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Dresses are some of the most versatile items for travel (as you can read about in this post) and tights are one of the essential components that enable this flexibility!

Whether they’re cable knit, fleece, printed, or plain, tights should be an integral part of every woman’s travel wardrobe, and there’s a million different ways in which they can be worn. Plus, they can essentially be worn all year.

Find out why they’re an absolute must!


Tights for Women

Written By: Sydney Woolery


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then tights should surely be considered a close second. I think I speak for many of us when I say that there are few garments as versatile and essential as a good ol’ pair of tights.

Fleece tights allow that gorgeous sundress we rocked all summer to still easily work in the fall. Patterned tights, such as herringbone, can spice up a spring skirt in an instant. To put it simply, the possibilities are endless and the outcomes are always fabulous!



Listed below are essential tights for women to add to your collection:


Cable Knit Tights


Long Sleeve | Sweater | Crossbody | Skirt | Cable Knit Tights | Earrings | Bootie


Cable knit tights are some of the coziest styles out there. It’s basically like a sweater for your legs, possessing a look and feel that’s both insanely cozy and oh so cute.

Ankle boots, in particular, tend to pair well with gray cable knit tights. Finish it off with a cool denim skirt and a cream colored sweater to achieve a perfectly cozy chic look.


These are the best ankle boots to travel from Autumn to Spring!


Fleece Tights


Shirtdress | Necklace | Sunglasses | Crossbody | Boots | Sweater | Tights


Just like cable knit, fleece tights are also a warm and comfy option. While cable knit tights are made of a chunkier fabric and have a distinct pattern, fleece tights look like regular tights and often come in standard shades like black and gray.

With that said, fleece is a fantastic option for when you want to wear regular tights but with the warmth of a specialty fabric. Pair these garments with a breezy sundress and a cozy cardigan to ensure warmth as well as the ability to remove layers as temperatures rise.

If you’re more in a shorts mood, throw on a pair of oxfords, tie-waist shorts, and a tucked-in sweater to give your look a charming boyish flare.


Fleece is also an affordable fabric for the cold. These are a reader favorite!


Printed Tights


Coat | Crossbody | Turtleneck | Tights | Skirt | Boot


If you’re looking to rock a more extravagant style, then printed tights are the way to go. There’s a lot of styles to choose from, ranging from herringbone to polka dot to hearts or even plaid!

The main rule to follow when wearing funky tights is to keep the rest of your ensemble simple. View these tights as statement pieces. Make sure that the garments you pair with them complement the look rather than make it too busy.


Coat | Handbag | Lipstick | Bootie | Dress | Tights


Plaid tights add a cute East Coast flare to any outfit they’re paired with, but they’re also incredibly bold. Balance it out with simple, solid-toned pieces.

A moss green circle skirt and cognac knee high boots pair perfectly with herringbone as it gives your outfit a perfect pop of the tights’ stylish pattern.



Jacket | Scarf | Dress | Earrings | Crossbody | Tights | Boot


Polka dot and heart patterned tights tend to look best when they have a slight sheer to them; however, this also means that they won’t do much in terms of insulation. If you want to keep warm while rocking these thinner garments, throw on a pair of knee high boots, a knit dress, a packable jacket and a scarf.



Color Tights


Cardigan | Tights | Dress | Earrings | Bootie | Crossbody


Don’t be afraid to go bold every now and then! If you’re looking to make an impact with your look, colored tights for women will definitely do it for you. If the thought of rocking such vividly hued garments is a bit daunting at first, start off with subtle neutral shades such as deep burgundy, navy, or a dark green.


Sweater | Skirt | Tights | Scarf | Boots | Satchel


These shades aren’t as bright as, say, a full on red or yellow pair of tights, but they still add an extra level of impact that standard colored tights don’t convey. Start off by pairing these with neutral shades such as black and cream and eventually work your way up to the level of impact you’re comfortable with.

And if you’re really looking to go big, rock colored tights with colored garments, such as a pair of burgundy tights with a mustard top or a pair of red tights with a printed blue dress.


Prefer something more subdued? Opt for neutral colors like these!


Merino Wool Tights


Trench Coat | V-neck Dress | Merino Wool Tights | Waterproof Bootie | Earrings | Mini Crossbody


If tights are going to be a large part of your travel wardrobe, then definitely get yourself a pair in merino wool. Regardless of if you’re going to a warm, sunny climate or the frigid arctic, merino wool is one of the best travel fabrics.

It keeps you warm when temperatures drop but it’s lightweight and moisture resistant, meaning sweat won’t be an issue. Its odor-resistant technology allows you to re-wear it a number of times before washing, which is convenient when one has a busy travel schedule.

Now, think of all these magnificent qualities incorporated into a useful pair of tights–pretty great, huh?

Merino wool tights are a must-have when it comes to functional travel fashion. Pair them with a knit dress, a packable raincoat, and moisture-resistant boots for a look that can work in both warm and cold regions.


Find out why merino wool is the best fabric for travel!


Tight Alternative: Leggings



Anorak | Long Tee | Leggings | Crossbody | Scarf | Rain Boot


Lastly, how could we forget leggings? On those inevitable lazy days when you want to throw on the coziest thing you own but also want to look put together, leggings are the way to go.

Zella’s “Live In” leggings have been a reader favorite for a while now and are especially great for travel.

They provide a similar appearance to tights but work in a more diverse range of environments, such as hiking, exploring ancient ruins, or simply running from one airport gate to the next.

Whatever your travel plans have in store, leggings are more often than not a great functional option to have around. Pair them with flat ankle boots, a long t-shirt, and a lightweight jacket for a stylishly undone appearance.


These are the best travel leggings according to our readers!



What are your favorite tights for women that travel? Share your thoughts below!

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