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On the hunt for a reliable, lightweight women’s jacket for travel? This comprehensive guide covers tips and top picks for the best travel jacket for any season or scenario—read on to find out what jacket is best to bring with you!


Best Travel Jacket Women Pack for All Seasons



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No matter where you’re headed; a solid travel jacket is an absolute must. But the style, weight, and other features will depend on the time of year, destination, and activities planned. Take a look at our ultimate guide to the best womens travel jacket, as well as a list of readers’ all-time favorite brands and styles! 



How to Choose the Best Travel Jackets for Women




Readers say the Eddie Bauer Waterproof Charly Jacket has durable but lightweight fabric




While a jacket may look really cute, you’ll need to make sure it’s made of the right fabric to keep you warm and protected from the elements. 

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are fantastic materials for travel jackets, as they’re made to be extremely durable yet lightweight, breathable, and comfy. They pack well, won’t wrinkle, and are overall super low maintenance yet highly practical. They’re also water-resistant, and many nylon or polyester options will be made to be fully waterproof, so if you’re traveling to a rainy destination, these kinds of materials are ideal.




The Columbia Carson Pass II Winter Jacket has warmth without the bulk! (Read our review of this jacket)


If you’re heading to a cold climate, you might want to look for these materials, too, but in a puffer style, which adds cozy insulation. You could also opt for a wool coat for your winter travels. Wool is a fantastic material that’s super soft, warm, breathable, and great at regulating your temperature so you won’t overheat, will keep you feeling dry and fresh and looks super chic! 

If you’re traveling to a warmer climate, you’ll want to keep things lightweight with fabrics like cotton, rayon, or polyester. A jean jacket, a sweatshirt, or a light trench coat are some of the best lightweight jacket women’s styles that’ll give you that extra bit of warmth without being too hot or bulky. 


Read this post on how to pack winter jackets in your luggage!




The North Face Thermoball Packable Down Jacket (Plus Size) has exterior pockets and a zippered hidden pocket inside!


Organizational Pockets


While you’re out seeing the sights and adventuring at your destination, keeping your travel essentials organized and accessible is important. Even with a great travel purse, there are some things you may want to have at the ready, stored in a secure travel jacket pocket. There may also be those days when you want to travel light and not carry a bag. 

So, when searching for the perfect travel jacket, keep those pockets in mind! Look for pockets that have some sort of zippered or button closure, and bonus points for hidden pockets or interior pockets! That way, your belongings are kept extra safe from pickpocketing or simply falling out. 




This Icebreaker Hoodie has zippered pockets and internal ones to hold items!


Having a travel jacket with hidden pockets is super convenient for storing your phone, as it’ll be out of sight when not in use but can be grabbed in a flash to snap that perfect photo. Secure jacket pockets are also great for storing things like your cash, credit cards, or hotel access card. Close to your body and easy to reach, you’ll be able to check in on these items and make sure they’re safe and sound throughout the day. 

Outer pockets are handy for those less valuable but still important essentials like lip balm, sunglasses, or gloves.




The Quince Water-Resistant Trench is classic and perfect for Europe!




There are SO many great styles of lightweight women’s jackets to choose from that are functional for travel, from leather jackets to trench coats to down parkas. 

Readers share their go-to’s. One says, “I have several trench coats I travel with. They are great three seasons of the year and are adjustable to all kinds of weather.” Another reader shares, “I am loving my rain jacket that I just got! Cuts the wind, can layer if needed, and is cute.” And another TFG reports, “I like traveling with a leather jacket and a lightweight puffer with a hood to go over it. That way, if it’s a little warmer in the afternoon, the leather jacket is enough. The puffer can live in its own compressed bag for easy traveling.” 




A trendy Faux-Leather Jacket can add chic and edge to a plain outfit!


For fall, faux-leather jackets make a great alternative to a wool or trench. Denim jackets are amazing options for spring and summer travels or layering with sweaters in the fall. Fleece jackets and hoodies are easy to pack and are perfect for layering under a heavier coat or wearing over a tee on a brisk morning.  

Because you’ll likely only bring one or two jackets along, they need to be the most versatile item! Look for something that not only meets your needs in terms of weather and activities but also that you’ll want to wear repeatedly and that you’ll be happy seeing in your photos!


Take a look at more of the best travel jacket women’s styles here!




The Ibex Merino Wool Aire Jacket packs small into its own interior chest pocket and is warm but lightweight—I take it with me everywhere!




