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A passport holder is a good way to protect your most valuable item from the wear and tear of travels. Choose the best passport holder for you!


Best Passport Holder for Travel


Passport holders serve as more than a pretty accessory; they’re also helpful in terms of organization and keeping your passport secure. Find one that fits your personal style and needs. Scroll to the end to discover more of the benefits of using a passport holder when you travel!


Here are the best passport holder for travel:




Zero Grid Passport Wallet


Best RFID Passport Holder


For a no-fuss, RFID passport holder, the Zero Grid Passport Wallet offers everything you need. It is a compact, zippered accessory designed for minimalist travel. It has enough space for a single passport, some credit cards, and cash.

It also comes with a free travel pen with a durable metal body. This water-resistant ripstop nylon wallet is great for active travelers. The zipper ensures that you won’t lose anything.




Kate Spade New York Cameron Street Travel Passport Holder


Best Passport Holder Designer Style


Not only does Kate Spade makes adorable handbags, but the brand also has a number of cute designer passport covers! The Kate Spade passport wallet is simple in its design but packs a punch with its metallic hue.

Not only is it pretty, but it’s also practical! The crosshatched leather is scratch-resistant, so it’ll stay in good shape regardless of where your travels take you.




Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Holder


Best Budget Passport Holder


If you don’t want to spend a lot on a passport holder but still want to keep it protected, several readers recommend these RFID blocking sleeves. For a basic passport cover, they are inexpensive — just $10! — and they keep your passport protected. As a bonus, they come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite.

While inexpensive, they’ll last your entire travels! They’re made from high-grade ultra-lightweight durable material and are eco-friendly.




Leather Marble Passport Cover


Best Stylish Passport Holder


Marble is one of the trendiest patterns, so why not go for a passport holder with a beautiful marble design? We love the simplicity of this passport holder. There are a few pockets inside, but it doesn’t have anything over the top, so it remains slim and easy to use.

Along with your passport, you can slip in plane or train tickets, a few bills, and a credit card or two. The pockets are tight enough so nothing will fall out, but the easy access means you can quickly grab anything you need from this passport cover.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!



Travelon Anti-Theft Ltd Clutch Crossbody Bag


Best Passport Clutch Holder


We are big fans of Travelon bags, and so are our readers, so it’s not surprising that the brand also makes a great clutch wallet that’s roomy enough to hold your passport.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Ltd Clutch Crossbody Bag can be worn two ways, as a crossbody bag or clutch. With organized compartment, RFID blocking card and passport slots, zippered wall pocket and tethered key clip with LED light, you can include all of your essentials!

This also would be a great option if you are looking for a family passport holder, if you need to carry multiple passports.


If you are worried about theft, add items like a money belt or Secret Bra Pocket to your packing list.



Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking


Best Passport Holder Neck


The Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking is a go-to option for a neck passport holder as it’s simple and inexpensive. Even better, it’s waterproof. If you’re expecting a lot of rain or the rugged outdoors, this waterproof passport protector will do the job.

The adjustable elements on your travel pouch will ensure that you never have to worry about sweating or chafing with your new neck wallet. These RFID wallets are constructed from water resistant rip-stop nylon and designed to stand the test of time. They also could serve as a passport holder for family, with enough room for multiple passports in one pouch.


Benefits of a Passport Holder




One of the greatest benefits of a holder is that it protects your passport from folds, rips, and tears. This was particularly important on my long-term travels, because my passport took a beating!

When something is this valuable, it’s important to protect it. Replacing a passport can take time and money, so why not use a cover to avoid that? Even though I no longer use my first passport, it’s filled with so many beautiful stamps, which makes it the the best souvenir I have, so I’m glad I took the steps to protect it.


Travel Cards Organization


I’ve used a variety of passport holders over the years. My current one is particularly useful because it has card slots where I can store my UK Residency Card and Priority Pass Lounge Membership Card.

These two cards are things I won’t need on a daily basis in my regular wallet. They’re permanently inside my passport case, so I always know where they are, and they’re easily accessible when traveling.

Because of this convenience, I know I will prioritize this card feature for future passport holder or passport wallet purchases. However, if I didn’t have these cards, this wouldn’t be as important.




This may be a strange thing, but in some cases, it’s been beneficial to conceal my nationality as I’ve stood in line for immigration at airports and border crossings all over the world.

Passports from certain countries are more valuables than others, so I preferred not making myself a target of theft. In addition, certain countries welcome some nationalities more than others, so I was glad to have my USA passport concealed in those locations.

Similar to our Secret Bra Wallet, some passport cases also have built-in RFID protection. This is an important feature for travelers concerned with theft.


Please read this post for tips on how to keep your passport safe while traveling!



Here’s a quick summary on the best passport holder for travel:


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What is your recommendation for the best passport holder? Share in the comments below!


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