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I’ve discovered an entirely new packing strategy, and if you’re not already traveling carry-on only, this might be the game changer you need!

I’m super excited to talk about the TFG Carryon Packing System! It’s my own design, which offers you an efficient way to organize your luggage. Separate your belongings by color or by number so you’ll always know exactly where to find what you need. Keep reading to learn more!


Travel Fashion Girl Packing Cubes



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When I started Travel Fashion Girl, my goal was to learn how to travel carry-on only. In July 2011, I had been traveling for four years full time, and I was so tired of overpacking all the wrong things and dragging around a heavy backpack around the world. Frustrated with the lack of packing advice for female travelers, I set out to figure things out for myself.

I spent one year testing out different packing ideas and interviewing other female travelers on the road. In August 2012, I launched Travel Fashion Girl to share my findings and give others insight on how I was able to downsize my travel clothing using the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

However, it wasn’t until I started using packing cubes that I was finally able to travel with a carry-on size backpack. This was a major milestone for me! Gratefully, I’ve been able to travel carry-on only ever since, despite traveling full-time and permanently living out of a suitcase.

I’ve spent the past 10+ years perfecting my packing skills. In doing so, I also discovered many flaws in the existing packing cubes available on the market.


Now, I’ve taken matters into my own hands, and I’m happy to present my product:



Compass Rose Carryon Packing Cubes!




Because I live, breathe, and dream about packing 24/7, I’ve designed these packing cubes to be so much more than a typical suitcase organizer. The TFG Carryon Packing System offers you a new, efficient way to organize your luggage. Separate your belongings by color or by number, you’ll always know exactly where to find what you need.

In case you want more history of why I developed my own packing cubes, Compass Rose Travel Accessories is truly a passion endeavor that was born out of my goal to learn how to travel carry-on only and finally find products that focus on women’s needs.

Frustrated with the lack of packing advice or proper accessories for female travelers, I set out to figure things out for myself.

They’re the ultimate packing cubes!



On my way to meet the manufacturers for the first time in January 2018


We worked tirelessly on perfecting a system that’s TFG approved, with the color-coded and numbering system of Compass Rose Packing Cubes, and have been glad to hear the positive feedback on how these cubes have helped you pack better or organize your lives!

Since offering our packing cubes since 2017, the reader response has been incredible!! One TFG says, “LOVE, love, love my Compass Rose packing cubes! My suitcase has never been so organized, compact, and with so many items in it! I sent photos to my family, and they were very surprised.”

We truly appreciated the heaps of positive feedback that we culled it all together into a FULL REVIEW of why the Compass Rose Packing Cubes are SO popular with readers and travelers. READ IT HERE! 


You can buy Compass Rose Packing Cubes here!




And my packing cubes are offered in two different sizes! Slim Packing Cubes and Medium Packing Cubes.



Compass Rose Slim Carry On Packing Cubes


Slim Size Packing Cubes


The Slim Packing Cubes are designed to fit international carry-on luggage and can be neatly stacked upright by the handles or laid flat on top of each other. The dimensions are 13 x 5 x 2.8 inches.




The slim cubes’ color and number system is organized as follows: #1 is red, #2 is gray, #3 is red, and #4 is gray. Our readers say these offer better compression and can fit 3-10 clothing items per cube.



Compass Rose Medium Carry On Packing Cubes


Medium Size Packing Cubes


The Medium Packing Cubes are also designed to fit international carry-on luggage and can be laid flat inside a clamshell suitcase or stacked on each other in a top loading suitcase. The dimensions are 2.8 x 13 x 8.5 inches.




The medium cubes’ color and number system is organized as follows: #1 is gray, #2 is red, #3 is gray, and #4 is red. With such great compression and this larger size, you can fit 3-10 clothing pieces per cube. Many users say these are great to put bulkier items in and still be able to fit into a carry on size suitcase!




We just launched the NEW medium packing cubes and would love to hear how you liked them—by going to our Amazon listing!



Sharing the excitement earlier this year at Women’s Travel Fest with Deanna Debreacht, a long-time reader, who’s holding the new Medium Packing Cubes. So grateful to share this special moment with a fellow TFG!!!


The amazing benefit of these packing cubes is that you can use them as the original set or mix and match them in whatever way works best for you and your trip! So, you can use a slim cube and then add a medium cube for your packing purposes.

The one-of-a-kind color and numbered organizational system enable you to pack using one of five unique packing strategies. You can use the packing cubes to pack based on the clothing item, weather, family member, outfit, or destination.

One reader shares her packing strategy, “I’m so happy with these packing cubes. Easy to use, they fit a surprising amount of items. I’ve finally been able to narrow down what I take on trips thanks to these organizing cubes. Even in small hotel rooms, it’s easy to keep them in my bag under the bed, slide them out, and choose what I need each day.”