When it comes to packability, a lightweight women’s jackets for travelling that are easy to store is ideal, but that definitely doesn’t mean you should skimp on warmth or comfort! In winter, to save weight without compromising warmth, opt for insulated jackets made of down or down-alternative, which weigh very little but will keep you toasty.  

Most readers like to make it easy by wearing their heaviest jacket on the flight and packing any additional jackets in their luggage. This is especially useful if you need to bring along a parka or some type of winter coat. Plus, boarding with a big, cozy jacket makes a great blanket or pillow, and it’ll be ready to snuggle into when you land at your destination. 

If you want to pack a jacket in your luggage, a packing cube will help you save tons of space in your suitcase by compressing your clothes. And as a bonus, it’ll keep it folded neatly and looking nice when you pull it out!




This Outdoor Ventures Fleece-Lined Jacket has a detachable hood and adjustable waistband and hem!


Extra Features


Other features you’ll want to look for in a lightweight jacket for travel are versatile and timeless styles that will not only go with all of your clothing options, but that’s something you’ll love wearing for years to come. You’ll also want to go for fabrics that are easy to clean and care for. And wrinkle-free materials or materials that easily shake out and look presentable are a huge plus when traveling, as well. 

If you need a waterproof travel jacket, make sure that not only will the shell repel water but that the jacket has waterproof seams and sealed cuffs so that bits of water don’t trickle in throughout the day. 

Removable and adjustable features are always a plus, too. A hood will be super cozy on a rainy or windy day, but it’s nice to have the option of taking off in milder weather. An adjustable waist or a removable belt is also a plus, as they can give you the perfect, customized fit, either adding a feminine shape or allowing for extra room when layering. 


Find out our stylish strategies on how to layer clothes for winter!




Check weather conditions before traveling! Wearing Sherpa Fleece (similar) in nippy fall weather


Other Factors When Selecting a Travel Jacket Womens Style


Another major factor to consider when planning which womens travel jackets to pack is, of course, the weather at your destination. You should always be sure to check the weather forecast leading up to your trip so you can know roughly what temperatures and conditions to expect. That way, you’ll be prepared for unexpected rain showers on a summer’s day in NYC or an unexpectedly warm week on a fall trip to London. 

Also, consider your activities. One reader makes a great point, sharing, “If you’re walking around in the sun on a cold day, a light puffer jacket may be fine. But if you’re sitting in the shade watching a sporting event for several hours, you will need more than that.” Another says that choosing a jacket “depends on the occasion or activity, not just the temperature. At 50 degrees, I might be in a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a long open coat, or just a cardigan. If I’m hiking, it’d be a mid-layer with a rain jacket in my backpack.” 




The SCOTTeVest Chloe Hoodie has 14 hidden pockets!


Another thing to consider is the destination and whether theft is a concern there. If you’re traveling to a city where pickpocketing is more common, you may want to consider a jacket with anti-theft features, like hidden pockets. One reader agrees, saying, “We’ve been using the SCOTTeVEST jackets with lots of pockets for several years for the flights over and back from trips. Wallets, passports, phone, and any foreign currency we’re carrying all go in it, and it isn’t really bulky or heavy. We more comfortable knowing that the really important stuff isn’t going to be left behind or stolen.” 


Here’s a roundup of the best money belts for travel so you can theft-proof your gear!



Now that we’ve covered the how-to’s, take a look at this huge round-up of the best travel jacket for any type of weather or scenario you might encounter! 



Best Travel Jacket With Pockets


Multi pocket travel jackets, especially those with interior pockets, are incredibly useful for anti-theft purposes. If you need to walk around with your passport, whether going through an airport, crossing a border, or to use as an ID, jackets with a lot of pockets, including secure interior pockets, are a fantastic option to keep it close by and safe. 

And the same goes for other valuables like cash and cards. Not to mention the convenience of having your other essentials extra accessible!


We’ve featured the top three jackets with pockets, but take a look at more clothing options with hidden pockets here




Shop Sizes S-XXL: SCOTTeVEST | Amazon


SCOTTeVEST Rhonda Multi Pocket Travel Jacket 


This SCOTTeVEST all in one travel jacket has a chic and classic exterior, and you’d never guess that the interior boasts an impressive 20 hidden pockets! The most stylish jacket with the most pockets, readers say it’s incredibly useful, as the anti-theft pockets are variously sized and thoughtfully placed, making for a safe and organized journey. The fabric is water-repellent yet breathable and easy to care for, and it has a super comfy fit and feel! Comes in sizes S-XXL!




