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Looking for winter pants to keep out the chill? Cold weather pants are a must-have item on your packing list when you go to a destination with subarctic temperatures or plan lots of outdoor activities. See which warm pants our readers recommended as the best for winter travel!


Best Pants for Cold Weather


Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


We will be in the UK and Spain in December and January. I just realized I have no pants for cold weather, since I live in Qatar, other than thermal underwear and a pair of jeans. What do you girls recommend?  


Nothing will ruin your trip faster than standing outside freezing because you packed the wrong type of clothing. When traveling during winter months, you may need more than just a standard pair of jeans or pants.

Warm pants for winter are perfect for staying comfortable in cold weather. When it is especially cold, you can layer them over your thermal bottoms, to keep you snug and toasty in low temperatures.  Read on to learn how important it is to layer and choose the right fabric for cold-weather travel pants.


Remember to check the weather forecast at least three days before you leave for your destination to ensure that you have the most appropriate travel pants packed!


Best Cold Weather Pants


Here’s what our readers say are their favorite pants for traveling in the cold!




Camii Mia Outdoor Hiking Fleece Pants


Camii Mia Outdoor Hiking Pants


The Camii Mia Pants have an awesome inner fleece layer to keep you warm, with a waterproof outer layer to keep the rain out. These warm pants for cold weather are perfect for winter vacations, particularly if you are planning many outdoor activities, such as hiking.

These were the most recommended winter pants according to our readers! More than a few of our readers raved about the Camii Mia Hiking Pants as the best cold weather pants, particularly for when traveling to Iceland.

One reader took these winter pants to Iceland and says they “were awesome and so inexpensive! I wore them two days by themselves (no underlayer needed).” Another reader adds, “I had the same this week in Iceland, and they were amazing!”

Another reader shares that they “look just like regular pants. I wore these almost every day — my most used item.” Sounds like the perfect pair of pants for the cold and windy Icelandic climate!



Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece Pant


Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece Pants


The Helly Hansen Daybreaker pants are soft and very comfortable because of the Polartec classic 100 fleece. The cold wear pants are cozy, while being breathable, making them perfect for any outdoor enthusiast traveling to a winter climate.

These pants for winter are particularly recommend by our readers for being warm, comfortable, and fantastic for layering in severe weather. One reader says they are great for snowy weather. “I used mine for snowshoeing in Canada and hiking in the heavy rain.”



Arctix Insulated Snow Pant


Arctix Insulated Snow Pants


The Arctix Insulated snow pants are made from ThermaTech insulation, which means these are the ideal warm pants for arctic weather conditions. They have an adjustable waist, which allows you to adjust them, depending on what layers you have on underneath. They come in many colors and patterns, including black, pink, blue, and green, making them perfect if you want to stand out!

One reader says, “They kept me nice and warm during my trip to Iceland” on top of being waterproof. These cold wear pants are perfect for chilly temperatures and for any unexpected rain!



Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants


Outdoor Research Ferrosi Long Pants


The polyester and spandex fabric makes these Outdoor Research Ferrosi Long Pants perfect for outdoor activities, while the fleece lining ensures you are snug and warm. The outer layer is weatherproof, so it will protect you from the wind and the rain. It comes in four colors, including grey, black, army green, and purple if you want a more colorful option to brighten up your outfit!

One reader shares how Outdoor Research makes excellent gear. She says their pants are fantastic for layering, “because it is easier to move in than in just one pair of very thick pants.”

Another reader adds, “These are my favorite hiking pants in the entire world. They’re soft, water- and wind-resistant, and very stretchy.” Since they block out the wind so well, they are perfect for traveling to cold and windy destinations.



Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece-Lined Pull-On Pants


Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece Lined Pull on Pants


The plaid fleece lining of the Eddie Bauer Polar Fleece pants will keep you cozy and warm, while the Spandex shell allows maximum mobility — perfect if you are planning outdoor activities during your winter vacation.

Several readers like the Eddie Bauer pants because they are quick-drying hiking pants. One reader highly recommends Eddie Bauer warm pants for winter for both hiking and traveling in the cold. She says they are “water-resistant, not waterproof, but they dry very quickly.”



KUHL Mova Pants


Kuhl Mova Pants


The Kuhl Mova pants have been designed with a nylon fabric to allow you plenty of movement, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They come in a variety of styles, such as relaxed, straight, and skinny, providing you with plenty of choices.

One reader shares how she wears the Kuhl Mova cold wear pants during the winter months, adding that they are fantastic for leaving plenty of room so you can “layer with wool tights or thermals when it’s really cold.” Another reader adds how she likes these warm pants for cold weather because they’re “super soft and comfy.”


Icebreaker Oasis Leggings


Dressing for the Cold Weather


People always assume that cold-weather gear for women has to be big, thick, and bulky. While it is impossible to avoid some weight, you are much more likely to feel warm and snug if you wear several lighter layers.

Invest in a set of thermals to wear underneath your winter pants. If you are going to an extreme cold-weather destination, consider wearing two sets underneath your warm pants. Merino wool is the best fabric for thermals as it is retains warm air and keeps moisture out, keeping you nice and dry.

One reader advises that for cold climates you want to “dress in layers and be comfortable. You need an under layer, preferably made with merino wool. Then pants, preferably not jeans since they are not wind- or water-resistant. If it’s really cold, add a pair of windproof snow pants on top.”




Columbia Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut Pant


Finding the Best Cold-Weather Travel Pants


When it comes to choosing the best pants for cold weather, consider the fabric. Wind proofing, for example, is vital for keeping out the chill; if you can cut the wind, you reduce the feeling of coldness. Look for clothing made of high-quality fabrics, such as GORE-TEX, which is a windproof, waterproof, breathable material.

When choosing warm pants for cold weather, several readers recommend you avoid jeans. One reader says, “I don’t like jeans for outdoor activities in cold weather. They are too cold for me.”

Many of our readers recommend you look for cold weather pants that have a fleece inner lining. Fleece is a fantastic fabric that is lighter than wool and offers better insulation. It also remains warm when wet and dries fast.

You also might consider winter pants with a Thinsulate inner lining. The highly insulating fabric works by catching air between you and the outside. As a thin fabric, it will be perfect to keep you warm and avoid the snowman look!

Polyester is a fabric present in most outdoor clothing, as the tightly woven fibers prevent moisture from getting through.

While high quality can be more expensive, it is worth it for your comfort, and well-made cold wear pants will last you for years.



What are your favorite winter pants for traveling in the cold? Share in the comments below!


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