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Occasionally water adventures require special shoes. But not all trips require the same type. Find out what water shoes to wear with which activities!


Water Shoes for Women




Keen Whisper Sandal


Hiking Sandals


This is probably the water shoe you’re most familiar with. It seems to be the one included in the majority of checklists online.

However, it’s not the one that’s needed for all trips.

It’s best for an adventure trip through a mountain when encountering muddy trails or even rivers you’ll need to cross. Our readers voted this particular style as the best water shoe for outdoor adventures.


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Chaco Classic Athletic Sandal


With strong durable materials they offer sufficient protection while letting your feet breathe in the hot weather. This may be a practical shoe for outdoor adventures but not suggested for regular travel.

When it comes to traditional outdoor water sandals like the ones shown above, avoid trying to choose “stylish” options. Just stick to neutral colors.


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Mares Dive Boots


Snorkel Shoes


If you have a trip planned with beaches, snorkeling, and other ocean activities then these are the best water shoes for your trip.

They’re very practical for traveling and are a favorite for families on vacation. They work great for rocky beaches or sand filled broken shells.


Most travelers agree that you only need three pairs of shoes for any trip. Find out how with Pack Light Stylishly!



Speedo Surfwalker Water Shoe


The best way to know what type of beach to expect is to research. Ask your resort or ask a question on Tripadvisor.

I personally use the Mares style for scuba diving because I travel with fins that require booties. I chose them because they’re compact and lightweight. I’ve found them to be extremely practical when walking onto small boats from the shore.


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Ipanema Women’s Ellie T-Strap Sandals


Rubber Sandals


Womens flip flops are the ideal water shoe for many trips where you’ll spend most of your time around pools, beaches, and (non-cruise) boats.

They are versatile, lightweight, and easy to wear. These are best when you won’t need to wear shoes to walk inside the ocean water but they will help your feet from getting scorched in the hot sand.


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Ipanema Toe Loop Flip Flop


As a bonus, some styles are versatile that you can wear them off the beach, too. Read this post to find out my favorite women’s flip-flops – they look like regular sandals!

The style shown above is perfect for a beach or lake trip where you’ll only have the occasional walk on a rocky shore because it offers some security for your ankles and won’t fall of as easily as a standard pair of flip flops.


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Skechers Performance H2 Go Water Shoe


Rubber Shoes


Rubber shoes are also versatile and could also be worn casually to sightsee in beach towns if you don’t require much support or if you’ll only be walking for short periods of time. The sneaker style shown above offers a bit more security than a flip flop.


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adidas Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe


For the best water shoe offering maximum versatility, I’m very excited about the above style. It looks like a regular sneaker but offers all the benefits of a regular water shoe.


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Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes


These would be perfect on trips where you’d be doing light hiking or zip lining outdoor adventures as it has a secure sole and will work in the mud or rivers.



Speedo Women’s Tidal Cruiser Water Shoe


Sporty Styles


Instead of packing trainers or a traditional water shoe plus sneakers to sightsee, you could probably even get away with just taking one of these styles for many trips.



The Bay Slip On Athletic Aqua Socks


These styles are not as limiting with use as other water shoes and for the style conscious, you may prefer the look of these sporty styles. Hey, you might even like the way they look with your skinny jeans.



What are your favorite water shoes for women? Comment below!


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