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Safety is always a big concern for many travelers, no matter where your destination or how long your journey. In this post, I’ll share the best money belt for traveling along with additional anti-theft accessories for women that would prefer not to have a bulge under their top. 

Even a seasoned traveler can easily become a victim by getting too comfortable. I knew a traveler who had their credit cards stolen in Thailand and the thieves got away with $5,000 in purchases!


If you don’t have the time to read the entire article, this is the most popular womens money belt!



Best Money Belts and Anti-theft Travel Accessories



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Fortunately, I’ve only been a victim of theft once in almost a decade of full time travel– a fellow backpacker stole $100 cash from my unlocked bag in a hostel. To be honest, both of these situations were completely preventable. All we had to do was lock our backpacks.

The majority of these occurrences are due to convenience and by taking a few precautions you can avoid becoming a victim of opportunistic theft. Travel insurance can sometimes help cover costs in case you are a victim, but it’s best to be cautious wherever possible.

Don’t worry – below you’ll find a roundup of the best money belts for travel so you can theft-proof your gear!




The Best Travel Money Belt: Alpha Keeper


What’s a Money Belt?


It’s an item you wear under your clothing where you can store your valuables to prevent theft. The above image shows the most traditional style, but you can find a variety of anti-theft product options below. 


I can’t believe how many travelers I see wearing it on the outside, advertising to thieves exactly where to find their cash. Please don’t make that mistake. It’s meant to be worn as a hidden money pouch under your clothing.




Venture 4th RFID Money Belt for Travel


Money Belt Reviews


While there are a variety of brands offering security accessories, our readers favor the beige color by Alpha Keeper and the black color by Venture 4th. They’re both made with RFID protection and water-resistant ripstop nylon.

While the one by Alpha Keeper features some colorful prints, many prefer the Venture 4th because it offers a variety of neutral colors to blend in seamlessly underneath clothing instead of brights that can show through your tops.




Pack Gear Hidden Money Belt with RFID Block


The option above by Pack Gear is unique in that it includes theft insurance and lifetime recovery service for lost items. While durable and with plenty of space for passports and credit cards, it’s thin and low profile so it’s a bit less bulky than other styles. Plus, with RFID protection, you won’t have to worry as much about identity theft!




Stashbandz Unisex Travel Belt


Whether you plan on exercising or hiking on your vacation or just sightseeing in the city, this StashBandz running belt can also conceal your valuables underneath your clothes.

Double the width of a standard waist pack, this spandex hip belt has four eight-inch wide pockets and stretches enough to accommodate larger cell phones like the iPhone Plus. The discreet zipper ensures none of your essentials fall out. Our readers consider this one of the most comfortable money belt styles!




Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Money Belt


Another comfortable option, this Eagle Creek is a traveler-favorite for women money belts. Made from natural and soft silk, this item is easy to wear all day, plus the rose pink color is pretty, too. Equipped with two, separate zippered pockets, you can easily organize your currency in one pouch and other documents in another.



Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Anti-Theft Money Belt


For a cost effective option, you can’t go wrong with the Lewis N. Clark anti-theft waist stash. It features RFID-blocking technology, a special TravelDry fabric to wick away moisture, and durable rip-stop nylon with self-repairing zippers. Along with multiple compartments, it’s lightweight and has a slim design.



Below you’ll find additional theft proof accessories to protect your valuables!



Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


Secret Pockets


Personally, I prefer to use a hidden bra wallet instead of a money belt. This anti-theft product allows me to hide my cash and cards conveniently in my bra. This feels secure and comfortable and hasn’t failed me once!

I’ve used different types of bra stashes but couldn’t find something to meet my needs. Either the fabric was made of lace and scratched my skin or the strap didn’t fit across my wide bra band.

As a solution, I created my own version, the Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet. The fabric is the same as a bra so it’s soft and comfortable to wear even in the heat and humidity of Rome in the summer.

Because women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, my secret bra stash is also designed with an extra long strap to fit size A – DD+ cup sizes and bra bandwidths up to 4.5”. PLUS, it’s the only bra wallet with built-in RFID protection.