Shop Sizes XS-4XL: Amazon


Outdoor Ventures Multi Pocket Jacket for Travelling


Stay warm and cozy in this Outdoor Ventures lightweight travel jacket women’s style, which has two exterior pockets and two interior pockets, both roomy, convenient, and secure! It has a long length for added warmth and wind protection, a zip-off hood, and an insulated yet breathable lining. The drawcord waist allows for a feminine shape, plus it comes in a wide range of colors and has an overall simple and versatile look that you can style up as you please! Comes in sizes XS-4XL!




Shop Sizes XS-5XL: SCOTTeVEST | Amazon


SCOTTeVEST Windbreaker


If you’re wanting something on the lighter side that still offers plenty of organization, go for this SCOTTeVEST women travel jacket! While slim and lightweight, it has a whopping 19 pockets to store your essentials. It’s water-repellent, breathable, and durable, and will look just as great on a hike as it will exploring a city! Comes in sizes XS-5XL!



Best Travel Rain Jacket


The best women’s travel jacket for rainy destinations will combine stellar waterproofing (including sealed seams, cuffs, and zippers, and functional hoods) with breathability and comfort. While you want be fully protected from the elements, you’ll also want to be able to move freely and feel cozy inside. Lightweight rain jackets are always a plus, as they’re easy to pack and travel with, and they can be layered depending on the temperature!


The three most popular rain jackets can be found below, and if you want more comfy, cute, and packable rain jackets, find them here!  




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer Charly Jacket


This Eddie Bauer travel jacket is the Editor’s top pick as well as a major reader favorite for rainy-day travel! It has a great fit that allows for plenty of movement, blocks the wind and rain remarkably well, features plenty of pockets (including a secure interior pocket!), and is overall a high-quality and long-lasting pick.  

As a bonus, it has a fashionable, polished look to it, and the cinch-able waist will counter any bulkiness, keeping a feminine shape! This is available in regular (XS to XXL), petite (XS-XL), tall (S-XXL), and plus sizes (1X-3X). Don’t forget to look at our full review here




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Amazon | Columbia


Columbia Arcadia II Jacket


Columbia does outdoor gear right, and readers have been loving this Arcadia II lightweight travel jacket womens pick as a simple, cute, and quality option to take to rainy destinations. It’s lightweight and not bulky, but the fabric is extremely durable, protective, and comfy to wear. Readers love the fact that it can pack down into a teeny pouch the size of your hand, so you’ll be able to bring this jacket everywhere and be ready if a sudden downpour hits!  

Grab this in sizes XS-3XL, and choose from a TON of cute colors, too, both neutral and bright!




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Amazon


Cole Haan Packable Travel Jacket


Packability is a major consideration when it comes to travel, which is why this Cole Haan traveling jacket is a particular favorite of TFG readers. Comfy and efficient, this jacket has a chic silhouette, accentuated with a cute little bow in the back that can be adjusted for a slightly cinched-in fit. It has a removable hood, multiple pockets, and nearly fits into a build-in pouch that you can carry with you in your day bag! 

Comes in sizes XS-3XL.



Best Travel Winter Jacket


One thing that’s sure to ruin your winter vacation is being cold the whole time! When deciding on the best travel coat womens style, finding something that looks great and is easy to pack or carry is important, but the most crucial thing is that it’ll keep you warm. 

In fact, with the right insulation, your pick doesn’t need to be overly bulky or heavy. Down jackets are particularly popular with readers, as they can compress but offer tons of cozy warmth! 


Three of the best winter jackets are featured here, but you can see more reader-fave winter parkas here!




Shop Sizes XS-3X: Amazon


Columbia Carson Pass II Jacket


Editor’s pick alert! The Columbia Carson Pass II black travel jacket is one of the best jackets for travel in the winter, perfect for keeping you dry and warm as can be in any cold destination! 

It’ll offer plenty of mobility, so it’s great for sporty activities or for just sightseeing on a snowy day, and while it’s waterproof and insulated with thermal reflective technology, it’s breathable and doesn’t feel too heavy to wear. The adjustable belt can define your figure, and the faux fur trim can be removed for a different look! 

Available in sizes XS-3X.




