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What to wear on a plane can be challenging. Are you undecided about whether you should wear your boots while flying? Our readers offer suggestions!


What to Wear on a Plane: Boots


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Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


What are your thoughts on wearing boots on a three-hour plane flight? Yes or no?


Traveling with boots can be difficult. They take up room and weight in your suitcase, but you might be hesitant to wear them. Here, our readers share what they do with their boots when traveling. Many choose to wear their boots, but they find ways to get comfortable during their flights.



Which Boots to Wear on the Plane?




Blondo Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie


Blondo Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie


A lot of our readers recommend wearing your heaviest or bulkiest shoes on the plane. Winter boots might not make the perfect traveling outfit, but if you plan to travel with them, it might be your best choice.

While an ankle boot can be packable and versatile, it might not be the best shoe choice for every situation. If you’re going to extreme snow and cold or if you plan activities requiring heavier boots, you’ll need to figure out how to pack them – or simply wear them.

One reader says wearing boots “saved me precious packing space!” Several readers agree, “Boots just take up way too much room in my bag, so I have to wear them.”

Another reader adds, “Wear your boots onto the plane, saves you space and weight in your luggage. Then, if they are uncomfortable during the flight, slip on some ballet slippers stashed in your carry-on.”

Read why ankle boots are the best shoes for travel to Europe from autumn through spring!



Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot


Hiking Boots


Several readers even have worn their hiking boots to fly. One reader says, “If your boots are the heaviest you will pack, wear them. I wore my North Face hiking boots with Vibram soles on a 7-hour flight. My feet thanked me upon arrival.”

Another reader adds, “I’ve even worn big hiking boots. They take up way too much room in your bag, so you really have to wear them.”


These are the best hiking shoes for women!



UGG Kesey Boot


Mock Lace Boots


One issue with some boots – such as hiking boots – is dealing with laces to tie or secure. Instead, you could choose a boot with mock laces or laces that are fixed that you don’t have to undo.

If you like the look of a combat or prairie style boot with laces, you can find some with a side zipper, so you never have to touch the laces!

These will be easier to wear through airport security as well as to remove during the flight. You won’t have to hunch over your seat to untie and retie laces!

We round up the best leather boots for travel!



Cole Haan Newburg Chelsea Boot


Chelsea Boots


The ideal boots for air travel will have a closure that allows you to pull them off and put them on easily. Chelsea boots are a great option. Not only are they stylish, but they are practical, too.

Chelsea boots are my favorite type of ankle boots in general, because the classic style can be dressed up or down. I can pair them with cute leggings for a flight or wear them with a dress to go sightseeing. They are my all-purpose boot from fall to spring.


Find out why we’re obsessed with chelsea boots!



Teva W De La Vina Dos Tall Boot


Tall Zip Boots


Another type of boot that’s convenient for travel is one that zips. This can be an ankle boot or a tall boot. This makes it easy to take them off and put them back on.


Read my review, and find out why the Travel Fashion Girl readers and I love the Blondo Villa ankle boot!



Keep Your Feet Comfy When Wearing Boots on a Flight




Kirkland Trail Sock


Choose Wool Socks


Once in the air, you always can slip your boots off for the duration of the journey. Not only are socks more comfortable, but they also will help to keep you warm on those longer flights!

Chances are if you’re wearing boots to fly, you’ve already chosen a good pair of socks. For cold weather, our readers recommend these Kirkland wool winter socks. They are on the thicker side, so you’ll want to pair them with a boot that doesn’t fit you too tightly. They are ultra-warm!




Tundra Wolf Wool Socks


Wear a Pair or Two of Thin Wool Socks


If you prefer thinner socks, I use these lightweight, thin wool socks. It it’s moderately cold, I wear one pair, and if it’s very cold, I wear two pairs for ultra-warmth. Wearing two pairs of socks is also a way to save a tiny bit more space in your carry-on!




HASLRA Premium Microfiber Fuzzy Socks


Get Comfy Socks


If you want to feel snuggly during your flight, you can put on a pair of cozy socks.

One reader says, “I wore (my boots) on the plane and took socks to put on once we were settled and in the air.”

Another reader adds, “Take (your boots) off, and bring some socks with you. I always take my shoes off, no matter how long the flight. I’m just more comfortable that way.”


Have you ever stepped onto a plane only to realize that it’s freezing? Read our tips on how to stay warm on a long flight.



Swap Out with a Second Pair of Shoes




Yosi Samra Samara Ballet Flat


Ballet Flats


If you’re unsure about what to wear on a plane when flying long distance with boots, take a change of shoes. Why not slip a pair of flip-flops or ballet flats into a packing cube in your personal item so you can change your shoes once you are in the air?

One reader says, “I wear my heavier shoes to travel in but clip my Crocs flats to the outside of my bag, so I can slip them on and off for walking about the plane.” Another reader “brings footies with scruffy bottoms to change into during the flight for comfort.”

Slippers are an option, one reader says. “I use a pair of slippers that have a non-slip sole and look like loafers that happen to be made of a soft fabric. I wear my boots onto the plane, and then take them off and replace with my slippers.”

Check out the most comfortable ballet flats for travel!



FitKicks Lifestyle Footwear Shoes


Fitkick Shoes


One reader says, “Personally, three hours, the boots are staying put. Longer, I throw my FitKick shoes in my bag. They are great as they pack flat and have a textured sole.” Another reader said that her FitKick shoes “are like wearing slippers.”


Don’t buy another pair of travel shoes until you read this!



Wear a Pair of Compression Socks




VIM & VIGR Fashionable Compression Socks


Regular Compression Socks


Some readers were concerned that if they wore boots their feet would swell on the plane.

However, one reader shares, “If you’re wearing ankle boots, it won’t be a big deal, but if you wear high boots, then it could be difficult zipping them up when you land. To avoid this from happening, wear compression socks.”

Another reader adds, “I wear my hiking boots on the plane. I wear compression socks to stop my feet swelling. I take the boots off so I can sleep and then slip them back on to go to the restrooms.”




Calf Sleeve Toeless Compression Socks


Footless Compression Socks


One worry for a couple of our readers was fitting thick compression socks on with their ankle boots.

To solve this problem, other readers recommend using footless compression socks. One reader says, “I prefer the footless ones that are more like a calf sleeve,” while another reader adds, “I have compression legging sleeves, but they don’t have a foot on them, so they’re great for pairing with boots.”


Have a look at our round-up of the best compression socks!




UGG Simmens Leather Boot



The Final Verdict: What to Wear on a Plane — Boots?


Most of our readers agree that if your boots are your heaviest footwear, then yes, boots are what to wear on a plane!


Would you wear boots on a plane? Share in the comments below!


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