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When a reader asked for the best shoes for travel to Europe this spring – the answer was clear: ankle booties. Scroll down below to find out TFG’s recommendations for the best ankle booties this season!


What Shoes to Wear in Europe


Reader asks: Traveling to Europe for the first time in mid-April and I’m stuck on footwear. We’ll be in Prague, Paris, Normandy and Amsterdam. I’m traveling with my husband and 12 year old son so nothing fancy in terms of outings at night, etc.

I have a great pair of Sketchers that I will wear for walking, but need advice on a more fashionable shoe to wear to dinner or when I want to wear something other than sneakers. Will it be warm enough for no socks in a flat? Or should I just go with boots?




Ankle booties are your best bet! With any luck, April can be warm but most of the cities listed can be rainy and cool. Paris could be the warmest place (mid-70s). Normandy can be windy and cooler. Make sure your sneakers are mud-proof if you’re hiking around the D-day beaches!

There are likely to be some cold (and maybe a bit rainy) days at that time of year in Northern Europe. Prague may be a little warmer than Amsterdam where you should expect to wear sweaters.


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Flat Ankle Booties


Since April is still cold and chilly, bring flat ankle booties, either dressy or casual depending on your activities! A nice pair of leather boots are appropriate in various restaurants.

You’ll be happy to have them in the cool Spring rain. Your feet will be dry and warm. As a bonus, add a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts.


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Other Shoes


In addition to ankle booties, you may want to consider flats with a rubber sole, which are great for nicer days but can also double as a walking shoe.

Toms, brogues or lace up shoes are a good alternative (to avoid damp feet) and tights may be a good idea rather than full on winter boots.




If you are prone to cold feet then you’ll need socks. Many flats in those cities don’t have carpeting, and the older buildings don’t retain heat very well. For indoor use, you may want to bring warm (packable) slippers or slipper socks.

Ultimately, if you’re heading to Europe in April, bring ankle booties! Additional shoe options would be comfortable flats, low sturdy heeled shoes, or sneakers.




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What ankle booties will you pack for Europe in Spring? Share and comment below!

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