Shop Sizes XS-3X: Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer CirrusLite 2.0 Down Parka


Slim and sleek, Eddie Bauer’s CirrusLite down jacket is a really good travel jacket for snowy cities, as it’ll keep out the cold, defend against rain and snow, and will look great in photos! It’s ultra-lightweight with down insulation and a sturdy, water-repellent shell. More features include two side zippered pockets, great packability, and a fitted, insulated hood that’ll stay put and add that much-needed warmth up top! 

You can buy this in sizes XS-3X!




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Amazon


The North Face Metropolis Parka


With the North Face Metropolis parka, you’ll never have to worry about being cold or wet, and the long, puffer-style fit has a feminine silhouette, so it looks pretty cute, too! It’s adventure ready, with a fit that’ll allow you to move freely and fabric that’s highly durable and water-repellent. Elastic cuffs and a snap-away hood add extra warmth! 

This cozy piece comes in sizes XS-XL and 1X-3X



Best Travel Wool Jacket


Wool jackets are chic and polished, and they make terrific travel jackets for their warmth, versatility, and many other practical features. They’re breathable and wick away moisture, and are super warm and cozy. Lighter wools and wool blends are often preferred by readers, as they’re travel-friendly and more affordable! 

These are travel coats women in the TFG community love, with one sharing, “I find a nice wool coat is the best jacket for travel in Europe in the winter. You’ll be able to layer light sweaters under these jackets too!” 


The coziest and chicest wool coats are below, but you can find more toasty wool coats here!




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Nordstrom


Sam Edelman Notch Collar Wool Blend Jacket


Bundle up in this beautiful wool blend jacket from Sam Edelman, which combines a classic look with tons of comfort. The fabric is soft, lined, and warm, and it’s a perfect option for layering when the temps really drop. The brown color is timeless, but it comes in a range of fun, bright colors if you’re looking for a bold addition to your travel wardrobe! 

Grab this in sizes XS-XXL!




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince


Quince Merino Wool Shirt Jacket


Made of 100% merino wool, this Quince shirt jacket makes for an easy (and beyond cozy) go-to for a chilly day. The relaxed, shirt-like design not only looks fresh and effortless but allows for plenty of layers underneath if needed. The wool fabric keeps it light, breathable, and super warm, plus it’s high quality and has multiple pockets! 

Find this in sizes XS-XL, along with some great colors!




Shop Amazon: Sizes S-XL | Sizes 1X-3X


London Fog Double Breasted Peacoat


A peacoat is such a classic, and this beauty from London Fog is a stellar pick for a traveling coat. Double breasted with large button closures, this jacket is an easy way to elevate an outfit while staying warm. It’s cozy but not too heavy, so it’ll work in many different destinations, and for the cherry on top, it comes with a beautiful scarf to match! 

Available in sizes S-XL and sizes 1X-3X!



Best Travel Trench Coat


Aside from being effortlessly chic, a trench coat is a fabulous light jacket for ladies due to its lightweight and practicality throughout multiple seasons. They’re easy to pack, easy to style, and can be worn over everything from tees to thermal layers and thick sweaters. And be sure to opt for a trench that’s waterproof, giving you that added versatility!


Readers sure adore the classic trench, and we’ve added three beauties below, but there are even more in this roundup of the top trench coats!





Shop Sizes XS-3X: Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer Girl On The Go Trench Coat


The Girl on the Go travelers jacket will keep every little drop of water out, with waterproof, windproof, and seam-sealed construction that still manages to be breathable! It’s comfortable to move around in, features two exterior and one interior zip pockets, and wearers say the cut is flattering and slimming. It’s easy to see why this jacket is a huge favorite of our readers! 

This popular jacket is available in sizes XS-XXL and plus sizes 1X-3X.




Shop J.Crew: Classic Sizes 00-18 | Petite Sizes 00-12 


J. Crew Icon Trench Coat


This J. Crew Icon trench coat totally lives up to its name, with those iconic trench coat featuring a classic khaki color, a relaxed silhouette, a button closure, and a belted waist. The fabric is water-repellent, and there’s a removable hood to keep you protected on a rainy day. Made of 100% cotton, it’s comfy and breathable, great for layering, and will look absolutely amazing with anything you wear it with!   

And it’s available in classic sizes 00-18 and petite sizes 00-12.




