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So you’ve decided on the perfect styles and quantity of underwear to pack for your trip, but are unsure or overwhelmed by all of the different features and options offered.

Below is a profile of the best travel underwear for women and the brands that top our list. Hopefully, you can find a pair that works best for your upcoming trip!


Women’s Underwear for Travel: Top 5 Brands


Typically a few features define the best underwear for traveling: quick-drying fabric, breathable, and sweat wicking. Since they will usually get more wear and washings than a normal pair, the seams and fabric should be the best quality.

Every brand should offer these features in each pair of travel underwear, but that does not necessarily mean that they live up to those expectations or that the underwear is comfortable.




Give N Go Lacy Low Rise Bikini




Lets start at the top. ExOfficio is the most widely recognized brand when considering the women’s travel underwear. The Give N Go style is very popular with travelers, and comes in a few different cuts. ExOfficio also offers a style with lace if you want to feel a little more feminine when you travel.

The downside is the price. $20 is steep for one pair of underwear, but if you are traveling for an extended period of the time, they could be well worth the price tag.



Icebreaker Bikini




If you prefer to wear natural materials, as opposed to the synthetic fabrics that make up the bulk of travel gear, Icebreaker is your best choice. The company that is known for its merino wool clothing line also carries underwear.

Merino wool’s anti odor properties are perfect for travel, but don’t forget this pair is not dryer friendly. These are one of the more expensive pairs, and are best for travelers on multi-day treks or camping, where even hand washing may not be an option.



Patagonia Active Hipster




Made for the more active traveler, Patagonia has a line of underwear that stays put. The Active Hipster is one of my top picks as the best travel underwear for women. I use it for runs, workouts, and it is currently in my backpack on my current trip.

The wide waistband sits flat against your body and doesn’t move, and the leg openings are unrestrictive and comfortable. For a better deal, look for them on discount sites where you can find last seasons colors at a lower price point.



Seamless Bikini




Similar in material to the Icebreaker undies, Smartwool’s line of women’s underwear is made of soft natural merino wool. They are a wool blend, which helps with shape retention and gives you the best qualities of each material.

Smartwool’s marketing leans towards female athletes, but its features are great for travel as well. This seamless style would work well on your travel adventures or under formfitting bottoms to avoid visible panty lines.



Mula Bandhawear Bikini




There are also a few athletic brands that are the perfect addition to our list of the top underwear for travel. They offer the same features as a travel brand.

Lululemon and Underarmour have lightweight styles with absolutely no seams. They are super light and smooth, and would be perfect for any body conscious style clothing. The downside is the sizing can be hit or miss.


TFG recommends: for something sexy, I love Betsey Johnson microfiber g-strings for underwear when traveling. They pack tiny, dry super fast, and are also comfortable. I own one in every color!



The fit and comfort of your underwear really comes down to personal preference, but at least the brands above will give you a starting point to begin your search. They have tested and proven their quality, and all of these lines have the features necessary to accompany you to your next destination.

What brands do you think have the best travel underwear for women? Comment and share!


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