’s experience using them during an international move from the UK to Playa del Carmen in this post. And compression bags can be used for more than moving or storing items; Alex also used them to pack bulky winter clothing for a snowy trip to Deer Lake in Park City, Utah. Read her entire post to find out how she packed more than usual successfully in a carryon! 

They are even super useful between trips, you can store your winter comforter and pillows, or seasonal wardrobe clothes in your closet, and barely use up any space.


We’ve checked out the best clothing vacuum bags available so you can maximize packing space for your next trip!



Best Vacuum Bags for Clothes




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SpaceSaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags


Space Saver bags are handy for maximizing your travel space in your suitcase, or for organizing your closet at home. You can get these bags in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, to store away your duvet, bed sheets, and towels, or maybe even shift between a fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobe. 

These clothes storage bags have a double-zip seal and a triple-seal turbo valve which are designed to get every last bit of air out of the bag during the suction process. Plus, these bags can be used for travel, as they have a travel pump included. Pack at home using your normal vacuum, and for your return trip, pack them and empty the air using the travel pump.

One user shares, “Bought Space Saver vacuum bags to reduce space of clothing for four people for a two-week road trip in the back of the car. Definitely made a difference and let us pack without running out of space.”




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Reusable Ziploc Space Bags


Ziploc is a brand we know and trust in the kitchen, now they are helping us to travel too. For less than $8, you can get a two-pack of travel Ziploc vacuum bags, which can help you pack for any weekend getaway smoothly. They measure 18 x 22.5 inches and the air rolls out to make them compact.

Users love these large plastic storage bags for clothes and one shares, “I purchased these bags because I wanted to condense my clothes and use only a single computer backpack for short (one to two day) air travel. These bags worked perfectly. When I got to my destination, the vacuum seal was still in the bag—no leaks at all after more than 2,000 miles of flying.”

You can also get Ziploc vacuum sealer bags too, a variety bundle that includes space travel bags is available here.


Check out these packing cubes for carryon luggage!




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Hibag Travel Space Saver Bags


These Hibag air tight bags are a terrific budget option for travel. Each set contains 6 medium size & 6 large size reusable storage bags. 

They are easy to use, simply open them up and pack your clothes inside. Zip the clothes inside and then roll them to squeeze out the air. They are awesome for traveling, as you do not need to use a vacuum to suck out the air. These travel space bags save your clothes from bugs, odors, dirt, and mildew.  

One user had a savvy packing tip, she shares, “The bags worked well and keep your clothes fresh. For the future travel packer, a suggestion would be to put outfits together including undergarments into one bag so that you do not need to keep opening and closing bags to get one item out of each bag.”




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GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags


These GONGSHI bags come in different sizes and can be used with either a typical standard vacuum cleaner or the provided pump.

The double-sealed zipper is specially designed for air to get out and they’re so easy to use! I put in my items, zip them up, and insert the pump to remove air. And the variety of sizes can fit everything from clothes to duvets.




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Storage Master Clothes Vacuum Bags


These clothing storage bags from Storage Master includes in a variety pack of sizes, so you’ll have something for every need.  You get three jumbo (40 x 28 inches), three large (32 x 24 inches), three medium (28 x 20 inches), and three roll-up vacuum pack bags. The roll-up bags work well for travel, but they are the smallest, at 24 x 8 inches. But you can use the others for travel too as this set comes with a handy hand size travel pump to suck out the air, without needing a vacuum cleaner. 

One traveler explains, “I bought these mostly for travel since the price of carrying luggage has increased. I used the three travel bags and fit quite a bit of clothes in a 19” carry-on.”


Find out which packing organizers will work best for you!




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VMSTR Travel Vacuum Bags With USB Electric Pump


This set of VMSTR vacuum seal storage bags has a technological advantage—it comes with a USB powered pump! Pack them and suck out the air before your trip using your traditional home vacuum cleaner, and still fit clothes in on your return journey by using the small included vacuum (which only weighs a mere four ounces!). Reviews say it’s slow but faster and more convenient than using a hand pump, or rolling air out of the bags. 

You can choose different sets for your packing suitcase, but we like the variety of the 8-pack that has two extra-large bags (18 x12.5 inch), two large (14 x 12.5 inch), two medium (12.5 x 10 inch), and two small (11 x 8.5 inch).

One user took hers to Europe, and shares, “I really like the weight of the bags, sturdy, not flimsy, and they are a good size. I also like that the USB cord on the pump is a decent length.”




