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Whether you’re globetrotting or planning a short weekend getaway, a hardworking and stylish toiletry bag is essential to keep your beauty products organized and accessible. Never fear! Travel Fashion Girl has got it sorted.

Check out our top ten best toiletry bags for travel below. Which will be the best bag for you?


Top 10 Toiletry Bags for Travel


Here is a quick list of the best toiletry bags for travel:





Moma Muji Polyester Hanging Travel Case

Moma Muji


I have this toiletry bag and it’s one of my favorites for short trips! It’s lightweight, it hangs, and it’s compact. I’ve not only used it for toiletries but to store my electronics, too.

The AmazonBasics toiletry kit is a great choice when packing for business trips, summer vacations, out-of-town family holidays, or even for dorm rooms or simply heading to the gym. This is why this is one of the best toiletry bags for travel.




Sea to Summit Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag

Sea to Summit


After the TFG Readers’ rave reviews, I finally bought this toiletry bag and love it! Similar to the Muji, it’s lightweight, hangs, and is a nice size for short to medium-length vacations.

This bag is perfect for on-the-go beauty, ideal for travel size containers. It can easily be hung up, giving easy access to its many pockets and compartments. When it’s time to leave, it conveniently zips back up into a travel case, slotting perfectly into your luggage.

A random bonus is that this bag includes a travel mirror – a small feature but so well done! I traveled without a mirror for so many years and I can actually see my entire face with this one. Bonus!




eBags Pack-it Flat



The eBags Pack-it Flat is the best toiletry bag for the “over packers” (we’re all guilty of it, me especially!) The flat toiletry kit is slim and takes up no more room than a pair of jeans.

As one of our readers’ favorite toiletry bags, it contains four compartments to keep your essential beauty products organized and in place, saving you the chore of uprooting everything just to find your toothbrush. The bag has the option to expand, giving you an inch of extra storage space, too!


Tired of overpacking? Read this helpful guide on how to stop overpacking!




EzPacking Clear Toiletry Bag



This a simple, clear, plastic toiletry bag and I’ve really liked its versatility using it for toiletries on short trips in addition to my everyday essentials organizer in my day bag.

It’s TSA compliant, so you can use this toiletry bag to store 3oz liquids while passing through TSA security at the airport. Plus, the handle makes it easy to pull out the bag from a purse or diaper bag for inspection at TSA.

These are great for organizing your various travel items, as you can easily see what’s in each container thanks to the clear cover. Weighing just 2.4 ounces, this bag is a lightweight yet durable companion that will help you stay organized on the road for years to come!




Travelon Flat Out Toiletry Kit



Another flat design, the Travelon Flat Out Toiletry Kit is the perfect convertible design, making it one of the best toiletry bags for travel. It can be opened out flat for packing in your suitcase (taking up minimal precious space) or zippered into a compact case with a convenient strap handle.

The polyester case features four clear zippered compartments in a variety of different shapes and sizes that give you a viewing of all your organized beauty products, allowing you to easily see where everything is and minimizing rummaging. There’s also a front pocket zip for smaller items and elastic loops to hold cosmetic brushes and slim items.






Muy Grande Toiletry Kit



Ranking as one of the best toiletry bags for travel, the Muy Grande toiletry kit is ideal for those wanting a large carrying capacity for a full range of beauty essentials; it’s perfect for a long-haul trip.

The multiple organizer keeps your toiletries in check and the mesh pocket accommodates household-volume bottles, which is great for those who go through miniatures of their favorite products quickly.

The durable nylon bag is resistant to tears, scuffs, and punctures, and features a zippered panel opening. Inside the bag, there’s a water-resistant zippered pocket, a removable roll-up pouch, and a removable compact mirror. There’s also an exterior zip pocket.


The pouch is removable for easy airport screening–bonus! Here are more tips on how to breeze through airport security!




Contents Floral Reflection Organizer Cosmetic Bag



Target is one of my favorite places to find toiletry kits in fun designs. Instead of shopping their travel section, I find some pretty bags in their beauty section. They’re labeled as makeup kits if you’re trying to search for them online.

As an ocean (and shark) lover, I couldn’t resist this print! I’ve used it for toiletries, makeup, and even to store my scuba diving masks! The material is flexible and light so it was an easy addition to my luggage organizer collection.




Contents Island Valet Cosmetic Bag



From Target I’ve also purchased a flat toiletry kit that opens in half and has a section in the middle. I used it for a 3-week trip to Thailand and was able to fit my husband’s toiletries on one side and mine on the other.

Because it’s a larger bag, I was able to fit our quart size ziploc on each side. When we went through security, we each carried our own ziploc then packed everything pack inside.




Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Travel Kit



“Doppler” style toiletry kits in the makeup bag section. I like this style of toiletry bag for long trips when I have larger items or when I just want to have a nice open space to bring a bunch of stuff in one easy location.

The handle is an essential feature as you can hang it in bathrooms with limited space and keep it from getting wet near the sink.




Hudson+Bleecker Wanderluster Toiletry Kit

Hudson + Bleecker


While not the most practical toiletry kit it’s definitely one of the cutest! It’s not lightweight – if you’re trying to pack ultra-light, then skip this one. However, for women that want stylishly luxe luggage sets – this is it!

Great for full-size products when you’re checking a bag or to pack all your toiletries, makeup, and other beauty items in one convenient location.

Pricey, but oh-so pretty!



What do you think is the best toiletry bag? Please share in the comments!


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