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With a little help from our readers, we’ve rounded up these travel-friendly, dual voltage hot brushes to achieve lovely looking tresses anywhere you go!


Spoiler Alert: Can’t wait to find out the top brush hair dryer tools? These are the best two styles according to our readers (and we agree)!


Best Blow Dryer Brush

Written By: Michelle Nati



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When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is bring too many hair accessories for styling your tresses. Packing light is always the priority and a bulky blow dryer and countless brushes can really cramp your packing style. So what do you do? 

The answer is a hot air curling brush! This tool allows you to combine a blow dryer with brush components into one compact method to create the styles you want. It takes up little room in your suitcase and gets the job done when it comes to managing your hair wherever you land.


We’ve featured a few options that fall into two categories: a dryer brush or a curler brush. Both can achieve pretty waves on mostly dried hair, so you look fab at your destination. TFG readers share their top picks for the best heated curling brushes below!



What’s the Best Hot Air Brush for Travel to Style Hair?


Below are the top 2 reader picks for the best hair dryer brush and hair curler brush:




Dual Voltage Plavogue Styling Brush


Plavogue Styling Heated Air Brush 


This blow dryer brush from Plavogue is compact and has 3 adjustment options, a one-step hair dryer brush to deliver stunning blowouts. The brush is designed with nylon needles and tufted bristles, tangled brush with massage ball can easily slide over the hair and scalp massage.
It can easily smooth and soften tangled and curly hair while it also reduce hair frizz and static electricity.

With its negative ion technology, it saturates the airflow and bring complete protection to your hair. It also has unique airflow vents to ensure better air and heat coverage. Plus its dual voltage!


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PHOEBE Hot Air Curling Brush


 PHOEBE Hot Curler Brush


A combination curler, straightener, and comb, the PHOEBE heated hair brush is a high-quality styling tool that preserves the moisture in your hair by maintaining its natural oils to keep it supple and healthy. With its adjustable temperature and even heat distribution, you can have stunning tresses wherever you may be.

It is suitable for all hair types: thin, fine, curly or thick. One reader says, “I really like this one, it does a great job of styling my hair. In fact, could the best hot air brush for fine hair!” 


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  Best Travel Hot Air Curling Iron




CONAIR 2-1 Blow Drying Brush


CONAIR 2-1 Electric Hair Brush


You can definitely get soft, voluminous curls on the go with this easy-to-use hair brush dryer by CONAIR. With a 1.5-inch wide aluminum barrel and 1-inch natural boar and bristle attachment, you’ll save time and get the ‘do you desire whether curling or straightening. 

The addition of a cool tip, safety stand, and tangle-free cord make this a must-have for travel, according to readers. One says, “I recommend this hair dryer brush straightener and curler, it totally works on damp hair.”


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AmoVee Hair Curling Brush


AmoVee Hot Brush Styler


The AmoVee Heated Brush works super well for travel because it’s dual voltage and it straightens as well as curls, or feel free to use as a normal hair brush. It also heats up quickly and features anti-scald, anti-slip, and cutting edge technology that emits negative ions to prevent frizz or hair damage.

Readers love its ease of use and packability. One says, “This brush blow dryer is wonderful. It’s fairly compact and doesn’t get super hot so I don’t burn my fingers, and it cools quickly. I can get straight, smooth hair, or soft curls.”


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InStyler Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron Ceramic Styler


InStyler Ionic Hot Brush and Ceramic Styler


The InStyler’s innovative 3D ceramic heat packs a big wallop when it comes to giving you the perfect, salon-style blowout. Whether your hair is long, short, thinning, thick, coarse, straight, or frizzy—if you’re looking for long-lasting, bouncy curls or voluminous waves, you’ll find them here. It replaces 4 different styling tools-flat iron, curling iron, round brush and styling wand.

One TFG reader says she uses this hair dryer styler brush almost every day “with great results.” Another reader concurs, adding, “The In styler works for me. It’s one long and lean appliance and works well.” This puppy is also packable, only weighing 1.76 ounces.


These are the best travel curling iron options for domestic and international trips!




LOVANI Mini Travel Hair Curling Iron Brush


LOVANI Mini Hair Curling Iron Brush


With smooth high-quality bristles and the flick of a wrist, your hair will be ready to go with LOVANI curling blow dryer brush! The mini heated curlers brush ceramic tourmaline barrel produces negative ions to reduce hair damage, 390°F High Heat for long lasting results.

You can curl your hair easily with this travel size curling iron, humanization design with 360°swivel cord. The sleek design is compact so you can have more room in your bag. A magic styling wand for TFG readers!


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Best Travel Hot Air Brush




T3 AireBrush Hair Dryer Brush


Reader Top Pick: T3 AireBrush Hair Dryer Brush


Described as the healthy blow dry brush, this T3 AireBrush blow dryer brush provides gentle and even heat to protect against damage and speed up styling time. Plus, there are three heat and two speed settings to give you the perfect combination for your specific hair type. 

This handy styling tool, with its custom-blend ceramic surface and smooth bristles, will give you smooth and glossy locks. Users say it also creates great volume.