I wear my trusty bra money pouch under my arm instead of in front of my bra. I also tuck it in underneath my bra after fastening it to the bra band for extra security.


Find out how getting left behind on an organized tour to Europe is actually the reason why my Secret Bra Wallet became one of my all-time travel essentials! Learn why here.




Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket


While you can fasten the Compass Rose Secret Bra Wallet to your belt loop and tuck it into your pants, the Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket can fit a passport if you’d like to hide that on your body.

Many people find this to be a comfortable option, but the caveat is that you have to wear a belt in order to use it.




Jasgoods Travel Security Money Belt


Featuring a zippered hidden pocket, the Jasgoods security belt is a great alternative to your regular one to keep your money and other valuables safe while on the road. Simply fold your bills and passport copies in half and slide them in the pocket with any other of your credit cards or ID’s.




Lewis N Clark Clip Travel Money Pouch


Similar to a bra stash, this secret wallet by Lewis N Clark offers an option you can clip to your waist belt. It also offers RFID protection. While their picture shows in on the outside of trousers, it seems to be better protected on the interior of your clothing.




Lewis N. Clark Deluxe Neck Stash


Another popular Lewis N Clark anti-theft product is their deluxe neck wallet. It can hold up to four passports, which is a plus if you’re traveling with your family. It also has durable ripstop fabric and a long strap so you can also wear it across your body.


Find out how to wear a neck wallet while traveling!




Forge TSA Lock


Luggage That Locks


The best protection in your accommodation and during transportation rides can be as easy as locking your bag.

Check out my favorite travel backpack, the Osprey Farpoint 55 and this reader’s fave anti-theft suitcase by Samsonite. If I hadn’t left my backpack locked in a hostel in Borneo, my valuables would have been gone when I returned from a scuba diving trip.

I now use the 21.5″ Osprey Ozone wheeled suitcase and alternate it with the Delsey Helium for different trips. They’re both terrific bags and have built-in lockable zippers.




Tank Top with Secret Pockets


Clothing with Hidden Pockets


If you don’t like a money belt, stashing your passport and money in your underwear may be a better option. While traveling in El Salvador, I found a boy short style underwear with large pockets on either side of the leg.

While it was a bit awkward to wear my passport over my upper leg, I only used it during transportation journeys in Central America when the probability of getting my daypack stolen seemed a bit higher.

For something similar, a popular style is travel clothing with secret pockets by Clever Travel Companion. It features zippered tanks and underwear with hidden pockets. 


If you’re looking for clothing designed to protect your belongings, our readers share their recommendations for concealed pocket clothing!




Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket


Customize your anti-theft approach based on your destination. In places like Europe and Spain, where pickpockets are common, avoid clothing and bags with open pockets, giving wandering hands easy access to your things.

Coats and pants with zippers are a must!

It’s possible to find clothing accessories with zippered pockets to stash a little cash. I found the above infinity scarf online. It’s affordable and available in wide variety of prints and colors.

While you wouldn’t want to carry many things on your next the entire day, this may work well to store some larger bills and an emergency credit card on trips with cool to mild weather. 


Here are our readers top recommendations for scarves with pockets to help keep your valuables safe!




Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Quilted Slim Pouch


Anti-theft Travel Shoulder Bags


Some travelers may want to take extra precaution by using anti-theft travel shoulder bags. These specialized travel purses have safety features like lockable zippers, slash-proof materials, and sturdy straps to prevent thieves from breaking in.

Pacsafe and Travelon are the two major brands that offer these theftproof bags but our readers rave the most about Travelon. They offer a variety of styles including travel purses that don’t necessarily look like “anti-theft purses” like their Slim Crossbody shown above. It’s part of their Signature Collection, which offers some of the best-looking styles!




Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag, Two Pocket


If you need more space, the best selling Travelon travel purse is the anti-theft cross body with two pockets. It has a slim design featuring slash-proof fabric, an adjustable, cut-proof shoulder strap, and zippers with a latch for extra security. It also comes with RFID blocking card slots.

