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If you’ve scored your 2024 Paris Olympics tickets, then the next step is nailing down your packing list for summer in Paris. Take a look at the essentials!


2024 Paris Olympics Packing List



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The 2024 Paris Olympics dates are from July 26th to August 11th, which means it’ll be the height of summer! The sun is strong, and the air is humid, so be sure to choose your clothing accordingly.

Packing for the Olympics in Paris will be a bit different than a typical trip to Paris in the summer – you’ll need to account for long hours of standing under the sun and walking to and from events all over the city. Plus, it’ll be VERY crowded, so it will likely feel extra warm. One reader says that cute is good, but comfort is paramount!


Get ready for the trip of a lifetime with these Olympics essentials!



What Clothing to Pack for the Olympics


Readers say to dress comfortably in lightweight and breathable clothing when visiting Paris in the summer. For the Olympics specifically, you should focus on sporty-chic and easygoing clothing — don’t get too dressed up! One reader shares that during a previous Olympics game she attended, drinks were spilled, and people celebrated by throwing beer in the air, so her clothes got a bit dirty by the end.




Shop Whisper Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt: Nordstrom | Madewell
Sizes: XXS-XXL Regular | 1X-4X Plus


Lightweight and Classic Tops


Keep it simple with a polished t-shirt in a neutral color. Basic cotton, linen tees, or merino wool t-shirts will keep you comfortable in the heat, which is the most important factor, but they’ll also look great with any of your bottoms, from flowy skirts to leggings to jeans.

Madewell’s Whisper cotton v-neck t-shirt is always a go-to with readers, as it’s loose and comfortable yet feminine and elevated. It’s cooling and airy fabric will feel dreamy in the heat. Plus, the black color will hide stains, which is another bonus, though it comes in other colors, too.


Check out a few airplane outfit ideas to feel relaxed but still look chic when traveling!




Quince Cotton Modal Muscle Tank | Sizes XS-XL


You may also want to add a tank top or two to your summery capsule wardrobe. This Cotton Modal muscle tank from Quince has a more elevated and fashion-forward look, offering the perfect combo of function and style that a trip to the Paris Olympics calls for!




Lululemon City Sleek Wide-Leg Pant | Sizes 24-33


Sporty and Breathable Pants


While Parisian style is minimalist, tailored, and polished, trekking around for the Olympics will require bottoms that are a tad more functional and sporty. But why not go for both?

Readers are obsessed with travel pants made from technical fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, stretchy, and durable but that are designed to look like stylish pants and trousers.

The Lululemon City Sleek pants are a particular favorite, which boasts a flattering fit, on-trend wide-leg silhouette, and killer fabric that’s designed for movement and lots of activity and will keep you cool in the heat.


If you’re a style-conscious female traveler that’s always on the go, these are THE travel pants for you!




Eddie Bauer Departure Ankle Pants
Sizes: XS-XXL Regular | S-L Petite | M-XXL Tall | 2X-3X Plus


The Eddie Bauer Departure pants are another TFG fave that have the comfort of athletic pants and the look of trousers!

Flowy linen pants are another fabulous option, as they’re light, breathable, and so chic!




Eddie Bauer Aster Sleeveless Dress
Sizes: XS-XXL Regular | S-L Petite | M-XXL Tall | 2X-3X Plus


Moisture-Wicking Dresses


Readers agree that comfy and versatile outfits are key for all-day outings. One reader who’ll be attending the Olympics in Paris this summer shares that she plans on wearing skirts and dresses (paired with thin undershorts to prevent chafing) that are comfortable to walk and sit in at events and that can also look dressy enough to go straight to dinner!




Toad&Co Sunkissed A-Line Maxi Dress | Sizes XS-XL


Other readers share that dresses and skirts are common among Parisian locals in the summer. To make things extra practical and comfy, choose moisture-wicking dresses like the Columbia Freezer dress, which comes in numerous sizes and colors! It has UPF protection and will keep you cool running to and from sporting events. Another fave is the Toad&Co Sunkissed maxi dress. This gem is also moisture-wicking, has UPF 50+ sun protection, and it’s bra strap-friendly!




