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Wondering what to pack for Iceland in March? We’ve got everything you need to know! You can even travel carryon only with these tips!


What to Pack for Iceland in March

Written By: AJ Lindstrom




When planning what to pack for Iceland in March be prepared for extreme variation in weather.

Expect almost every type of weather – cold, sunny, blizzard, windy without snow, snowy without wind, fog, rain, sleet or small hail.

We were relaxing in the Blue Lagoon hot springs spa outdoors in our bathing suits, and we experienced all of the above weather (minus sun) in the span of one hour!




Down Coat




One of the most important ways to plan what to pack for Iceland in March is to consider your itinerary. The packing tips provided here are based on the following activities:

We stayed 2 days in Reykjavik (1 at beginning and 1 at end). The downtown area was magical in the snow. We’d been there before so this time we toured HARPA and definitely recommend it. Try to make time for the concert if possible – it has won many awards.

We loved the nearby Blue Lagoon natural hot springs spa but the main purpose of the trip was to photograph the Northern Lights so we spent the majority of our nights outdoors.

During the days we traveled around the Golden Circle seeing the geysers and gorgeous waterfalls. We also drove east to Vik to see the basalt columns and sea stacks, and then even further east to visit the glacial lagoon Jokulsarlon. I highly recommend a glacier walk on Solheimajokull and the glacial lagoon Fjallsarlon.


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Travel Outfit


Suggested Day Outfit:



Longsleeve | LeggingsPants


  • Top: Icebreaker long sleeve as our first layer, merino sweater or favorite sweatshirt for next layer; for outside layers see section #4
  • Bottom: pants with long thermal underwear or stylish ski-pants to stay warm in the cold wind/snow


Suggested Night Outfit: 



 Skirt Scarf Boots


  • Top: similar tops as day outfit but with dressier scarf or jewelry; same outer layers as day outfit
  • Bottom: knit skirt worn over tights/leggings with tall boots


The above items works well in a capsule wardrobe that fits in a carry-on. Iceland is casual so just a little effort to if you want to dress up goes a long way. The key to packing light for Iceland is to bring layers that can be worn several times such as merino wool or other “unstinkable” fabrics.


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Coat Boot | Smartwool Glove | Underwear


Iceland Essentials


  • Bathing suit and flip flops for Blue Lagoon
  • Down coat with fake fur on hood to keep face warm in the snowy wind
  • Waterproof boots, preferably with treads if you are doing a glacier walk.
  • Smartwool or similar socks
  • Neoprene type gloves with Tech Touch option for electronics
  • At least 2 hats and warm scarves so your photos are not all identical!
  • 1-2 pairs of your favorite long underwear, which will act as your base layer
  • Bright colors to balance any neutrals (whether coat or hats/scarves/gloves or sweaters) – it can be gray/dark there sometimes so it is nice to have a spark of color. I wear lots of black/gray and especially loved the pops of color I brought along!



Additional Tips



Infinity Scarf


My most important comments on what to pack for Iceland in March are to make sure you like your coat, and have at least 2 sets of hats and scarves that you love because you will be seeing them in every picture! We did lots each night indoors but didn’t get pics so I have almost no pictures of me in anything other than the down coat with hats and scarves.

The one thing that was a waste of space was a swimsuit cover-up that could only be worn once in the trip. You can just use towels provided at the Blue Lagoon. Remember, to choose only items that can be worn more than once!


And, don’t forget your travel adapter. Learn more here.



What are you tips on what to pack for Iceland in March? Comment below!


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