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Hibag Vacuum Garment Storage Bags


The Hibag clothes bag set comes in a combo of sizes, so you can have a bag for every occasion! They can fit in a ton of stuff at home but are also excellent for travel. The set has two specific roll-up clothes bags for travel, but the others can also be used on the road as it includes a handy hand pump to suck out the air. 

The zipper on these bags is secure, to ensure no air gets out, and the double color design on the zipper lets you easily see that it is properly closed. They also peel apart without problems, as they have a higher and lower side on the zipper for easy handling. 

If you prefer to just have the travel option—this brand also sells a set of 12 travel roll-up bags too.


You’ll learn how to pack light in this post!



Best Compression Bags for Travel




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Gonex Compression Space Saving Travel Bags​


These Gonex compression storage bags are a twist on our usual favorite packing cubes. They are made from lightweight, rip-stop nylon that is super soft and stretchy. You pack them, like packing cubes, but then they have a nifty, durable zipper around the outside that allows you to compress them further and squeeze out any excess air. 

The large set comes with a variety of bag sizes, with the multi-pack having: one large (15 x 15 inches), one medium (12 x 9 inches), one small (10 x 7.5 inches), one smallest (8 x 6 inches), one slim (13 x 4 inches), and one laundry bag (18 x 13 inches).

One user shares, “While it’s not as much as silicone storage bags or a sealed bag with all the air pushed out, this is both better than I expected and a lot easier than the alternatives. I just finished packing for my first trip since purchasing, and I was pleasantly surprised both at how much I could fit in these bags and how little space it took up.”




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TRIPPED Compression Packing Travel Storage Bags


These cute TRIPPED clothing bags for travel are perfect for getting ready for your next trip! With a double zip design, they work similarly to packing cubes, but allow you to also remove excess air to squeeze your clothes into the smallest space possible. 

The rip-stop polyurethane fabric is tough and the zippers have reinforced double stitching. 

In a set, you get two large storage bags (14 x 10 inches), two small (10 x 7 inches), one slim (4.5×12.5 inches), and a laundry/shoe bag (18 x 13.5 inches).

One user raves, and calls these the ‘best cubes on the market’ as they “make your packing experience less dramatic, and handles all the issues of a long or short trip.” They come in a variety of designs and colors, too!




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SUITEDNOMAD Vacuum Compression Bags Set


Sometimes family trips or a bigger trip calls for something more robust. The SUITEDNOMAD set has been voted by many as the best compression packing bags for families, long-term backpackers, and carry-on suitcase travelers. 

The six-piece set comes with small, medium, and large sized compression travel bags for packing, a laundry bag, a bag for toiletries, and a bonus luggage tag (suhweet!). You can also get just the three-piece set if you have less to pack. 

One user bought both sets and had this to say, I ordered a three-piece and a six-piece set of these cubes. I plan on using them for an upcoming trip to Europe. I practiced packing my international carry-on bag and a second under seat bag which is compatible with European airlines. All of the clothes I’m planning to bring fit with ease. These compression cubes allowed me to fit more into my bags than I would have been able to do otherwise. Yes, I’m a fan!”


Packing folders vs cubes, find out the difference!



Vacuum Space Bags Product Comparison Chart


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Compass Rose Packing Cubes


What’s the Difference Between Vacuum Bags, Compression Bags, and Packing Cubes?


You may be wondering, if I just want more space, why can’t I just use my packing cubes? (And if you’re savvy, you’ll obviously have Compass Rose packing cubes!).

In all seriousness, let’s discuss the difference between all three so you can decide which is best to meet your needs.

Airtight storage bags vacuum air out with a device that sucks away air pockets, usually a regular vacuum or one that’s travel-sized. There are obviously no vacuum storage bags in the market that work fairly well, but to get the most out of this type of storage, a vacuuming device is a smart way to go. 

Compression bags for packing clothes have specially designed zippers and fabric that push all the air out as you pack and press clothes in, so you can fit more and maximize space in your suitcase or backpack.

Finally, packing cubes can compress clothes a bit while you’re packing but these are typically used for organizing your clothes. For example, the Compass Rose packing cubes have a color-coded and numbering system so you can know where you’ve packed everything (split by days or activities). 

There are packing cube hybrids on the market that do both (compress and organize) but ultimately, TFG readers tell us what wins is quality of the fabric, sturdy zippers that help compress and don’t break off, the flexibility to pack what’s needed and avoid baggage fees, and the ability to augment more space in their luggage.

Hopefully, knowing the differences between all three can help you decide how best to pack!



What are your best vacuum bags storage picks? Share with us below!


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