Pack your luggage using one of five unique packing strategies:



  1. Tops
  2. Bottoms
  3. Outerwear and Accessories
  4. Pajamas, Undergarments



  1. (RED) Hot Weather
  2. (RED) Hot Weather
  3. (GREY) Cold Weather
  4. (GREY) Cold Weather



  1. Day One
  2. Day Two
  3. Day Three
  4. Day Four



  1. Destination One
  2. Destination Two
  3. Destination One
  4. Destination Two



  1. Adult One
  2. Adult Two
  3. Child One
  4. Child Two


Depending on the length of your trip and the weather, you may only need to use some, not all of the packing cubes.



Watch the packing tutorial on Youtube!


I put together a five-part YouTube series showing you the different methods to use packing cubes. If you use this specific packing strategy, they can also compress your belongings.




And we further break down the versatile and various ways you can use Compass Rose packing cubes in our Blog Series, 5 Days, 5 Ways. If you’re new to this efficient packing method, it’s encouraged to read this flagship series that demonstrates real-life packing scenarios and how to stay completely organized! Read the whole series as follows:


With these amazing tips, you’ll learn the secret to traveling carryon only!


Buy Compass Rose Packing Cubes here!




Why are these packing cubes different than the rest?


Not only are they an awesome Travel Fashion Girl product, but they are also more functional than any other packing cube available.


In addition to the one-of-a-kind color AND number coded system, TFG’s Carryon Packing System features include:

  • 4 packing cubes in each set
  • They’re sized to fit international carryons, this is the ONLY packing cube that is the correct width for international carryon sizes
  • Unlike other packing cubes, they have a structured fabric ensuring the cubes retain their shape so they fit neatly inside your suitcase
  • They’re not just a luggage organizer. They’re a packing system that allows you to use five unique packing strategies for an efficient, stress-free travel experience.


A TFG reader shares a wonderful review, “I purchased Compass Rose packing cubes a while ago. I got started with packing cubes when I wanted to travel to Croatia with just a carryon. Since then, I’ve purchased a few different sizes and brands. I really love Compass Rose because the size is perfect for a carryon, backpack, or medium suitcase. I found an alternative use for them when I’m not traveling. I’m a Plein Air painter and carry a variety of painting equipment. I found this size to fit my long handles paint brushes perfectly. I fill the bag with brushes and pack it in my backpack along with everything else!”


Want to see a step by step guide? How to Use Packing Cubes: 8 Step Strategy to Travel Carry-on Only is exactly what you need to become a packing expert! 


Readers who love these packing cubes say it’s relief not to waste time trying to figure out where clothing is hiding in their suitcase. Make the most of your trip by being well-organized and prepared every single time! Buy Compass Rose Packing Cubes here!




As a plus, the TFG Carryon Packing System also offers:


International carryon sizing so your packing cubes will fit perfectly for a wide range of airlines worldwide.

Versatile packing options. Position the cubes vertically like drawers to use the entire height of your suitcase or stack them flat on top of each other. If you’re traveling with a backpack, you can slide them in vertically.

Color-coding helps families, friends, and couples share a suitcase. Each member can have their own color to easily identify their belongings.

Easy to clean, water-resistant fabric: just wipe and go. This is perfect if you have kids or are taking them on an outdoor adventure!

Use them at home, too. TFG’s Carryon Packing System can be used to organize your daily items, too. Use them at home, work, school, or even in your car – they’re not limited to luggage.


Not only can you use them to store clothing, but you can also use them for toiletries, snacks, electronics, food, and so much more.






Will you offer more colors?  


The initial packing cube set features the Travel Fashion Girl signature colors: red and grey. This set will act as the core of our collection, just as every capsule wardrobe has its essential items.


What is the size of the packing cube set?


SLIM: The dimensions are 13 x 5 x 2.8 inches, and there are four packing cubes in each set.
MEDIUM: The dimensions are 13 x 8.5 x 2.8 inches, and there are four packing cubes in each set.


How much do the packing cubes weigh?


2.4oz each


Will you offer more sizes? 


My hope is to launch more sizes, colors, and products, too. I have so many ideas I’d love to share with you! 




Why did you name the collection Compass Rose, not Travel Fashion Girl?


Five years before starting Travel Fashion Girl, my goal was to create a clothing line called Compass Rose featuring practical but fashionable items. Hopefully, the travel products are just the beginning, and I’d love to grow the collection to have more products in the future!



Buy Compass Rose Packing Cubes here!



Where will you travel with these packing cubes? Feel free to comment below!


For more tips and ideas on packing organizers, please read:






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