Athleta Brooklyn Heights Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Sizes: 0-16 Regular & Tall | 0-14 Petite


Readers also love Merino wool dresses too because they can be worn repeatedly, even on hot days, and won’t smell or wrinkle! The Wool& Maggie dress is a cute, t-shirt-style dress that’s easygoing and versatile.

As an alternative to a dress, rompers such as the Athleta Brooklyn Heights jumpsuit make for an equally effortless outfit that’s stylish, flattering, and feels great in the heat. Readers adore Athleta’s moisture-wicking dresses, too!




Wrangler Authentics Stretch Denim Jacket | Sizes XS-XL


Lightweight Travel Jacket 


Even though it’ll be hot during the day, summer nights in Paris can be quite chilly. There are plenty of evening and nighttime games and events to attend, so be sure to pack a lightweight jacket or sweater!

Denim jackets have a great medium weight that’s perfect for summer evenings, and they’ll transition beautifully from your casual to dressy looks. Readers adore the Wrangler stretch denim jacket for its comfortable fit, beautiful variety of colors, and timeless look.




Vuori Elijo Hooded Jacket | Sizes XS-XL


While rain in the summer does occur in Paris, it may be short, sweet, and evaporate quickly. Still, with how the weather is today, being literally unpredictable in so many destinations, it’s still wise to stuff a light, packable rain jacket into your day bag in case.

Or, if you want more polished styles, go for blazers. If you want to keep it extra airy, take a look at these gorgeous linen blazers!




Mersea Classic Travel Wrap


Another fabulous option is a wrap. Both elegant and cozy, a wrap is a great accessory to have on hand when the temps drop.

The reader-favorite Mersea Travel Wrap is beloved for good reason! It feels heavenly, looks chic, and can be easily folded up and stashed away in your day bag for whenever you need it.

Sweaters are lovely because they’re easy to pack away in a bag. Lightweight cardigans, merino wool sweaters, and cashmere sweaters are best, as they’re naturally breathable and work well in fluctuating temperatures.



What Shoes to Pack for the Olympics


From watching different competitions to sightseeing to simply taking in the exciting atmosphere, you’ll be quite active and on your feet for a lot of the day. That means comfortable and supportive shoes are an absolute must!




Shop New Balance 574 Sneaker: Nordstrom | New Balance


Sneakers or Tennis Shoes


While you’ll see all styles of shoes on locals in Paris, from flats to sandals to athletic shoes, one reader shares that the vast majority wore sneakers. She adds that her New Balance sneakers were not only perfect for her summer vacay in Paris (where she logged up to 30,000 steps a day!) but that she saw them worn by others all around the city, too.


Find out how and why to choose the best walking shoes for Europe!




Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Sneaker


Another bonus of sneakers is that they’ll be more protective when walking around in big crowds at the various games and events. Ideally, they should be lightweight and highly breathable, too.

Readers absolutely adore the Skechers Go Walk Joy slip ons, praising the highly cushioned and supportive footbeds, a durable and grippy outsole that is great for cobblestone streets, and the airy mesh upper to keep your feet cool.




Propet Farrah Ankle Strap Sandals


Sturdy and Comfortable Sandals


Comfortable sandals are great to have in Paris, both for letting your feet breathe on extra hot days and for dressing up to go out at night.

When it comes to picking the right pair, secure straps and a supportive footbed are key so that you can still do plenty of walking in them. There are cobblestone streets everywhere and plenty of stairs to climb, so keeping your feet stable is crucial.

The Propet Farrah sandals are a cute pair with incredible cushioning for walking and users say they’re super comfortable. They’re amazing for walking in, and they come in wide and extra-wide widths!


Here are the best sandals for women that love to explore at home or abroad!