It retails for as low as $30 and is available in over twenty colors. Our readers favor the bag in a classic Black but two other popular options are the Midnight and Stone colors. It’s a clear winner! 


Read more about the best anti-theft travel bags for women!



What’s the Best Money Belt for Travel?


There are many variations to anti-theft accessories, as you can see in the above article. From neck pouches to hidden pockets, there’s something to meet everyone’s needs.

In fact, the best option is to use a combination of items. That’s what I do.

For example, you can use a bra stash to store your credit cards and cash for everyday use, then use a neck pouch or pocket underwear to store your passport on transit days, and the rest of the time, use a lockable suitcase (safe or locker) to ensure your belongings are secure inside your accommodation.



Here is a quick review of the best money belts and anti-theft travel accessories:

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”32″ class=”center-table-align”]



How Do You Use Anti-Theft Accessories?


It’s important to note that anti-theft products DO NOT REPLACE YOUR NEED TO USE A WALLET.

Please keep enough money for the day in your wallet and use an anti-theft product such as a money belt or bra stash to store EXTRA cash and cards only.

I keep the bulk of my money in my bra stash but I keep what I need for the day in my pocket, purse, or wallet. This way, I don’t have to dig into my bra or money belt awkwardly or uncomfortably every single time I need to access money.

Please DO NOT dig under your clothing every time you make a purchase. That defeats the purpose of these products.

I see this happen a lot. Travelers will get their money belt out and dig through everything so they can find what they need. This isn’t very safe as now everyone knows how much money you have and where you store it.

It’s important to be discreet, hide it, and step aside somewhere quiet or secure if you do need to get into your anti-theft product.


Please read my top ten tried and tested anti-theft travel tips for more information on how to properly use these items!



Watch the video above for the do’s and don’ts on avoiding theft while traveling.


These anti-theft accessories listed in this article are products designed to help you avoid theft while traveling. (These can also be used at home, too.)

The majority of the items are meant to be worn under your clothing to securely store cash, cards, passports, and potentially other small valuables.


Please note: you should not carry around your passport while sightseeing. Read this to learn how to keep your passport safe!



Additional Travel Safety Tips


  • Don’t forget travel insurance! Keep all your receipts because they’ll be necessary for insurance claims, along with a police report.
  • Avoid sightseeing with your passport and all your money in your daypack or travel purse.
  • Don’t go to big festivals and events with your passport and large amounts of money.
  • Avoid leaving your passport and money unlocked in your hotel, hostel, or guesthouse.
  • Use lockers provided by your accommodation (don’t forget one of the top 10 essentials on your backpacking checklist: travel locks).
  • Try to only keep all your valuables on you when in transit and on transportation journeys–this is a good time to use the above gear.
  • Make photocopies of your passport and offer it when an agency requires you to leave your passport as collateral. It may not always work, but it’s worth a try.
  • Distribute the wealth and spread your valuables out in different places so if something does get taken, they don’t get everything.
  • Always always always lock your backpack or suitcase, no matter how comfortable you feel in your accommodation.





As mentioned above, these items should be used as precautions. They won’t guarantee you won’t have things stolen, but they definitely improve your chances of keeping your valuables safe.

It is more likely that your cards will be stolen from inside your luggage rather than someone making off with your entire suitcase or backpack, but things do happen.

In cases where thieves steal entire bags, it usually happens on overnight buses–from underneath the bus or even from right under your seat while you sleep. It’s a sad part of travel, but it happens.

Anti-theft travel accessories are a low price to pay versus having your cash and credit cards stolen.



Watch my video on TPSY TV for a few more anti-theft products.


Items featured in video (in order as shown)


Travel insurance can sometimes help cover costs in case you are a victim, but it’s best to be cautious about your belongings, too.


Lastly, it’s good to be well-informed and cautious, but please don’t feel paranoid.  The world is a much kinder and safer place than we give it credit for but it’s easy to feel a bit stressed out when you’re a first time traveler.

While there are reports of thefts from travelers, there is a much higher number of people who’ve never experienced anything at all so don’t let it deter you from enjoying your travels.



Do you travel with anti-theft travel accessories?


For more travel safety tips, please read:






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