Shop Sizes XS-XXL-3X: Amazon | Columbia


Columbia Pardon My Trench Rain Jacket


Classic trench turned sporty, Columbia’s trench rain jacket is full of great features and offers incredible comfort, too. While keeping the rain out, this jacket is mesh lined with a back venting system to keep things airy at the same time, so it makes a great light summer coat if a bit of rain is in the forecast. 

The adjustable hood, removable tie belt, and zippered pockets add to its charm! To top it off, it’s super high quality, long-lasting, and comes in sizes S-XXL and plus sizes 1X-3X (with a wide range of fun colors) in Amazon and Columbia!!



Best Travel Fleece Jacket


Bringing a fleece jacket along on your travels is always a great idea, as it’s an easy-to-pack, light travel jacket that works well on its own for a chilly hiking day and makes a cozy layer underneath a coat. Many readers consider a fleece to be the best jacket for airplane travel, too! 

TFGs love fleece because it’s such a low-maintenance fabric that feels so soft, is moisture-wicking, and can insulate even when it gets wet! 


You can see all the best fleece travel jackets here, or also check out the top three listed below!




Shop Sizes 0-20: Lululemon


Lululemon Scuba Hoodie


If you have some outdoor excursions planned and want something on the sporty side, Lululemon’s Scuba fleece light weight travel jacket is the one for you! It has a relaxed fit, and though it’s lightweight, it’s made of thick cotton fleece to lock in the heat. This jacket also features a large, cozy hood, thumb holes in the sleeves, and two roomy pockets. 

Available in sizes 0-20!




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Amazon | The North Face


The North Face Osito Jacket


The North Face packable travel jacket womens style offers tons of warmth without any bulk. The fabric not only feels silky smooth, blocks the wind well, and traps heat, but is made with 100% recycled fabric, making it a great eco-friendly choice, too. It’s casual yet looks so cute, feels like a hug, and works perfectly for sporty adventures, flights, or casual sightseeing days – it’s one of the best all round jacket options! 

This cute and cozy number is available in sizes XS-3XL.




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince


Quince SuperSoft Fleece Hoodie


A perfect day trip jacket, Quince’s SuperSoft hoodie is beyond soft and sure to keep you warm and cozy year-round. Lightweight and stretchy, it’s a solid option for sporty activities, but it’s simple and classic enough to be worn with jeans and sneakers for a casual daytime look. Wearers say it hangs well, looks great over time, and is endlessly versatile!  

This popular fleece is available in sizes XS-XL and a few classic colors.



Best Travel Vest


A vest is a great packing addition for chilly trips, as it’s an ideal extra layer, keeping your core nice and warm while leaving your arms free and mobile. They’re especially great for adding extra warmth in the winter, and they’re easy to add or take away to adjust your temperatures as needed. When looking for the best packable travel jacket vest, go for light and insulating materials like down or fleece. 


The very best vests are included in this post, and you can review more travel vests at this link here!




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Vest


Eddie Bauer’s CirrusLite vest is ultralight, and packs down small, but is seriously warm! Easy to take with you on the go, this pick is insulating with a high neckline for extra protection, and the shell is water-repellent and wind-resistant. It also has side zip pockets, a comfy, slim fit, and looks quite sleek! Available in XS-XXL!




Shop Sizes XS-3X: Amazon | Columbia


Columbia Benton Springs Fleece Vest


Made of a soft, fine fleece, the Columbia Benton Springs light women’s jacket vest is loved for its versatile warmth that you can wear from spring to fall! A stand up collar and zippered pockets make it cozy and functional, and it’s slim enough to be worn under all kinds of outerwear without creating bulk. You can get this in regular, petite or plus sizes, from XS-3X!




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Amazon


32 Degrees Packable Insulated Vest


32 Degrees kicks a cozy puffer vest up a notch with a feminine silhouette, a flattering side panel, and a wide range of pretty colors. Wearers say this packable insulated vest fits like a dream, looks great on, and offers plenty of warmth without being heavy. It’s also durable, easy to fold up into a bag and take on the go, and works in a wide range of temps! 

This comes in a lot of cute colors and in sizes XS-XXL.



Best Lightweight Travel Jacket


If you’re looking for something less heavy, a hoodie is always a great bet, and there are many reader-fave styles that make perfect travel companions! These lightweight travel jackets are great to bring along on casual sightseeing outings and are good for layering, too. And even though they’re made to be comfy, a good travel hoodie should be versatile and have some style, too! 


Take a peek at some cute and cozy hoodies below, or see a list of popular hoodies options here!




