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Considering a European vacation? On the cusp of the travel high season, now is a great time to experience all that Croatia has to offer. Find out what to wear in Croatia this spring!


 What To Wear In Croatia


To plan for an upcoming visit to Croatia, think summery casual chic. Great colors, patterns, and flowy shapes would work well, but make sure your look is polished and pulled together.



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Dresses and skirts should be at the top of your list. They are great for daily sightseeing, and usually transition easily into night.

Casual clothes can work for most days, but evenings tend to be dressier. Dresses are an easy choice but skirts can provide more outfit options, though skirts may require a little more planning.

When planning what to wear in Croatia, consider bringing one full skirt or dress that cinches at your waist, a maxi skirt, and a simple dress that can double as a beach cover-up.

When planning what to wear in Croatia don’t forget your scarf to cover up at any religious sites you may visit. A shirtdress with a colorful belt would also be a great addition to your travel wardrobe, and would keep you looking chic while walking the area’s historic streets.

Try to leave your heels at home. The cobblestone streets will do a number on your feet so opt for nice ballet flats or cute summer sandals instead. An fun or embellished shoe is the perfect way to add interest to your outfits.

Here are some tips on how to choose shoes for the cobblestones in Europe!


Dalmatian Beaches

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Many visitors to Croatia center there trip on the beaches along the Dalmatian coast.

Bring along your normal beachwear, but consider swim cover-ups that can double as daywear. Two swimsuits are usually enough, and look for styles that can be mixed for versatility. Be sure to pack along sandals or flip-flops as the beaches tend to be pebbly.

Also, sea urchins are prevalent along the shore so you may want to bring a rubber pair that can be worn in the water.

Bring along a nice medium size bag to pack your sarong, hat, and beach essentials can also work for days exploring the towns.



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The best way to experience the beautiful islands off the Dalmatian Coast is by sailing the Adriatic.

When on a sailing trip or staying on a boat for any extended period, it’s always essential to pack light. Storage is limited, and rooms are small so only bring the necessities.

If sailing is only a portion of your trip, you may be able to take what you need with you, and store the rest of your luggage at your hotel on the mainland. Your wardrobe will be similar to what you would wear on the beach, and definitely don’t forget your sarong wrap. It can be used as a bikini cover-up, bath towel, or blanket for chilly evenings.

Of course sun protection is very important everyday, but especially on the water. Lounging on deck is the perfect spot to try out a new stylish hat and sunglasses.



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If you plan on hiking or biking the beautiful natural landscape of the region, you will need suitable apparel. Lightweight clothes that can be layered work best.

Try and select options that will work for other activities during your trip. Athletic shorts can double as pajamas, and tights can also be appropriate for exploring the towns.

Rain gear is always a good idea to be ready for unpredictable weather. Look for a coat that folds down small and is easily packable.

A small daypack may also be necessary to carry your water bottle, layers, and camera. Of course sun protection is very important everyday, but especially on the water. Lounging on deck is the perfect spot to try out a new stylish hat and sunglasses.



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Lovely coral and silver jewelry can be found in shops along the coast.

Consider buying a necklace or earrings while there to accessorize your outfits instead of packing jewelry from home. Similarly as the originators of the cravat, finding a neck scarf to bring home should be an easy task.

If a break spent in this part of the world is in your future, hopefully these tips on what to wear in Croatia can make choosing what to bring a little easier.



What are your tips for what to wear in Croatia? Tell us in the comments!


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