Readers constantly talk about T3 products, which encouraged me to buy the 1-inch T3 Lucea straightener




When I’ve used T3 products, my experience has mainly been positive, like how the T3 Lucea straightener makes my hair look travel-ready!


When I tried the Lucea straigtener, I discovered that I love how it keeps my hair under control and looking smooth, and I’m now considering purchasing the Aireluxe Hair Dryer to use every day instead of for traveling. You can also buy T3 products at Nordstrom here.




LANDOT Hot Air Brush Blow Dryer


LANDOT Hot Air Brush


The  LANDOT Hair Drying Brush is the best rotating hot air brush because as you work it through, ceramic oil technology actually condition your hair. It’s easy to carry, has 12 Digital Display heat settings from 250°F to 450°F, and will give your hair a naturally lustrous look, all while reducing split ends and knots. 

It’s perfect for all hair types and economical in price and is space-saving in luggage. One reader says she’s “just ordered this for its weight.”


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L’ANGE HAIR Le Vite Hair Brush Straightener


L’ANGE HAIR Le Vite Hair Brush Styler


Enjoy hair that’s lustrous and smooth with L’ANGE HAIR Le Vite straightening brush. It delivers sleek, voluminous hair minus the frizz due to its ionic generator and high-quality bristles.

Le Vite heats up quickly and evenly, and you can adjust the temperature to the setting you want. This helps cut your styling sesh in half while reducing the risk of damage from overheating. The result is a look that’s lustrous, sleek, and oh-so-ravishing!

One user says, Easy to use, not heavy, or too large for your hand. Creates easy styling options on dry hair (not wet) that last. It is quick and reduces the frizz of my hair. I bought it for the dual voltage options, but I am using it every day. Really love this brush.”


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Conair Styling Curler Brush


Conair Styling Curler Brush


The Conair Styling Curler Brush has turbo heat power boost for maximum heat to give you those beach waves that hold their shape. This hair curling iron brush is easily operated and 36 second fast heats for saving time and perfect result. Bristles help to guide and style hair and Smart Technology for long-lasting, medium-to-loose curls and waves. With up to 25 heat settings for every hair type.


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OMOteam Professional Dual Voltage Blowout Hair Dryer


OMOteam Hair Dryer Brush


With 360° airflow and two gentle heat modes, this OMOteam Professional Dual Voltage Blowout Hair Dryer will make an on-the-go blowout super easy! The ceramic base distributes heat evenly, and the ion generator reduces frizz, resulting in shiny, healthy hair! Users say how light it is and the ergonomic grip is great, and also share that you can use it to style your hair in many different ways.  

One thrilled traveler shares that she bought this one specifically for a trip to Europe, and it worked so well. It left her hair soft and smooth with no frizziness! 




FSNEY Hair Dryer Brush


FSNEY Blow Dryer Hot Brush


A stellar budget option, this FSNEY blow dryer brush has good reviews for its ultra-lightweight feel and efficiency. Its excellent airflow speeds up the drying process while minimizing heat-related damage, and the various heat settings will give you a customized look. 

One user says it’s easy to travel with and super convenient for blow-drying hair in under 15 minutes. It’s perfect for a low-maintenance sightseeing routine that’ll give you salon-like results! 



Product Comparison Chart


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NEWVANGA International Universal All in One Travel Adapter


Traveling With a Dual Voltage Hot Air Brush


Typically the best round brush hair dryers for travel should be dual voltage and have two options: 110-120V (US) and 220-240V (Europe). It is ideal for travel because it is safe to use at home or abroad.

When hair tools are designed so to be used in different countries, they’ll be labeled as “dual-voltage”.

A travel adapter enables you to plug your dual-voltage electronics into international outlets. Not all countries use the same type of plug so I recommend you buy an international adapter like this.



Why Be Aware When Using a Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Brush?


Hair tools such as blow dryers, wands, curling irons, and straighteners use up a large amount of electricity so it’s particularly important that they are used with the correct voltage. 

For example, in the US we use 110-120V whereas in Europe they use 220-240V. If we plug our electronics into each other’s outlets, they can blow a fuse and stop working. In some cases, they can even fry your hair. The video below can also shed light on adapters, converters, and the right voltage.


Learn about travel adapters, converters, and voltage in this video!


It’s important to understand that an adaptor and converter are NOT the same things. An adapter fits the outlets and a converter changes the electrical current so your electronics down blow a fuse!


Visit this power outlet guide for travelers to see a full list of plugs and outlets by country.



What’s the Best Hair Dryer Brush Dual Voltage?


The brush irons for hair listed in this post are compatible with international voltages to make it easier to take them anywhere in the world.



What’s the Best Blow Dry Brush for Europe?


If you’re from the US and traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa, or the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand then a dual voltage dryer brush is absolutely essential. If the one you use at home has the dual voltage feature then you can also use it on your travels too.

Remember to switch your hair tools to 220V/240V when you arrive at your destination!


Visit this website for a full list of voltage by country.



What’s your favorite hair styler brush? Share and comment below!


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