KEEN Rose Casual Closed Toe Sandals


If you want a more sporty sandal, the KEEN Rose sandals have sturdy rubber soles and a lot of comfy cushion and they don’t get sopping wet from sweat as you tackle a hot day at the Olympics. Readers confirm that you can long some serious miles in these cuties, and they’ll look great with everything, from long shorts to lightweight denim jeans.

Both TFGers and Parisian locals love Birkenstock sandals, too. They’re timeless, practical, and beyond comfortable! Take a look at more shoes for Paris here!



What Accessories to Pack for the Olympics




Lanzom Wide Brim Straw Panama Hat


Sun-Safe Accessories


You’ll be out under the hot sun for hours on end, so be sure to bring accessories that offer great protection.

Readers say to pack a lightweight, wide-brimmed sun hat to give your face some shade. A packable hat is super handy for tucking away in your day bag when not needed.




DIFF Bella 52mm Polarized Sunglasses


There is SO much to see on a trip to Paris, both at the Olympic games and when sightseeing, so your eyes might feel a bit strained. Keep your eyes protected from the bright sun and potential glares with sunglasses.

Along with these summer essentials, don’t forget a sunglass case to keep them cushioned and scratch-free in your bag!




Compass Rose RFID Secret Bra Wallet


Anti-Theft Accessories


There will be a lot of big crowds during the week of the Paris summer Olympics, so anti-theft accessories will give you peace of mind as you enjoy the festivities. They’ll keep your cards, cash, and important documents like your Paris Olympics 2024 tickets safe and sound. With your valuables out of sight and out of reach from pickpockets, you won’t have to continuously check your belongings and worry about anything getting lost or stolen.

The Compass Rose secret bra wallet is the most popular anti-theft option because it’s super soft, comfortable, and easy to wear!




Alpha Keeper Money Belt


Money belts are another popular option that stay securely hidden under your clothing and stores your most valuable items. Readers agree that wearing anti-theft accessories like money belts will be so important for enjoying the games and being present on your once-in-a-lifetime trip!


We’ve rounded up the best anti theft travel bags for women, and our readers have voted for their favorite styles.




Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag


Day Bags for the Olympics


An alternative (or addition) to your anti-theft accessories is an anti-theft purse!

Readers love the Travelon messenger bag because it’s not only functional and decked out with tons of security features, but has a simple, versatile look that’s polished enough for all of your stylish outfits. It’s also spacious enough for storing a day’s worth of essentials and even has a handy water bottle pocket. Readers say a bag with space for a water bottle is a must!




Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-Theft 17L Backpack


When packing a bag for a long, adventurous day of watching the Olympics in Paris, you may need the extra packing space that a backpack can provide — especially if you know you’ll be out from morning till night! However, one reader gives a great tip, suggesting that you should keep the items in your day bag to a minimum when actually attending Olympic events, as it’ll speed up getting through security.

A lightweight backpack will allow you to store water, snacks, a hat, sunscreen, and all of your other must-haves while keeping you comfortable and hands-free.

Because the openings of a backpack are out of sight, an anti-theft backpack is ideal to prevent the risk of pickpocketing. The PacSafe CitySafe backpack has interlocking zippers, lock-down straps, and cut-proof material to keep your belongings safe as can be, and the fabric is water-resistant, easy to keep clean, and looks pretty and sleek!




Bandolier Emma Crossbody Bag


More Olympics Recommendations from Readers


  • With the heat, walking around, and all the cheering you’ll be doing, you’ll need to stay hydrated! Readers say a reusable water bottle is a must – especially because there are fresh drinking water fountains all around the city!
  • Bring a portable phone charger in your day bag to always stay powered up, as using maps and taking photos will drain your battery quickly.
  • Readers highly suggest a crossbody phone purse or phone lanyard, sharing that you can easily grab it to take a quick photo and that it’ll keep your phone secure and always in sight.
  • A portable fan will definitely come in handy to keep cool among the bustling crowds!
  • Readers love sunscreen sticks for easy re-application throughout the day.



What’s on your Olympics Paris 2024 packing list? Share with us in the comments!


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