Shop Sizes XS-3X: Wool&


Wool& Aspen Hoodie


Merino wool is a travel superstar, and Wool&’s Aspen hoodie is made of 75% merino wool, boasting breathable and moisture-wicking. Lightweight with a front pocket and a drawstring hood, this piece is terrific for layering, though it looks super cute worn on its own, with a loose yet flattering fit. 

It’s durable and can easily handle rigorous hikes and other outdoor adventures, or be worn day after day for city sightseeing and while continuing to look and feel fresh! Grab this in sizes XS-3X!




Shop Sizes XS-XXL: Nordstrom


Zella Cloud Zip Hoodie


Stretchy and impressively soft, Zella’s zip hoodie is a dreamy, lightweight layer to add to your packing list. Made of a warm, fleece blend, it’s perfect for snuggling into as you head out for a hike or board your plane. This cutie features a drawstring hood, roomy side pockets, and a classic fit!

Comes in adorable colors and sizes XS-XXL.




Shop Sizes XS-3XL: Amazon | The North Face


The North Face Shelbe Raschel Jacket


This North Face travel jacket is a tad more structured and sturdy, made of water-repellent and wind-resistant fabric, but there’s added stretch to give you complete freedom of movement. The plush fleece material feels super cozy and will keep you warm, as will the high neck and protective hood. Wearers love the handy zip pockets, as well as the sporty look and amazing quality! 

Get this in sizes XS-3XL.



Best Travel Denim Jacket


Jean jackets are a perfect way to style up your travel looks, and thankfully, they’re travel-friendly, too! A great women’s summer jacket, they’re not too heavy, they’re breathable, and they add a perfect amount of warmth for a cool summer evening or a crisp spring or autumn day. 

Timeless and effortless, denim jackets go with everything from leggings to dresses to shorts, and can be layered over a sweater or worn over a tank. So versatile!


The most popular jean jackets can be found at this link, but you can also fast-track and see the top choices for travel directly below!




Shop Sizes XXXS-3X: J.Crew


J. Crew Classic Denim Jacket


This J. Crew classic denim jacket is crisp and polished, with a flattering cut that hits at the hip. Made of 100% cotton, this pick has a beautiful medium-light wash that’s accentuated with your choice of silver or gold buttons. Roll up the cuffs for a laid-back look, and store your travel essentials in any of the four functional pockets! 

Voted by readers as the best lightweight women’s jacket, it makes sense why it sells year after year. You can pick up this beauty in XXS-3X




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon


Wrangler Stretch Denim Jacket


Wrangler has added a hint of stretch to their denim jacket, making it a super comfy option that offers extra mobility, too. Chic and flattering, wearers rave about the perfect fit that moves with you and allows for layering. It’s easy to style and is offered in a range of washes and in multiple colors, too! 




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon


Riders by Lee Indigo Denim Jacket


This Riders by Lee denim jacket is another option with added stretch, lending versatility to its classic, straight-fit design. This pick is super cute and works for both casual and dressy occasions, and its style is made all the better by its incredible comfort! 

Light and easy to bring with you as you head out for the day, you’ll be comfy-cozy and looking amazingin this lightweight summer jacket ladies love for travel! This comes in sizes XS-XL.



Best Travel Blazer


From their versatility to their effortlessly polished look, there are so many reasons to pack a blazer on your next trip! One reader shares, “A blazer is almost always the answer!” 

Aside from helping you look put-together in an instant, a blazer should fit comfortably and be lightweight while still providing a bit of warmth. Bonus points for packability and low-maintenance fabric! And be sure to look for timeless silhouettes and styles that’ll work with a variety of your outfits. 


For more polished picks, take a look at this roundup of the best travel blazers here, or review the top three listed below!




Shop XXXS-3X: J.Crew


J. Crew Juliette Sweater Blazer


The Juliette sweater blazer from J. Crew feels like a comfy sweatshirt with the classy, elevated look that’s perfect for a business conference or a chic Parisian dinner! The longer length and slouchy fit give it an effortless feel, and its double-layered cotton and merino wool knit fabric will keep you warm and cozy. Readers have said it’s the best lightweight jacket for travel, highlighting its versatility, chic look and soft feel, and the bar to none quality. This is available in sizes XXS-3X.




Shop Sizes 2-20: Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer Departure Blazer


While it’s classic and well-tailored, the fabric is what really makes this Eddie Bauer Departure blazer stand out. It’s lightweight, stretchy, moisture-wicking, and has UPF 50+ sun protection, offering coverage and an elevated look while keeping things fresh and cool. Whether you’re sitting on a long flight or doing tons of walking, this blazer will stay wrinkle-free and polished! 

Bonus points go its many pockets, including one zip pocket and one interior pocket. Grab this in sizes 2-20.




Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince


Quince No-Button Knit Blazer


This Quince knit blazer has been a reader fave for a while, made of a comfy, 100% cotton knit in a relaxed silhouette that gives it a business-casual vibe. Readers say it feels so soft and cozy, and is easy to move around in. It’s also lightweight and packable but adds a decent amount of warmth! 

You can choose from sizes XS-XL in this chic blazer.



Best Travel Cardigan


A cardigan is not technically a jacket, but many treat them as such! They work well as a layering item in winter or a standalone in the late spring/summer months. Check out these lightweight travel jacket womens cardigan styles!


We’ve sourced three reader faves below, but see more cute and comfy cardigans in our blog post!




Shop Sizes XXS-XL: Nordstrom


Nordstrom Everyday Open Front Long Cardigan  


The Nordstrom cardigan makes a terrific airplane travel jacket to stay warm on flights. It’s a definite loungewear item, but the design can be dressed up or down with slacks, dresses, blouses, thermals, t-shirts, and cozy leggings. This is necessary for when you’re on a trip and want some diversity when it comes to packing.   

Grab this in an array of colors and sizes XXS-XL.




Shop XXXS-3X: J.Crew


J.Crew Emelie Cotton Cardigan 


These J.Crew button down cardigan is the perfect accompaniment to a cute dress or with a long-sleeve tee and a pair of jeans and ankle boots for a casual day out sightseeing.

It falls at the hips and buttons all the way up to offer some coverage when it’s really chilly, yet the 100% cotton means you won’t sweat through. This makes it a wonderful summer travel jacket womens choice too! 

Comes in sizes XXXS-3X and tons of neutral and bold colors!




Shop Sizes 1X-3X: Nordstrom


Nic+Zoe Long Sleeve Simple Cardigan (Plus Size)


This versatile Nic+Zoe long-sleeve makes a great women’s lightweight travel jacket and is quite flattering, able to match with almost any outfit! It’s made of a linen-polyester blended fabric, features an open front, and is a non-button style. 

It’s long enough that it can be dressed up or dressed down. It is available in XS-XXL sizes, and comes in 1X-3X!



Best Travel Faux Leather Jacket


Faux leather jackets add a stylish edge to any outfit, and readers confirm that they make a practical travel jacket for women, too! Many readers this type is the best travel jacket for Europe or cities like New York when the temperatures are moderate, or for destinations where the temperatures drop significantly at night. 

TFGs feel that faux leather jackets are more affordable than typical leather yet are still high quality, comfortable and warm, and beyond versatile. Throw yours on over a short or long sleeve  tee, or a midi dress and you’ve got an instantly elevated look with a bit of edge! 


To find more travel-friendly faux leather styles look at this post here or see some gorgeous selections below! 




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Spanx Faux Leather-Like Black Moto Jacket


This Spanx moto jacket has subtly sleek hardware and a more slimming fit. This stylish number is made of a flexible material that has a “leather” look. Users say this feels lightweight and almost wears like a shirt, yet goes with everything! Grab this in sizes XS-3X.  




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BLANKNYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket


This gorgeous moto jacket from BLANKNYC exudes a more sophisticated look with buttery soft faux leather that feels comfy and is ideal for travel or everyday use. It has a flattering fit and comes in a few different colors, including white and a rich dark green! 

You can shop sizes sizes XS-XL in this jacket!




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Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket


Levi’s moto jacket is badass and stunning at the same time! It’s slim yet warm, and can easily be layered and styled up in any number of ways for your next travel adventure. Soft and stylish, this jacket is perfect for everything from a long flight to a night out at a rock club!

Available in a ton of colors and Sizes XS-XXL and Sizes 1X-3X!  



Best Travel Jackets for Women Comparison Chart


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Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Women’s Travel Jackets


Packing cubes will change the way you travel. You can use them for your personal items and keep your belongings organized for your journey. We’ve designed our own brand of slim cubes with a unique color and numbering system, so it’s easy to remember where you’ve packed everything, including your jacket!



You can learn my hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!


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